Tired of idiots mocking the Furry Fandom

This sort of crap was "amusing" back in the early 2000s when there wasn't much going on to look down upon. Nowadays some dumbass on "yootoobe" bringing up furries for the sake of wanting to make furry bashing relevant still is pretty tragic. Besides kids on places like 4chan I don't see how this ...
by RDK · 23/05/2020 06:27
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Furiffic, You're perfect for me

I use to always use deviantart, but i never had enough time to draw. Deviantart expects everyone to be perfect or semi-perfect. I got annoyed and stopped using Deviantart, and looked around for other free drawing websites. Charahub was OK, but didn't have much to it. I searched around more, and f...
by Mystic_Draws · 21/07/2017 16:27


Streaming on Picarto![lb] [lb] https://picarto
by Bitters · 11/09/2019 23:30

Open for Commissions!

Please check out my commission sheet if you're intersted~
by DragonessDen · 18/09/2015 12:16

$20/hr Commission Stream Tomorrow

Just a reminder everyone![url=https://www
by Yeenr · 21/07/2018 17:30
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Why? -a reply

So i've been having some issues with people critisizing me and coming after me. I wish for them to stop, I mean in no way for anyone to witch hunt them. I dont know why, I havent tried to do anything. Please help. ^^
by nenokitty · 7 months ago

New to here but Not New to furry

So of course im new Here ♥ but please be assure from now on i will post ALL my art i make here also :) ♥ but you can find me on Tumblr, Facebook, Furaffinity on the name Mizukithia ;) im one and only ♥
by Mizukithia · 31/08/2015 08:26

Update (Birthday Next Month and Other Things)

Hey guys sorry if i haven't been doing lot of art lately. I just needed a break and stuff i just got so stressed out and needed to recollect my thoughts and trying to get back into college and stuff. So next week i will have a sale because of 4th of July and many things like the growth drive. Als...
by WXDC · 06/07/2016 01:40

Commissions Open!

Hey everyone! I am hoping to take on some more commissions! I am currently working on one, but it should be completed here soon! Please message me with questions! [url=http://www
by HariKuran · 27/08/2020 00:14

My patreon is now live!

My patreon is now live! You can go here to see it: [url]http://patreon
by Yeenr · 13/05/2018 20:27

$50 Away from next GOAL! New Rewards/Commissions!

Less than $50 away from the next goal that unlocks some new rewards for September! https://www.patreon.com/Temrin {https://www.patreon.com/Temrin} Shares are super appreciated! ♥
by Temrin · 23/08/2017 22:48

Visual Novel "Coming Home" Update #2

Visual Novel "Coming Home" Update #2 Click to read the update.
by Robert Silvermyst · 13/12/2015 13:45

Etsy Shop Reminder!

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind y'all that I have some cool stuff on my esty! Including Custom buttons and Dutchie pride buttons! Have a look today! https://www
by Zin Stone · 03/04/2018 21:24
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Dear Furry Fandom...Thank You

Just wanna say thank you, furry fandom. Thank you for making me feel accepted, loved, appreciated, safe and letting me be myself without any judgement. This is another main reason why I joined the furry fandom! Every time I feel stressed, anxious, depressed, etc., I always find comfort in the fur...
by Aoi The Dragon · 2 months ago

Newbie here

Soooo I have no idea how any of this shit works but it looks pretty cool. I like how I can mass upload things and make folders so moving everything from FA should be super easy. Hopefully this catches on cause it's pretty cool :3
by Rurik · 19/07/2015 15:50

About Requests

Yes, I do take in requests! To learn how to request please check out my Kofi. Link below is my Kofi.
by Raiden_Rowe · 2 months ago

FB Art Group

Because I can never find these things active for any real period of time, I've made a weekly furry art challenge group for anyone who's interested in joining. Got the first 10 weeks scheduled so you know it wont die straight away. Feel free to join! Any skill levels welcome! https://www.facebook....
by Lulu Amore · 10/03/2019 13:02
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1 Month Art Slave Auction {OPEN}

For 1 month I will draw you anything you'd like! SFW and NSFW. EDIT: AUCTION ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER LAST BID! Starting Bid: $0.50 Auto Buy: $50.00 Rules: -MUST have Money on hand when bidding! -Can't back out! -Please reply to highest bidder.
by Kiera · 30/07/2016 05:39
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Comic Review: 920 London 👍

by Xin Jin Meng · 29/06/2020 17:37

Writer Seeking Artist For Comic/Manga Collaboration

Ok so, for many years now i have always wanted to bring an amazing story to life through a comic or manga. After spending so many years seeing these comics that are well drawn...but not well told or even the other way around always left a bad taste in my mouth. This is because, unfortunately. Whi...
by Kieth Treason · 08/01/2016 00:49

Normal day "right?"

Mia was walking home, it was a nice day when she was suddenly lifted into the air and dropped a long ways. "He-hello?" She asked as she woke. A gruff voice filled the air.
by nenokitty · 7 months ago

🌱AHH one more fox Completed!

