Before FI closes: Where to find my work

My main places are: Patreon - {} (regular finished art + doodles and WIPs) Furaffinity - {} (all finished art) Deviantart - https://w...
by Anna of Draffectionates · 2 days ago

Updates and such (Personal and Projects)

So, The Project that's being posted will come to an End Next Week and that I have a few things I wanted to talk about
by Vangabond · 4 days ago

‼️@twinkiefluff/raystarkitty IS A PEDOPHILE‼️

she actively is a part of the pedophilic (diaper/babyfur/ABDL) furry kink communities, she started dating her partner when she was nearly 20 y/o and her partner was 17. she is active in kidcore & kids media sources/info
by ♥floriel · 5 days ago

I'm the Master of Disguise

Emeraldia the Kitty is now a Master of Disguise! She likes to Disguise as a Art Thief, Internet Troll, Underage Users, and Other Many Disguises.
by Emeraldia · 5 days ago

Cara Buat Animasi Anda Sendiri

Membuat video animasi Anda tidak harus membutuhkan banyak waktu, uang, dan keterampilan mengedit video tingkat lanjut. Dengan bantuan editor video online, Anda dapat dengan mudah membuat video animasi dalam hitungan menit. Ada banyak editor video online gratis dan pembuat video animasi yang membe...
by tantoroni · 5 days ago

About Me and my New Profile

I am using "What I would do if I could do anything? Write about you," series as my profile on websites with the premise of: As you get to know me, I will get to know you because I don't mind knowing folks especially if we have similar interests
by Cardia John Scott · 1 week ago

What I would Do if I could do anything?

What I would Do if I could do anything? Write about you
by Cardia John Scott · 1 week ago

Commissions Open

If you are considering commissioning me, please check out my Terms of Service: Commission Terms of Service {} And then fill out my Commission Form, so that I can get back to you with a price: Commission Form {
by Ryn · 1 week ago

I've updated my website and prices! Check it out!

[align=center]Hello everyone![lb] [lb] [lb] I have updated my website along with my prices! My website is now more stream-lined and less cluttered than previously, the prices are also easier to see under each example
by Isca · 1 week ago

★Commission Open★

[align=center]★ Hello and Thank You for your interest in my artwork! ★[lb] [url=https://sta
by Ryn · 1 week ago

Jelly's progress so far

Hello! It's been a bit since Jelly successfully got through his surgery, and things have definitely been eventful @v@ Overall, he is doing well and healing up. He's able to get around on 3 legs incredibly well, and has been getting 10x more head pats this week than ever before, ha ha. That said,...
by Malachyte · 1 week ago

See more interspecies love on FA

If you're into consensual interspecies (like humanXother or shapeshifters), fantasy, cute and loving couple adult art and alike, consider watching my work on FA before Furiffic closes by the end of this month^^ I draw dragonXhuman and shapeshifters^^
by Anna of Draffectionates · 1 week ago

A Few things

If anyone was wondering
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

Attention seeking

I am not ready to come back to social media
by Cardia John Scott · 2 weeks ago

Bubbling stomach

Bubbling stomach[lb] [lb] Your stomach is bubbling[lb] You hear the stomach of someone bubbling[lb] The prey in your belly is blowing bubbles in the liquid you drank[lb] Your pet's stomach is bubbling just a few minutes after it ate a meal
by Cardia John Scott · 2 weeks ago

Taking a break.

Sorry, Just having a bad time at the moment irl
by K∆I Fennec · 2 weeks ago

Current Words of Desire

Current words of desire:[lb] [lb] Bubbling stomach[lb] stomach deformation[lb] abdominal bulges[lb] Digesting Stomach[lb] stomach noise[lb] stomach rumble[lb] rumbling stomach[lb] Moving belly[lb] stomach grab[lb] belly grab[lb] hand on stomach[lb] holding stomach[lb] Dissolving Prey[lb] fatal vore[lb] digesting prey[lb] stomach acid[lb] moving stomach[lb] regurgitation[lb] round belly[lb] big belly[lb] morbidly obese[lb] obese[lb] belly overhang[lb] stomach goo[lb] slime stomach[lb] belly smoosh [url=http://www
by Cardia John Scott · 2 weeks ago

Drako's Art Contest - May 2022

Drako's Art Contest - May 2022 The latest winner is: Cybervixen - {} by Ice Foxx - {} Now for this Month: Nomination Theme: Pokemon V...
by Drako Claw · 2 weeks ago

Success! Surgery update [detailed graphic version]

I'm back! What a wild ride
by Malachyte · 2 weeks ago

Success! Surgery update [non-graphic version]

I'm back! What a wild ride
by Malachyte · 2 weeks ago

Updates for May

Yeah, I don't Have too much planned? other than just the basic story posts throughout the week, with the occasional original art post or commission art post here and there
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

