Shutting Down my Website...

Hello my devils![lb] [lb] So as you may have guessed, i am going to be allowing my subscription to my website to lapse, so at the end of the month, that will be it
by Spice Devil · 16/06/2019 20:22


||I've been working on a world for a while and I've decided to share it before completing it (as it will still be a while until then) Opleon is an alternate world where humans and anthros live, although they live separately they still exist in the same world, along with other not human or anthro ...
by Lulu_Angel · 30/05/2017 18:49
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Never mind lolol

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that I won't be posting here anymore. It has nothing to do with this site at all; in fact, I LOVE this site. I love the layout, and I love the atmosphere... but I sadly do not get a lot of activity here. So, I will be cleanin...
by CatInYourCloset · 11/07/2017 22:06

Updated TOS! + Website!

Hello everyone![lb] I just wanted to inform you all that my TOS has been updated![lb] Nothing really changed, I just clarified some stuff and made it more visibly digestable
by Jasmae · 10/10/2018 18:41
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Email Invites?

How have people been getting emails redirecting to this website? I've never gotten an email about this website. Also, how are they getting people's email's? A little creepy if you ask me, haha! It seems to be drawing a lot of users here though, so I won't complain. xD Still weird how I've never g...
by Grat · 19/08/2015 12:36

New Website, RPG Work, and other stuff

I made a website using Wix while the whole Tumblr Death thing was going around
by QueenKami · 16/02/2019 03:40
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wtf is going on with this site

I've continuously, over the past couple years, randomly return to this site to see what's going on, and am constantly confused. First off, I stopped using this site because I S T I L L cannot add characters to the relationships section on my character pages. STILL!! To this freaking day. It says ...
by Thax · 10 months ago
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Recent Popularity

It seems this site has gotten pretty popular as of recently! I'm glad to see my favourite furry site growing! Also, it seems all the kind furries are coming here, which is good! There's been a huge amount of stalker and asshole furries as of recent. Also, the staff here is very kind and active, w...
by Grat · 30/08/2015 00:02