This is just a journal to explain how seers and demons work in my au. Characters related to this are Ashiline and Stean (both mine) Seers: There are 4 different kinds of seer. The Moon Seer (Ashiline), the Sun Seer , the Star Seer, and the Color Seer. The Color Seer's blood line has been d...
by LizzieKittie · 01/12/2016 00:29
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Free Sketches!

Doing free sketches for people who use this site only! (No blank profiles please) I will be doing them on sketch pages mostly for practice! I can also turn any of my quick sketches into full commissions for an additional price :) Just post your character or refs here! :) These are open forever bu...
by lupeyroo · 14/11/2016 21:45

Drako's Art Contest AND A chance for FREE Art

Drako's Art Contest - December 2016 AND FREE ART? The latest winner is: ogremon's victory - {} by Samaraka - {} This month's Nomination Theme: Unicorns This month's ...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 05/12/2016 18:46
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What are your opinions about my art, music and other similar things?

I want to know if people have any opinions abut my art, music and other similar thing. If you do what it is? Please can I know about it? (Note: It can be positive or neutral or negative. I trying to stay neutral about it.)
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 05/12/2016 01:11
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Headshot Commissions!(CLOSED)

Hi there guys! ♥ I want to start doing commissions to raise some money to pay some bills c: I will start low with some headshots they will be like this: .:You've left me paralyzed: .:We are a part of the same play: {/Chowco/view/87766} Look in my gallery for more examples of my art! ♥ I will be d...
by Chow · 05/12/2016 11:37

Telegram Group

Well its not new, i made it before and took it down. NOW its back up :3 I just made a group, for mixed furs + mixed ratings. Its a chill place to be, if you join please read the rules. If ppl want to join here is the link> {https://telegra...
by ee · 06/12/2016 21:33
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Dear Everyone

I am dead, good bye. *falls over* *springs back up* IS THERE ANYWHERE I CAN ROLE PLAY IN! I CAN'T DO THESE MESSAGING, FORUM POST, OR NOTES ANYMORE! You know why I liked Quotev?! You can find any fandom in it and you could rp it! I really want to get back into it! I don't want to do message rp's b...
by Cecil · 08/12/2016 23:46


Christmas themed YCHs!
by Lizzie · 07/12/2016 17:18

The good fight...

The good fight... Brittle are my bones, how easily I bleed Eye sight fading, no help I need A river of red I feel coming from my being Strength I find in the future I'm seeing Whether a delusion or a pipe dream My soul burns for that reality I am, whole hearted, going to burst from every seam No...
by Jiblits · 12/12/2016 18:57


It's nice to see Mr. Scott has them. Click Here Jim! {}
by Wynter · 13/12/2016 18:01


Delia Rose was running, she had no idea where to, but she was definitely going to get there. Fear of more war breaking out at her old home, it had driven her to this. Her Parents had been fighting for so long, they barely noticed her leave. "Huff.....Huff." She was slowing down, She turned, unawa...
by Delia Rose · 14/12/2016 21:34
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Quit While You're Behind

It really pisses me off how some people kiss someone's ass just to get ahead. Then again, I've never been in a position of power. As long as I have my integrity , no person is above or beneath me.
by Hiroshi Kai · 15/12/2016 13:13


Family issues, sorry about that, I'll get everything finished as soon as I can.
by Nova · 20/12/2016 17:29
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Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and warchers out there, whether you're celebrating it or not, or celebrating something else these days, I wish you a happy and peaceful time and for now a good last week of 2016.
by Kinaj · 24/12/2016 17:12
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First Journal!

Helloooo there! Happy New Year!!! This is my first journal! I'm new to the site and I'm just getting to know the interface. I wanted to make this account months ago, but wanted to have some content made so I wouldn't fall off the bandwagon and stop posting as soon as I started. That and when I ge...
by VioletAshesF · 01/01/2017 21:02

ohmyfuck updates :0

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . okay so I haven't been at my computer since Christmas because I've been so heckin busy! I will be leaving Tomorrow in the afternoon and will have NO electronic access until Sunday morning, and Next week I will be leaving Thursday and wil...
by Chai. · 29/12/2016 20:53
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 25/12/2016 14:30
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Is there a block feature here?

I just wondered, never needed it before but I just came across my first furiffic troll and I need to know if the site has this feature. EDIT, never mind I've found it and blocked her butt, parents should really keep they're kids away from the computer.
by Colliefan · 06/01/2017 14:27

First New Years Journal

Hello All, I know i have been scarce the past two years, and those that know me have a good idea why. I have been working my way back out of an emotional and psychological hole. And I am past a lot of the issues. Up Notes: 1. I have been writing again, not as much as I used to, but it's a star...
by Assilsasta · 05/01/2017 15:59


Revamped art prices!
by Loki Volumen · 03/01/2017 07:49

2017 Creation Moment

I have not had a single artistic moment since well...I don't know...I have been attempting to find something to do about it. The book I'm working on is continuing off and on as I think about the horrible fact my former friend was attempting to sabotage me. Or at least zap confidence. I have had ...
by Rippy the Nekomatta · 02/01/2017 05:39


So far I've been running into art block, but I've been keeping up with my daily posts.. If there's something that any of you would like to see more of, feel free to let me know. I'm always looking for extra idea's, so don't be shy ♥ When I get about 25+ Subscribers here I'll be glad to have a raf...
by Perdibirdie · 04/01/2017 08:25


Bar-gain... The flavor isn't one to savor, the shot starts till the bottles clear With each pay check I wreck each & every fear I take every bad memory down with each sip Numbing the past in mind to every finger tip Depressed isn't what I am Best definition is, "I just got tired of giving a dam S...
by Jiblits · 12/01/2017 06:10
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My faith in Furiffic is now restored.

