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About the low activity....

So I don't know of anyone noticed but I ha not been posting a lot recently. I feel like I should say something to explain why. In the last week or so I've been kinda stressed due to school and my depression has been acting up a lot. I'm second guessing myself in a lot of things (one being my rela...
by Lizzie · 23/01/2017 06:29

Organization Help?

Hey! It's been awhile, furrific. Actually, it's been awhile to all my art websites in general. I've been dealing with lack of inspiration and lack of time due to school so regrettably, I forgot about a lot of my alternate websites. I have an extremely hard time multi-tasking with websites, I usua...
by The Chosen One · 22/05/2016 22:21

Update and Crosspost Test

by Prydri · 26/09/2018 20:44


Sorry y'all but i won't be posting for the rest of the day i have two reason one because of school tomorrow two because of my asshole used to be friend toxy and his stupid ass so he can fuck right off um i guess i also do request as well but yeah i won't get into that now maybe later um but yeah ...
by Toxic · 1 week ago

Update and Crosspost Test

by Prydri · 26/09/2018 20:43

Want me to write a story for you?

So I have not written many stories yet, but I greatly enjoy what I'm doing! What would of course help me massively would be for me to write stories for other people, meaning taking commissions. I know of course that, since I don't have much to show, people might prefer to go to more established ...
by Tirnanogtir · 10 months ago

Bit of an Update on Requests

SO! I have decided to make weekends the days I work on requests. With my classes I feel like this would be the easiest time for me to work on these. Mondays through Fridays will be the days I work on class sketches or personal art. (Though I may try to hit out one or more requests if I have time)...
by AzuKurosaii · 04/02/2018 07:47

Forgot I was here.

Received a couple notifications from this site. Completely forgot I had made an account here. Updated profile information as per. Now I go back to forgetting about it.
by zhaarteth · 16/03/2016 03:52
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Hi everyone, I regret to inform you all that a lot of bad things happened this weekend and my boyfriend and I got a lot of stress and I have now got a really heavy fibro attack. I do have access to my pc thanks to my boyfriend but I have too little control over my body to draw at all and everyth...
by Feralmoonlight · 27/02/2017 11:31

🌱One of them ther Updates-feelin less bad

Relating to This Journal: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 1 month ago

For that one person subscribed to toxy

unsubscribe from them Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake} is calling people the r slur
by Split · 2 days ago

June 15th Update

[color=#000000; font-weight: 400]So
by Vangabond · 15/06/2019 17:15
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Sorry for the lack of uploads

i was busy with school and...dealing with my friend who i will not name so sorry y'all
by Toxic · 1 week ago

I'm fine!

The hurricane basically missed my area
by Jasmae · 05/09/2019 00:43

❤~Update~❤ Please Read

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I still have one slot open on my YCH! YCH! {/Lizziescott/view/97208} It's free all you have to do is post your fursona ref ON THE ORIGINAL YCH POST. Aside from that. I still really need feedback on some of my OCS. I want to better myself with my character creating but I ...
by Lizzie · 17/03/2017 17:03

Discord Server Update

Wheeee massive mood swings and shit
by themeshow101 · 13/07/2018 15:47
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An apology

sorry i posted so many journals y'all it's just my so called friend was being a bit of a salty pissbaby and cussing like a salty little fucktard also im very sorry about the swearing in the journals but im only doing this just to let out all the anger i kept inside. so i'll post a bit more i gues...
by Split · 6 days ago


I have officially decided to make Commissions Patron-exclusive. This means, I will only take commissions one of two ways: 1. you are a Patron and wish to redeem your points 2. it is in a stream and you wish to purchase something on-the-fly I hope no-one is upset by this, and I am not going to d...
by Venu Shade · 11/09/2015 02:20

Commission Update

[align=center]╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮[lb] ・。・゜Follow Me Here ゜・。・[lb] ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯[lb] [url=http://www
by DragonBoii78 · 17/07/2019 06:15
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Update and Fursuit

Hello guys, Looks like I ended up letting life take me away for awhile again. Just wanted to let yall know Im doing fine. Last several weeks been just crazy busy. Also some family trouble with my dad just being a jerk.... Anyways. Ive also found a Fursuit maker that will be making SparkleMutt f...
by SparkleMutt · 15/08/2017 13:09

Important Message About The Future of My Works

So, for those of you who are aware (at least the ones on Furaffinity) you may have noticed that there has been a serious lack of content from me lately
by themeshow101 · 16/08/2018 18:34


Hey hey! Got a few new pages! I'll be posting a fair amount of artwork the next couple weeks to catch these new pages up to what I got so far to date on FA
by Spruce Moki · 03/09/2018 23:54

Update 2021-02-22

Hey Folks, I haven't been on here for quite a while, mostly due to my previous laptop quitting on me and lack of Internet accessibility. I finally got a new laptop and have been able to check a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot out from the library (they're a new thing they got through a grant). Today I'm ge...
by Ancient Wolf · 1 month ago

Recent Activity Notice

Sorry, I had absolutely no memory of this account whatsoever. I dont even remember making one. This is actually a pretty decent website. That being said, expect more updates to come in the future. Unfortunately, give it 3 - 8 months unless stated otherwise due to mandatory deadzone deployment.
by Keith · 23/08/2015 04:09

🌱IMPORTANT: Break time due to lots of bads

Not going into a lot of detail, but I am distressed in quite a heavy emotional way
by Uluri · 2 months ago

January Update

Hello guys! I just want to update you on what I'm doing now and what I'm going do for future projects
by Chitafokkusu · 25/01/2019 17:22

Updating my pages + anyone got Toyhouse Code?

