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For the price of a flat - $50, get a shaded piece (normally $85)[lb] [lb] Email [email]jasmaeart@gmail
by Jasmae · 6 months ago

Commissions Are Open!~

Terms: - Character references must be clean, clear, and unshaded. No written descriptions. Multiple images are fine, as long as I can tell the details and colors. Any information that isn't shown, must be told upon the first interaction! - I will send out WIPS (work-in-progress) when I get the in...
by Verbal_Catbuse · 05/08/2018 19:13


so lately ive been thinking of what other forms of art I could get for my sona , and for a while I couldn't think of any , but after watching a bit of anime(cause why not) I had thought. "what would my sona (fire) look like as a human, am I the only one who has wondered about it or just wanted to...
by fire crescent · 18/09/2017 20:11
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☆ Commissions are OPEN!

☆ [u][b]COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN![/b][/u][lb] [lb] Vday & Anti Vday Icons[lb] [url=http://drive
by Jasmae · 9 months ago

March Madness Sale

Check out my March Madness Sale: https://www
by Jasmae · 8 months ago

Streaming - get a commission!

STREAMING NOW - 8pm EST[lb] http://picarto
by Jasmae · 04/11/2018 17:47

Saturday Stream!

Hey everyone! I will have a [b]commission stream[/b] tomorrow, [b]Saturday, November 3rd @ 1pm-7pm EST[/b][lb] There will be silhouette scenes for winter/holiday or any theme, silhouette icons for winter/winter holidy only, and quick sketches for any theme![lb] Make sure you're following me on picarto: http://picarto
by Jasmae · 02/11/2018 22:05

Hellooo Doowwwnn theeeerreee

Hello furs of Furiffic. Someone seemed nice enough to invite me onto here, and already this site seems to be pretty snazzy. I think I will attempt to nest here for a bit, while still keeping FA as my main, of course. This site has some pretty nice looking people on it, and it all in all feels lik...
by Wolfy · 19/07/2015 02:26

Stream is @ 5pm actually

Sorry for the delay, I've been behind all day, so my stream will start @ 5pm
by Jasmae · 13/10/2018 18:59


I'm Open for Commissions man -------- Important Links Trello - https://trello.com/b/Yz1BMX3s/giga-s-commissions {https://trello.com/b/Yz1BMX3s/giga-s-commissions} My Commission Prices on my website - http://kinggigabyte.wixsite.com/spe.....ustoms-pricing {http://kinggigabyte.wixsite.com/spenc...
by Turbo · 05/12/2016 05:21

Reminder: I stream SATURDAY!

Next Commission Stream will be Saturday, Nov
by Jasmae · 12 months ago

Jasmae's Early Black Friday Sales

Hey everyone![lb] See my Early Black Friday Sales Newsletter [url=http://shoutout
by Jasmae · 12 months ago

Stream - Get a commission!

by Jasmae · 3 months ago


Stream starts in 1 hr! http://picarto
by Jasmae · 12 months ago

Streaming in 1 hr.

Commission Stream http://picarto
by Jasmae · 03/11/2018 16:11


Hiya all,[lb] [lb] Commissions are open for a limited time! I'm looking to fill 5 slots
by Zin Stone · 6 months ago

Easter Stream Saturday!

Easter Stream Saturday! >> [url=https://www
by Jasmae · 7 months ago

Streaming Today Reminder!

I'm streaming in an hr (from this post)! http://picarto
by Jasmae · 3 months ago

Contest / Raffle - Free Char. Design!

Go here to enter my inspiration board contest/raffle for a free character design! http://www
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

The Big OC-a-thon!

I am giving away *ALL* of my old Fan and Original Characters! Please read on for how to claim!
by CrinklyCosi · 10/11/2015 17:27

⚡ Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST

[color=#1abc9c][b]Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST[/b][/color]http://picarto
by Jasmae · 4 months ago

IN STREAM commissions open!

[code][u][b]STREAM ONLINE! Now - 10pm est[/b][/u][lb] [url]http://picarto
by Jasmae · 3 months ago

EMERGENCY- Ref sheet or character design- 1 slot

I really [b]need $ ASAP[/b] so my bank doesn't go into the negative
by Jasmae · 5 months ago

Commission Stream Tonight

[b][i]Commission Stream Tonight[/i][/b] [i][b]@ 3:30pm - 8:30pm EST[/b][/i][lb] 4 slots for your choice of [u]sketches[/u], [u]shaded sketches[/u], [u]colored sketches[/u]![lb] http://picarto
by Jasmae · 4 months ago

Last call for Halloween Silhouette Icons!

I will be streaming at 5pm tonight EST on picarto: http://picarto
by Jasmae · 30/10/2018 18:09


by Jasmae · 15/10/2018 02:48

Open Commissions

ToS {http://kanouhusky.wix.com/kano-art#!-terms-service-kano/cf1z} Commissions Open! {/kanou/view/45374}
by kanou · 13/03/2016 18:39

DECEMBER/JANUARY commissions OPEN for winter/Christmas

Winter and Christmas themed badge commissions are open! These will be throughout December and January. Slots open today and close at midnight on December 1st. Payment is through PayPal. Please be aware that there are PayPal fees and there will be an extra charge for shipping if you wish to have i...
by Lauren · 25/11/2015 21:37