As the title says, a problem that has poked its ugly head up has been reported and the staff are on the ball. I feel a lot better and safer here now.
by Colliefan · 17/01/2017 21:46
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Need some friends

I'm still around if anyone gives a shit.
by Hiroshi Kai · 25/01/2017 16:33
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Where else to find me?

Though I would write a journal about it for a bit attention to it. You can find all links on my profil page as well. Furaffinity {} Furiffic {/Kinaj} Inkbunny {h...
by Kinaj · 03/02/2017 19:38
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.:Free Art For A Feature:.

I want to get more exposure for my Art and I have decided to do 2 Free Art pieces for a Feature. Rules: -Make a journal and put the link to this journal in it. -Choose 1 piece of my Art that you really love and include it in your JOURNAL. -Comment below with YOUR journal link and a link to your ...
by Kiera · 01/08/2016 13:41
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Back from the dead?!?!

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . Hi everyone! Looks like I've been taking a pretty unintended hiatus from art. I recently started a new job and that + re-straightening after our move has consumed my life. My "work" schedule will be changing and I will no longer be ava...
by Chai. · 05/02/2017 13:00
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Drawing ideas

Well it looks like ill be working most of the week so. But ill be free sunday So if you guys got any drawing ideas for me let me know. Kinda wanna try something different maybe.
by SparkleMutt · 20/10/2016 14:33

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Speedpaint Video

Up now on my Youtube! Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Speedpaint Pt. 1 {}
by Kimi-Oneechan · 07/10/2016 15:18
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i guess my art has no value then so.... im just gonna give up on art and stuf... i cant do it...
by Mansie. · 27/10/2016 16:26
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Can I vent a little?

I really hate when people "favorite" a reminder but either don't favorite the orignal adopt picture or make an offer for one! It's like saying "Oh that's awesome! $5? No I'm just going to look around and make it harder for others!" Grr... and some people wonder why I don't make adoptables anymo...
by Wynter · 23/10/2016 19:36
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Bare with me

Totally new to this site, love it, but I've never put so much thought into my characters and OC's bfore, also so many places to put information! Again I love it, just not use to it, so if you see a character unlisted or without credit, please give me time, I'm trying to make sure I cover everything!
by kittyturtle · 10/02/2017 22:01
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by Nova · 11/02/2017 23:37

new way of drawing

So with months of saving and busting my ass at work I've finally had enough money saved away for a drawing tablet!! It has a monitor screen so it makes it easier to draw onto computer. So my drawings will have a new look and style for now on. To be honest its a whole lot more better and comforta...
by SparkleMutt · 16/02/2017 15:06

redesign sparkle

Ok so ive been looking really hard at SparkleMutt and i think i might redesign her. In the future i plan on making a fursuit head of her and I feel like her colors wont work for her fur an hair. I would like some advice or suggestions on her design if anyone can help.
by SparkleMutt · 16/02/2017 22:06


Hasn't it been a long time. I have been so wrapped up in my gore art (consisting of humans/sort of human? characters) that I had all but forgotten about Furrific! Glad to be back though! I'll see if I can get any art to post here.
by powderedsugarfrost · 27/02/2017 03:25
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Hey I'm back!

It's me Perdibirdie! I'm back with a new character and a whole new attitude ;P!
by Keys · 28/02/2017 05:54

Preparing for Spring Break

What's up everyfur! Sorry for going silent a long time; college movie work sure knows how to occupy my time and attention away from the furry side of my life. Anyways, as the heading of this journal says I received word from my university calendar that next week is Spring Break, and I shall give ...
by Matt Tiberius Wolfstein · 07/03/2017 19:38

why i haven't been active

hell, i just wanted to explain why I've basically fell off the map for awhile. unfortunately, it was a number of things...
by Alex · 18/09/2016 04:09
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I like this place even though its a bit quiet. i'll probably stick around
by Tapeworm · 22/03/2017 17:03

$15 Colored Sketches!

DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!! ive got a bit on my Queue so these will be worked on as "transition" commissions so current things on my queue will take priority but i will work on these between commissions and will work on 1 or 2 at a time. these will also not be started until tomorrow so today is a day to ...
by KeroTheStrange · 28/09/2016 15:53

🎃 Halloween themed 🎃 $20 FLASH SALE

✨$20 flash sale. 💫 5 slots. 💥 Full body soft shade. 🌟 Simple costumes. 👀 No backgrounds ( spooky eyes)
by JBCblank · 10/10/2016 06:38

Hello World

Just wanted to say hi to this rather new lil community. Hope you all are doing alright. Just a bit aggravated over a corrupted usb stick, was able to copy over files from it, but im now stuck with 32 GBs that are now useless because of a stupid "WriteProtect" error -_-
by Ryu Deacon · 19/07/2015 08:09
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Hello!!! I''m pretty new here and just getting the hang of the site @_@ so difficult when you're use to one site. But message me! I love talking to new people!
by Nekogirl1257 · 19/07/2015 12:36

Trying this out

Got an invite to this through my email, so I'm trying it out. so far its ok, however there is a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to setting up user friendly interfaces on here. heck most pages under utilize the space so its left looking mostly empty... but other then that its ok.
by Princess · 19/07/2015 14:31

~* T.O.S *~

If you're thinking of getting a commission from me, please read this journal for Terms of Service before contacting me!~
by Dragonhuntx · 19/07/2015 16:48
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Lookey hur

This is a rather cool looking fur art site! Much more simplex and easier to get used to- especially with the text! Not having to use any or all that crap! I absolutly love it, slow on uploading stuff though cause it does keep getting errors. Ohwell new sites do that! I will link this profile in m...
by Angelic · 29/07/2015 03:44