OMG Disney Ripped Off Kimba! ...not

Best take on this ancient nontroversy: {} Personally my favorite part is when they use tanks to murder every elephant in the jungle. You know, as one does.
by Calbeck · 3 weeks ago
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Other Places to find me on

Just in case Twitter Dies there are a few websites to find me on pillowfort and tumblr [lb] [lb] [url=https://www
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

Awared or sleep (Arco story 13)

Its was dark and warm next to Elder. I was resting for couple of minutes before I was squirming around in someone's gut as I shouted "Hey! let me out!" There was no reply as I looked around all i saw was flesh as I growled and bit the creature's gut as the wall pressed me and pushed me out as i s...
by Arco the wolfdragon · 3 weeks ago

Weekly Schedule Update

Schedule update, sort of![lb] [lb] This Thursday, April 28th at 9:30am EST is the date schedule for Jelly's surgery
by Malachyte · 3 weeks ago

Commission Price Reductions OPEN

★ [b]Hello and Thank You for your interest in my artwork! [/b]★[lb] [lb] If you are considering commissioning me, please check out my Terms of Service:[lb] [url=https://sta
by Ryn · 4 weeks ago

Using Playing Cards to make a Vore/Gluttony/Genera

I used playing cards once to get plot ideas
by Cardia John Scott · 4 weeks ago

I think I have artblock...

[b]Well, damn
by K∆I Fennec · 4 weeks ago

RE:2 Stream Postponed

Hi everybody, how goes?[lb] [lb] I'm feeling a bit under the weather and behind on work, so I'm going to postpone the $800 milestone stream tonight to help lighten the load a bit
by Malachyte · 1 month ago


[align=center][b][u]I currently have a Tea Time in the Blossoms YCH for auction [url=https://ych
by Isca · 1 month ago

Store Back Online After #EtsyStrike

Reopening my Etsy store after the #EtsyStrike, currently just with lettermail items as i'm in the process or adjusting my larger listings
by Temrin · 1 month ago

Character name suggestions?

I've just bought two new character designs today
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Farewell Furrific

Yep, It’s official
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Happy Belated Easter!

I know I’m a tad bit late here, but happy easter
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago
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April [Mid Month] Journal Update(SHORT)

[b]Job(Kinda) + Posting my characters early
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago
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Site Shut-down

In preparation of the site shutting down, I've created a Discord server to give all the displaced furs from here a place to meet back up: {}
by Lupine Furmen · 1 month ago

Surgery is fully funded!

Excellent news, everybody; the fundraising goal for Jelly's surgery has been met![lb] [lb] We hit it Friday, during my "Sour OC Question" stream, and yesterday I was finally able to call the vet clinic and confirm the appointment
by Malachyte · 1 month ago

A Few Things

One- I'm not dead just on a posting story break[lb] Two- The next story will begin Posting on April 18th [lb] Three- I *Was* going to wait on some things on being finished but I'm going to be posting them throughout the week
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Dungeons and Dragons, Writing, Interested

Lately I am doing dungeons and dragons and it is having way more interest from me because it allows me to develop and write things in a game setting
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Campsite Oddity Couples

So, here's what I have for the Campsite Oddity series Bolt X Smiley Grounder X Igneous Bamboo X Icicle Wolfgang X Siberia Roasty X Duri Grounder X Swiss Let me know what other couple ideas you may have or that I might've missed.
by Ben Kun · 1 month ago

Drako's Art Contest - April 2022

Drako's Art Contest - April 2022 The latest winner is: Fetishbruary Day 17-Latex - Submission by ThatBlackFox {/ThatBlackFox/view/210412} by Viper - {/ThatBlackFox} Now for this month: Nomination Theme: Foxes Voting Theme: Latex Nomination and Voting Dea...
by Drako Claw · 1 month ago

Follow me on Twitter🥺💖

[align=center]I just wanna remind that I have a twitter account ^^ I sometimes post there wips (which I never post here), YCHs and Adoptables spoilers, and some drawings are posted on Twitter earlier as well
by CompleteAlienation · 1 month ago
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Where to find me?

[b]This is just a list of sites I currently post to as of 2022
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Fundraising Update

🐈>>Donate Here {}<<🐈 Hey all, just a quick update about where the current amount raised stands, and what milestones have been met thus far! As of today, we are at $1,635 out of $2,200 needed! The deadline to raise the funds is April 18th, just two weeks away. It's l...
by Malachyte · 1 month ago

New Sites

Just joined a few sites if you’re interested in following me at these places, the links are below:
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Here's the plan! Fundraising for Jelly

For information about the situation, please refer to my [url=https://www
by Malachyte · 1 month ago

March[End of Month] Journal Update

[b]5th Anniversary coming up soon in late May + Future Plans [/b]
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Important questions for the audience!

Heyo guys![lb] I have a biiig question where to move in my artworks
by Sunny_Way · 1 month ago