Getting close to my goal!

I'm 56% of the way to afford a new tablet guys! I never thought I would be able to get much, so I'm excited! I still have adopts for sale here: Adopt Folder {/Verbal_Catbuse/gallery/?sort=uploaded:desc&folder=16027} I already know what tablet I am going to buy! ;v; So, if you're interested, check...
by Verbal_Catbuse · 15/04/2018 21:33

Adopt Auction OPEN [from Kaioku]

by Uluri · 3 months ago


howdy there, i'm pretty new to the furiffic scene, but a good friend of mine suggested this platform to branch out to and to try my hand at selling a character on! i have an old fursona of mine that i'm looking to sell for around $35-$45! she comes with a good amount of art which i will link bel...
by vegas · 04/03/2017 17:40


This character MUST go! I am desperate to get this guy gone. As it's a full body one sided reference I will sell it for £5. He is a very cute character. He has bat wings, red jewels on the forehead and a curled husky tail and a cute hair piece. Please, I hope someone can give this guy a goo home....
by InsomniacWolf Creations · 02/02/2016 18:10

Commission info~

✿ Herro.✿ ✿ I'm just wanting to give out a little info of my commissions~ ✿ So first for anyone who'd like to commission me,I have a very simple rule that is,I must receive half of the payment,I make a sketch and while I'm at it ,you can ask to see how it is turning out,so you can actually see I...
by Ninii · 26/05/2016 23:42

✨NEW✨ P2U Adoptable base

[align=center]My adoptable base finally available for purchase🎉
by CompleteAlienation · 2 weeks ago

🎃Halloween Adopts Pack👻

by CompleteAlienation · 2 months ago

💀Halloween Dragon Adopt Girl🍷

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

💀New Halloween Adopts🍷

by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

Cute Dragon Adopt Girl✨Still waiting for you~

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 4 weeks ago

✨Open YCHs and Adopts✨

[align=center][YCH] [u][i][b]Christmas NSFW Animated YCHs pack[/b][/i][/u]✨🎄
by CompleteAlienation · 22 hours ago