CozyCon Online - Vendor & Panel DATES

馃崅馃ΕUPDATES!馃Ε馃崅[lb] [lb] 馃帹Vendors: Apps open July 10th, 12pm Pacific - Updated info/instructions at https://cozycononline
by Temrin1 day ago

We have such sights to show you
by Xin Jin Meng1 day ago

July Update

To be honest i did not have an update planned out that well in fact i was thinking of taking a break this month before the writers and art block went away just barely 24 hours ago
by Vangabond2 days ago


by Emeraldia3 days ago


I keep forgetting this site exits. I find this site really confusing but i wanna try to use it more. Also another thing is art fight starts today, here my user {} This is my first time too (I have had my art fight user for 2 years bu...
by Malakai4 days ago

Comic updated

I'll be updating my new comic twice a week
by Tha_Pig4 days ago
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Comic Review: 920 London 馃憤

by Xin Jin Meng6 days ago

Art Fight Reminder

A reminder that i'm participating in Art Fight this year! Second year doing it and i'll be on team Spice though i'm cool with friendly fire
by Temrin1 week ago

Follow us on Twitch!

Just wanted to mention that we have started streaming more regularly and would love for y'all to follow us over on twitch so you can come join in![lb] It'll be Art, fursuit work, and the occasional game! We'll have a more set in stone schedule later![lb] [lb] twitch
by Zin Stone1 week ago

About Me

I am a male autistic, bisexual, furry gamer and artist. I am sometimes slow and sometimes impatient so please take it easy on me if I make a mistake. I like rock music and other variants of music. If I can vibe to something, I will surely enjoy it. I like games with strategy and/or action. Platfo...
by 474921 week ago Art Stream

Get in, bitch
by Xin Jin Meng1 week ago

Computer news!

Well, turns out I have a lot of the parts that will be needed for Project NuXTBuntu (in which I stick a 10MHz Turbo XT clone in the same case as a modern Linux computer and run them off the same power supply), and my last main PC's case and power supply are good to go. AND! I have a 3.5" 1.44MB i...

Pillowfort baybeee!

Here's my Pillowfort if y'all have one of those accounts already
by themeshow1011 week ago

Simplified Commission Pricing

Hey y'all, [lb] [lb] I've streamlined my commission prices
by Schadenfreude1 week ago

CHAZ, WTF are you doing?

The people who set up CHAZ: "DISAGREE WITH US AND YOU'RE RACIST" Also the people who set up CHAZ: *set up black-only segregated spaces, the very thing the civil rights movement fought to destroy* {} This is why...

If everyone did not know....

I know you all may not have known this but i have been active creating content on the internet starting February 2015, to now June 2020 5 years now, i don鈥檛 really have much to say other than that
by Vangabond1 week ago Art Stream

We have such sights to show you
by Xin Jin Meng2 weeks ago

Digital comissions open

While I cannot do traditional work at the moment I can indeed work on digital ones. My flat rate is $20.00 for a single character overall at the moment to go on and gather enough to get me a flatbed scanner which is still available. If you are interested, do contact me in PMs. Support me on Ko-...
by RDK2 weeks ago

NEW Telegram channel!

Hello everyone! I just made a Telegram channel, there I'll be posting WIPs of my current works, commissions & announcements, unpublished art and more! Don't miss out if you want to be up to date with my work. See you there! - I also post about the same subjects on my s
by Nerscyra2 weeks ago

A friend of mine needs help!

So a friend of mine (who also does 3d stuffs as well) has had their PC die on them about a few months ago
by themeshow1012 weeks ago

20% discount for all commissions

Just a note: our premium patrons receive a 20% discount for all commissions
by Xin Jin Meng2 weeks ago

Want me to write a story for you?

