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Question from a newbie

Hey Furrific! Does anyone know if there's a way to organize your characters? I have quite a few and I'd love if I could move them around so my most used are at the top of the list.
by Foxxifye · 31/07/2017 05:13
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Somebody help?

Erm, hi there folks, how are you doing? Can somebody help me out here on Furiffic? I am a bit confused on how the website is structured. Is there anything similar like an Inbox for new images of the people you watch, like on FA? Because so far I have not seen anything like that. Maybe I have sim...
by Matthew · 25/08/2015 08:13
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Where to start... communication in general?

I figure I can say HI and and ask how you're doing. I could use a boost do social confidence.
by TabbyTomKat · 19/08/2017 21:12


My car has taken yet another wheel related incident, this time with the steering gear itself! What started as a brake job resulted in discovering the wheels themselves wobbling dangerously loose. For now I can only drive my car short distances (home-work) This will cause huge problems for me, as ...
by Grinn3r · 17/11/2017 00:45

At Wits End

I know I haven't asked in a while and I don't know if anyone will be able to help. I'm at my wits end. I try to create a GoFundMe page to help pay for Daddy's funeral and it gets reported every time. I have a feeling its because my dear ex-relatives find it and report it to keep me from getting ...
by Kimi-Oneechan · 28/08/2016 15:26


First: Sorry for being gone for so long!! Life's been hectic!!! Second: The hard drive on my desktop is going out! D: I desperately need to replace it, my computer is my work! I found one on newegg for ~$50, and I would greatly appreciate some help! My commissions are open, I have a ko-fi you co...
by ShawnDeer · 28/08/2017 02:15

Friday Stream~

HELP! - I'M MOVING IN UNDER A MONTH! Please help me out and commission me or spread the word to your friends to do so
by Jasmae · 18/05/2018 00:04
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My character.. etc

Alright so I'm currently working on a good picture to post here and on my furaffinity, because, to be blatantly honest, my art posted on FA is horrific compared to that of others. I know I am a beginner, but if anyone has any tips on how to start out making furry/fursona art I would really love t...
by Kayto_Krystal · 18/03/2016 23:20
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A New Lease

It seems I may be needed here after all...
by Hiroshi Kai · 11/07/2016 04:55

Please Help!

I need some commissions...help...something. My light bill is past due, my internet bill is past due, we have no food, and I need a new battery for my laptop. We're short because I was in the hospital with pneumonia last Monday through Wednesday. It doesn't look like I'll be going to my follow-up ...
by Kimi-Oneechan · 31/08/2015 15:43
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Art & updates

I'm definitely having an "art cycle" with my art and it's awful. I've been feeling pretty motivated to draw latey, but I've lost it quickly because I think I can draw faces pretty well, but when I try to even draw a simple body base for my character it's awful. If anyone on here know any good way...
by Kayto_Krystal · 11/06/2016 04:20
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Having trouble with the importer... *^^*

I keep getting the same message: "Unable to locate "https://www.furiffic.com/Leilani" {/Leilani} in your profile description It is also required that you use the Classic theme on Fur Affinity." I'm using classic theme on Furaffinity, and I added the text and URL address to my profile page. Am I...
by Leilani Perierre · 23/05/2018 15:37

in need of some help.

consider Comissions opened early. I’m in need of some help. I was cleaning my house yesterday and my glasses fell off my head and hit at such an angle that the lens got cracked right down the middle. I can still see through them but it’s a bit disorienting like this. I’ve got about 12$ to my nam...
by FalcoSFM · 11 months ago
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Moving Out of My Abusive House

My first journal, please give it a read Hey everyone. I am here to ask you, more like beg honestly, for your help. I am an 18 year old, mentally handicapped woman who is constantly being abused at home. My mother is now refusing to feed me, blatantly ignores me and my cries for help,
by Syren Merch · 04/03/2016 03:06
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I think I just got chewed out.

Or at least someone was looking to chew me out for my Native American character. The person said that if I weren't Native it would be 'offensive'. Good thing I am Native I guess. That helped me avoid getting chewed out. BUT, still. I just want to address that from where I stand when people of ot...
by powderedsugarfrost · 05/07/2016 05:16

Converting Commission Prices + Gonna Donate My Art Income

Hello everybody, I just finished converting all my commission prices to USD, which, from today on, I will be using as my standard currency. I make very little money with art anymore, I feel like I'm not good enough anymore and I want to improve, but now that I will be working 5 days a week soon,...
by Feralmoonlight · 23/05/2018 10:09

Help my family with funeral expenses, free art in return

Yesterday, my father figure suddenly passed away. He went to the hospital a week ago for a circulatory problem with his foot, and it escalated until he had two strokes and finally a heart attack which ended his life. While Ernie wasn't my biological father, the Claxons took me into their family w...
by ZackLoup · 06/06/2016 14:46

Furiffic Tips!: Character tagging

I figured I'd start making little tutorial journals about the features I really like on this website!
by lupeyroo · 15/05/2017 01:08

OPINIONS NEEDED Furry ID Card Commissions

So I had the idea to make the ID cards I made for myself and my friend a commission category. Of course, I won't be doing them traditionally to save on P&P (legit broke here). But who would be interested if I did make it a category? And what price? I was thinking £5? Tell me what you guys think~
by YazkyHarlin · 28/10/2015 21:42

Homeless Update #2

I've made it to portland but I still don't have a home
by Majy · 29/03/2018 02:07

Help me get out of an abusive situation

I finally got the campaign set up with my friends help. I really need help getting out of an abusive situation. Even fi you can't donate please share it. https://www.gofundme.com/spencers-moving-fund {https://www.gofundme.com/spencers-moving-fund} I'm in a really bad situation currently and I'm...
by Majy · 26/08/2017 10:26

Homless please help

I got the fundraiser up and running! This one has a much smaller goal but I’m in a pretty dire situation
by Majy · 14/03/2018 17:47
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The newest Windows update has broken Huion drivers
by Yeenr · 14/04/2018 21:20
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Hello my name is Andrew the Deaf Lizard, I just get invited from my gmail bring me here, I am new member just join today, I have inexperienced this website, u maybe help tour me among here let me know well, I wonder is this allow upload sex/nude art for picture and avatar? My out curious....Thank...
by Andrew · 19/07/2015 02:26

Help Out My Friend

My friend Jay-Tiger Jay-Tiger Really would like to go to AC so please help support Jay by purchasing a beautiful badge!! https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7588751/
by Katelynne Moore · 30/05/2016 19:35


Im fairly new here but my tumblr {http://l-ko-l.tumblr.com/}, inkbunny {https://inkbunny.net/kobomb} and deviantArt can show my past works. if its required before taking any commission from me until i update my gallery thursday. Due to some stupid acts on my own accord i have a few court costs t...
by ko_ · 01/03/2016 14:11

EMERGENCY- Ref sheet or character design- 1 slot

I really [b]need $ ASAP[/b] so my bank doesn't go into the negative
by Jasmae · 4 months ago


Hey guys..just wanted to say this.. well..to put it bluntly, i have a horrible life where i am with very abusive parents, they have ruined my life since the beginning and im trying to get out by any means necessary.. I mean nothing here..im just the family fag and failure ;c Things have starte...
by azureclover · 14/09/2015 02:17

Sale! Cheap Flat colour Headshots

Head shots on sale! Flat colour headshots are down to just £4.50 /$6.50 for a limited time. Limited slots! Examples can be seen here - http://fav.me/d9sta0m {http://fav.me/d9sta0m} I'm trying to save up for some new sfx makeup, a lace front wig (because he has his hair swept back and a custom...
by Faraday · 24/02/2016 13:14