Important note to commissioners!

[b]I do NOT draw poke sonas and the like
by Jasmae · 5 months ago

~* T.O.S *~

If you're thinking of getting a commission from me, please read this journal for Terms of Service before contacting me!~
by Dragonhuntx · 19/07/2015 16:48


YEP! Im going to do another YCH,and yes,is another ANIMATED YCH! (YAY!) This time will be 2 versions of the same,a normal one and a...extra version ewe About the prices,well,like the last time,10€ for the normal and 13€ for the extra Discounts? of course,but this time will be different,i will giv...
by Elmont · 21/07/2016 10:16