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commission deals

Want to get art from me, but don't have a lot to spend well I have a deal for you, just for this web site
by linka linxs · 21/11/2015 20:57
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Female Mascot

There never seems to be female mascots for websites. I think this website should have either both or a female one! I for one think that it would be amazing to have a female mascot -- as females are awesome! ♥ - Grat
by Grat · 08/08/2015 20:03

Hellooo Doowwwnn theeeerreee

Hello furs of Furiffic. Someone seemed nice enough to invite me onto here, and already this site seems to be pretty snazzy. I think I will attempt to nest here for a bit, while still keeping FA as my main, of course. This site has some pretty nice looking people on it, and it all in all feels lik...
by Wolfy · 19/07/2015 02:26

STREAMING - The Twilight316 Zone - 9/20

Back at it! Tonight, I'll be inking and then possibly moving on to the next Wandering Trials page, 'cuz it's high time I move that story along! Not sure how long I'll be at it. But, I'll be on for a bit. Come hang out! :) I'll see you... in The Twilight316 Zone {https://picarto.tv/Pegasus316}.
by Pegasus316 · 20/09/2015 22:37
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Enjoying the site

I hope this site picks up more! I really like the UI and design. Everything feels like it works well too. Will be doing streams more frequently in the next few weeks so stay tuned for new content! ♥ Check us out on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cwzstudios {https://www.patreon.com/cwzstudios}...
by cwzstudios · 11/01/2020 06:55


YEP! Im going to do another YCH,and yes,is another ANIMATED YCH! (YAY!) This time will be 2 versions of the same,a normal one and a...extra version ewe About the prices,well,like the last time,10€ for the normal and 13€ for the extra Discounts? of course,but this time will be different,i will giv...
by Elmont · 21/07/2016 10:16

My Boyfriend is a Werewolf (Synopsis)

In 2030 the world has reached 9 billion people become a very crowded and civilization's stability is teetering on the edge of that magic number of 10 billion where the earth cannot support the resources every human needs to survive. The supernatural community has now faced a serious decision to m...
by OmuYasha · 24/09/2016 21:16

Commissions Open

I am open for commissions. I'm doing free sketches, outlines and flat color are $1. Shaded commissions are $2. Reference sheets are $5 and badges are $10 (laminated, badge clip, and shipping available) If interested comment or me I can't do humans nor machines/robots. I can do bout everythin...
by silverfang · 18/05/2016 20:19


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![lb] [lb] [/b]So
by Sunny_Way · 01/08/2020 19:30

Commission anyone?

Rough price guide as my banner but I'm mostly quote based ^^ willing to strike deals etc. Check out my gallery for art examples! But yeah I need some money for next weekend so commissions would be greatly appricated xx
by lupeyroo · 07/07/2016 21:14

Open Commissions

ToS {http://kanouhusky.wix.com/kano-art#!-terms-service-kano/cf1z} Commissions Open! {/kanou/view/45374}
by kanou · 13/03/2016 18:39

✨NEW✨ P2U Adoptable base

[align=center]My adoptable base finally available for purchase🎉
by CompleteAlienation · 2 weeks ago

🎃Halloween Adopts Pack👻

by CompleteAlienation · 2 months ago

💀Halloween Dragon Adopt Girl🍷

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

💀New Halloween Adopts🍷

by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago

Cute Dragon Adopt Girl✨Still waiting for you~

One girl is still available for sale, she wants a home😭
by CompleteAlienation · 4 weeks ago

✨Open YCHs and Adopts✨

[align=center][YCH] [u][i][b]Christmas NSFW Animated YCHs pack[/b][/i][/u]✨🎄
by CompleteAlienation · 22 hours ago