Selling Adoptables

I'm selling adoptables using some artwork we are retiring from the site. We need the money to pay servers and to keep funding the programs we're using to manage the server.
by Rigganmore · 15/06/2016 12:51

Adopt Auction OPEN [from Kaioku]

by Uluri · 3 months ago

Art Swap

I'm offering a free art exchange as I'm trying to improve my art skill and ill do my best to make your picture the best of my abilities, no Yiff or fetish stuff but ill try anything else. Just send me a message with your character/characters and a brief description of what you like done and ill r...
by Kitty · 01/07/2017 20:06


howdy there, i'm pretty new to the furiffic scene, but a good friend of mine suggested this platform to branch out to and to try my hand at selling a character on! i have an old fursona of mine that i'm looking to sell for around $35-$45! she comes with a good amount of art which i will link bel...
by vegas · 04/03/2017 17:40


These are USD. I will take the equivalent in dA Points, though I prefer USD. These are also, fully-colored digitally. I will send a transparent .png of the character to the buyer, unless a background is requested. As a person with no job, and is up to his neck in school, the only way I can make ...
by Pyrode · 10/11/2015 21:52

Commission info~

✿ Herro.✿ ✿ I'm just wanting to give out a little info of my commissions~ ✿ So first for anyone who'd like to commission me,I have a very simple rule that is,I must receive half of the payment,I make a sketch and while I'm at it ,you can ask to see how it is turning out,so you can actually see I...
by Ninii · 26/05/2016 23:42

✨NEW✨ P2U Adoptable base

[align=center]My adoptable base finally available for purchase🎉
by CompleteAlienation · 2 weeks ago

🎃Halloween Adopts Pack👻

by CompleteAlienation · 2 months ago

💀Halloween Dragon Adopt Girl🍷

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

💀New Halloween Adopts🍷

by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

Cute Dragon Adopt Girl✨Still waiting for you~

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 4 weeks ago

✨Open YCHs and Adopts✨

[align=center][YCH] [u][i][b]Christmas NSFW Animated YCHs pack[/b][/i][/u]✨🎄
by CompleteAlienation · 22 hours ago