I'd figure it'd be time to redo my bio on my profile and start arranging some new folders for my OCs as I'm pretty much halfway done writing their bios
by SR20_Weasel · 16/03/2020 14:27

COMPUTER FIXED! / commissions reopened!

back to your regularly shecduled gay art! ❤️ instagram is still active! (@.thecartoonwolf)
by frillious · 8 months ago

Complications and Extra "Free" Time

Hiyas peeps![lb] [lb] So, I was gonna start out with saying things like "Not Dead!" and "Got an extra day off work now, maybe I can start writing again!" and maybe a few other things
by Mykell Wildfire · 23/03/2020 00:11

Sale + Current Queue

Sale: Currently offering 4 $15 traditional badges. Shipping and lamination included in price Current Queue: 1. Digital 3/4 w armor - (sketched streaming this later this week) 2. Ref sheet - (80% done need to finish coloring) 3. Jelly Bean badge - (60% Needs coloring)
by its-a-z-not-a-x · 24/03/2016 23:12

Sorry I've been away

I keep forgetting about this site :C
by Silver103 · 10/10/2015 16:41

Coming Home Visual Novel now has a Patreon.

Alright, I've finally put up a Patreon to help get the ball rolling. Since I have to start my Visual Novel over from scratch, I might as well raise money each month to commission artwork and music for it as I re-create the dialogue and coding. My patron can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/...
by Robert Silvermyst · 28/06/2016 17:46

Switching from Patreon to Ko-fi!!

PLEASE READ! http://www
by Zin Stone · 03/06/2018 16:53


Wow! Two journals in a month? That's new! ^^;;[lb] [lb] Just to kep things updated, I think >
by adagadeprata · 17/11/2018 02:47


I havent been as active as i would like...
by spectre04 · 09/12/2016 18:06

Coming Home Visual Novel Update #5

Finally got done with the first main event in the VN, the trip to the Veteran Affairs, where the main character is diagnosed and given treatment for his PTSD. In this there are three characters that can drive him there based on who you asked back in the moving day segment: Freya, Taylor or Caroly...
by Robert Silvermyst · 21/06/2016 03:00

'Coming Home' Update #7

Alright, it has been quite some time since the last update, but there is a lot that has been done! ~Beach Scenes are complete! The day starts with you choosing which of the eight you want to spend your day with. The first third of this focuses mostly on spending time with the one you choose, del...
by Robert Silvermyst · 19/08/2016 23:20


So I don't have much time with internet access but I wanted to toss an update out here! Still without internet. Thus: Very Limited Access to reply to anything. Bad Holiday Season News may mean moving again. (More to explain at a later date) Still Engaged♥ Still Happy♥ STILL PREGNANT♥ THE BIGGES...
by Juliee Enderfluff · 28/12/2015 19:03

'Coming Home' Update #6

I'm finally back to where I was before the catastrophe that had set me back! Day 4 is complete!
by Robert Silvermyst · 23/07/2016 16:15

'Coming Home' Update 5a

Update #5 So far, so good on keeping myself on schedule. Today was pretty crazy with a city-wide power outage at work, but despite that, I was able to achieve the goal I had set for myself. ~Main Day 3 is complete ~Morning 3: You can choose to head to the Baseball Park and spend some time with T...
by Robert Silvermyst · 16/07/2016 00:09

'Coming Home' Update 3a

~Main Day 1 is complete, containing 3 areas to choose from during the day, and 3 areas to choose from during the evening. ~Meeting with Lilly gives you some insight into some of her interests, as well as some background on what an average day living on a military base is like. ~Meeting with Carol...
by Robert Silvermyst · 05/07/2016 12:00

I'm not dead I swear

Hey there! Wanted to make a general update journal
by Majy · 25/06/2018 10:37

Happy 4th and Stuff!

Heyas peeps![lb] [lb] So yeah, it's the 4th of July
by Mykell Wildfire · 04/07/2019 17:48

Much needed status update.

So, a couple months ago I posted a status telling people I was homeless
by Hileksel · 09/10/2019 03:40

Happy New Year!

Well, look at that! An actual UPDATE! What a way to start off the year, by posting art I've been hoarding since late November! As a friendly reminder, commissions are still open
by Baxter Raccoon · 03/01/2020 15:59
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It's my birthday! 28 stinkin years now XD [lb] [lb] AND it's also the anniversary for going self employed with Spruce Art! I mean, I technically was around before then but that's when I quit my full time job to try to make it as an artist
by Spruce Moki · 03/01/2019 16:31

I'm Still Alive :D

|HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! :D||||||I dont know why I'm so excited if anybody does remember me... ._.|||||||Anyway... I'm just doing this nonsense journal to tell you everyone that I'll be uploadiong two amazing drawings soon... This time I´m serious...|| ||These two will be:|||||1)My furson (It's been ...
by Doelker · 06/04/2017 02:46


Well.. that wasn't supposed to happen. Lulu's other half sprung a holiday on her and she left the country for the better part of the last week. Which would be why updates stopped until today. Sorry about that. I was going to be scheduling more and that was the day I didn't come home from work, I...
by Lulu Amore · 05/09/2017 13:52