Just wanted to Exclaim that I finally got another fox completed
by Uluri · 05/10/2020 14:19
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New Site

Wow , Im so excited to experiance this new site! As an artist I love to experiment new things and i really love this new site! I hope to see a lot of new.. and familiar faces throughout this journey.
by KinkTheCute · 19/07/2015 04:18

AutoFurs éditions Spéciale

Bonjour à vous je suis très curieux sur le fandom Furry... je voulais vous partager mon passions sur l'art anthropormophique et puis suis inscrit pour les raisons pour les protéger, j'aimerais partager d'un groupes sur Anthrocity ceux qui aime les voitures.. si vous voulais je peu faire des Photo...
by Gastounet75 · 05/09/2015 20:08

OPINIONS NEEDED Furry ID Card Commissions

So I had the idea to make the ID cards I made for myself and my friend a commission category. Of course, I won't be doing them traditionally to save on P&P (legit broke here). But who would be interested if I did make it a category? And what price? I was thinking £5? Tell me what you guys think~
by YazkyHarlin · 28/10/2015 21:42

Aoi's Commissions

Hello, everyone! I do commissions! I accept Amino coins and DA Points. Dragons, canines, protogens, and some other commission types have set prices. If your commission request is not on my commissions list, the price may vary depending on the species and difficulty. You can check out my commissio...
by Aoi The Dragon · 4 months ago

Part 4 of A Random Dukey Growth Drive are Closed

The donations for Part 4 are now closed The end results for Dukey: Starting Weight: 645 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 645 Ibs. The end results for Mr. Peabody Starting Weight: 370 Ibs. Ibs. Gained: +0 Ibs. New weight: 370 Ibs. Money Gained Donated for Part 4: $0 Target money goal to reach...
by WXDC · 30/05/2016 12:27

Inktober Day 1 Post - Get Early Access!

My inktober day 1 piece, 3 day early access for my patrons! Speed paint video coming soon! https://www.patreon.com/posts/21780269 {https://www.patreon.com/posts/21780269} #art #naga #furryart #furry #fursona #inktober #inktober2018 #dragon #fantasy
by Temrin · 01/10/2018 23:47

My apologies for being distant... *^^*

We're still around! I say "we" because a lot of things have changed the last few months
by Leilani Perierre · 23/01/2020 17:31

Branching out!

Hello all![lb] [lb] I'm Salt, I post most of my art on [url=https://inkbunny
by SALTORII · 10/10/2019 13:20


Revamped art prices!
by Loki Volumen · 03/01/2017 07:49

Patreon and WIPS

Hey everyone![lb] [lb] I decided to put up my WIP sketches of drawings up on Patreon! For $5 you can look at my sketches (there is a seperate tier where you also get my nsfw sketches!)[lb] Please check it out and support me if you like![lb] [lb] [url=https://www
by PixieCatSupreme · 26/07/2020 12:20

Pomeranian Poem

Pomeranians are fluffy Pomeranians are cuddly If I don’t get a Pomeranian I won’t be happy. If I get a Pomeranian then I will get to puff it up I ❤️my Pomeranian I have a happy time with it being together. My Pomeranian loves my food My Pomeranian loves me I fluff it up I cuddle it up I smooch it...
by Kai Bannon · 22/07/2018 02:27

VancouFur 2019 Badges

1 slot left at https://www.furiffic.com/Temrin/view/152870-0bhtmHA7Zw~0 {/Temrin/view/152870?search=0LsgqlzJgi7Mly5t-0bhtmHA7Zw~0}
by Temrin · 19/01/2019 19:19
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Thank you again, furry fandom!
by Aoi The Dragon · 2 months ago

June Commissions

Seeking some art? I love painting and drawing[lb] [lb] Im good at hyper,boobs,asses,femboys,mech,backgrounds[lb] fill out my form and we can start up a project[lb] [lb] Prices[lb] [url=http://dirtyscoundrel
by DirtyScoundrel · 6 months ago

About Commissions

I do commissions, be sure to check out whether I’m open or closed and how many slots I’m looking to take. I always post a notice/status. Before commissioning be sure to read my TOS. I only accept commissions through a form and I will be using Trello as my WIP hub. The link below is my TOS.
by Raiden_Rowe · 2 months ago

Follow us on Twitch!

Just wanted to mention that we have started streaming more regularly and would love for y'all to follow us over on twitch so you can come join in![lb] It'll be Art, fursuit work, and the occasional game! We'll have a more set in stone schedule later![lb] [lb] twitch
by Zin Stone · 27/06/2020 15:46


My stream https://picarto
by SnowVampire · 26/09/2018 21:31

Do you want to be in a story: Alan's Candy Dreams

This is neat, I just copied and pasted the entry I put in here to my webserver wordpress and it brought in the links
by Cardia John Scott · 5 months ago
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Recent Popularity

It seems this site has gotten pretty popular as of recently! I'm glad to see my favourite furry site growing! Also, it seems all the kind furries are coming here, which is good! There's been a huge amount of stalker and asshole furries as of recent. Also, the staff here is very kind and active, w...
by Grat · 30/08/2015 00:02


Ends: TONIGHT June 29th 10PM MST You can find all the information and bid @ FA https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20372335/ {https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20372335/} Weasyl https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1319922/ych-towel-slip-open-lots-of-options {https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1319922/y...
by Temrin · 29/06/2016 15:34


Wow guys! We're $8 away from the 3rd goal on https://www
by Temrin · 02/08/2019 21:37

Belly Poked Out

Vicky the chubby squirrel started working at the factory
by Cardia John Scott · 5 months ago

Commission Slots OPEN!

2 spots open for monthly telegram stickers /other commissions if you join before the end of Dec (PST) at https://www
by Temrin · 11 months ago

Bellyjoyful 2.0 : Discord server opening (fetish)

Just a discord server
by xiardoruzo · 07/09/2020 23:46

Stream - Get a commission!

by Jasmae · 20/07/2019 22:42

24 Hours Left: YCH + Giveaway

[b]Remaining slots are claimable on any of these site posts and they close in 24 hours![/b][lb] [lb] [url=https://www
by Temrin · 6 months ago