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What do you commission? (PLEASE ANSWER!)

What are you more likely to commission from ANY artist? Something that's of low price like a sketch... Something that's of more detail like a fully rendered illustration? I need as many answers as possible!!! Thank you!
by CatInYourCloset · 11/11/2015 05:57
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Cat furry

A lot of people outside the furry fandom question why most curries are cats or wolfs. And I've been asked before why my fursona is a cat and not a skunk or goat (skunks and goats are my favorite animals) Well, my reason for being a cat is because cats fit my personality. I'm easily distracted, my...
by Lizzie · 31/01/2017 16:52
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Site related question

Does this place have any site specific bbcode? Cross site profile linking, insite profile linking. I'm not sure where to look for it. I've made a converter that converts descriptions and tags to a specific site and I've been thinking of adding furiffic to it.
by Hornybunny · 29/08/2015 20:18
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Coding stream or something?

Ive been wondering about this for a while, would anyone be interested in a coding stream while working on shops. Never done a stream before so have no idea, will probably just be no talking with music while working and answer questions or something?? Anywayssss, comment what you think about it
by Bun Fluffpaws · 24/12/2016 21:13
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Advice on Commissions?

I really want to start offering commissions, but I am not sure what to set them at. I don't want it to be so low that I don't make back money I invested on my art supplies, but I don't want it too expensive so that nobody wants to buy anything that I have to offer. Any advice? Also, what other pi...
by Pieca Pyrofire · 01/06/2018 15:15
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Asking folk about what I should upload here.
by Gem · 03/09/2015 06:11
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Hey guys, Just wondering who would participate if I ever did a YCH? Places would be cheap (like, £5) and I think PayPal automatically converts money to a different currency. Juuuuuust wonderin' -Alex
by YazkyHarlin · 21/10/2015 12:51
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So.. Who is even alive here?

as title says, who even uses this site? talks on it, is social? is it even worth being here? uploading and putting art? would anyone even comment, watch, talk or become friends? this is my massive question.. i got 300+ art peaces to upload and i refuse to go threw hell of that if this place isnt ...
by Shizimiru Okame · 02/04/2016 23:26