So I have not written many stories yet, but I greatly enjoy what I'm doing! What would of course help me massively would be for me to write stories for other people, meaning taking commissions. I know of course that, since I don't have much to show, people might prefer to go to more established ...
by Tirnanogtir2 weeks ago

Dragon stuff

I didn't get into this dragon scene for that kind of stuff, but ngl I could really use a kobold kult right now 馃槕
by Xin Jin Meng3 weeks ago

no stream today

[align=center]Due problems about my tablet and his memory,[lb] there is no stream today because I'm working on recover my files[lb] If I owe you a comm and want know if I will have a delay, send me a message[/align][lb] ---------- [lb] [align=center] [/align] [url=http://www
by Elmont3 weeks ago

Commission Prices

Want a commission? I've got you covered! Make sure you head on over to my Terms of Service {} first! I take payment via USD, Paypal invoice ONLY.Please do not offer me points. Monotone Sketch - $20 USD Quick and easy. Cha...
by dojerodesings3 weeks ago

Terms Of Service

Terms of Service By commissioning me, you are responsible for having read, understood, and agreed to my TOS. This TOS overrides and voids any client TOS. Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to review this even after you've purchased artwork from me. Howe...
by dojerodesings3 weeks ago

Wassap Y'all

I haven't been here in like 5 years god damn Gonna post aaaaaaaaaall the stuff I been drawin since I stopped usin this place since I thought it was kinda dead but Idk Anyway whats up Im back
by Tyrone3 weeks ago

No Stream This Week BUT

Hey all! I wont be streaming on my weekly Thursday slot this week because I'm prepping for an event NEXT week, and I'll be streaming Thursday AND Friday and have special sales, etc so stay tuned for info coming soon!
by Temrin3 weeks ago

Commissions closed. Again.

Windows decided to be a dick and went on making another of their stupid "updates" which of course rendered some of the software I use useless, including that old scanner thing I have been able to use up to now. Of course there are programs to be able to use it indirectly, but I do not have the bu...
by RDK3 weeks ago Games Stream

by Xin Jin Meng3 weeks ago
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I hate getting political on furry sites, but I should state my position, if you think this is somehow racist or supporting police brutality, no-one will ever reach you and I'm not even going to try to reason with you, since you've made up your mind and it would be a waste of time to try and expla...

Become a patreon

I upload stuff of what I am working on so you may check some of what may eventually be posted here or in other sites I am part of. Become a patreon to support my work if interested. {}
by RDK4 weeks ago

Tropical storm Cristobal update

Hello everyone I know this is not long after I posted my June update but there is a tropical storm named Cristobal that has formed in the gulf and is going to hit in the next few days
by Vangabond4 weeks ago

My stance on current events

Normally I don't speak out about much of anything, but these are extraordinary circumstances. First and foremost, I stand behind those acting in good faith to change the system. Way too many black lives have been lost at the hands of police. It is way past time we changed that. As far as I can re...
by Drako Swiftclaw4 weeks ago

Drako's Art Contest - June 2020

The latest winner is: Breeding the Felkin - {/driftingdr.....on/view/162111} by Drift - {/driftingdragon} Now for this Month: Nomination Theme: Herms Voting Theme: Hyena Herms Nomination and Voting Dead...
by Drako Swiftclaw4 weeks ago

I'm on Pillowfort

So I guess i'm on Pillowfort now! Find me at https://www
by Temrin1 month ago


I blog on the Pillowfort
by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago

Commissions are OPEN

Check my profile for details.
by RDK1 month ago


by frillious1 month ago

Why cant I block here?

Every time I add a name of an account I want nothing to do with it keeps giving me this crap of "user not found." Ugh.
by RDK1 month ago

Plans for the Summer

So if you are reading this it鈥檚 now June 1st 2020 which means (at least for me) Summer has started and we are 陆 through the year now of the start of the new decade
by Vangabond1 month ago

Cultist Simulator

It's the end of days
by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago Streaming!

Working through the queue
by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago

Big Fat Vore Game

It's time for the Big Fat Vore Game
by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago

Hello everyone!

For those who haven't ever met me before: (especially since if this is done right, this journal entry is going out to a few new places) Hello! I'm Terinas Tiger, I'm a kinky writer with big ideas and a list of successes and failures a mile wide
by TerinasTiger1 month ago

by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago

Commissions on the back seat

Hello guys, if you commissioned me recently, I've got into a gig that's keeping me busy for the weekend, so just be a little patient that I'll get back to doing comms :)
by Feliscede1 month ago

Tired of idiots mocking the Furry Fandom

This sort of crap was "amusing" back in the early 2000s when there wasn't much going on to look down upon. Nowadays some dumbass on "yootoobe" bringing up furries for the sake of wanting to make furry bashing relevant still is pretty tragic. Besides kids on places like 4chan I don't see how this ...
by RDK1 month ago