the new Miitopia (or at least the demo of it) is AMAZING!

the 3DS version already gives me nostalgia, but this switch version is epic. Here are some things I did and figured out:
by Lucybus8 hours ago


Ahhh man, I love Aromateese, so I am happy to see spritzee around in Pokemon Go
by Uluri1 day ago

Post-Holiday PC Mayhem

So, for the longest time I have been working from laptops
by Tony Bark1 day ago
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suicidal-dont look if triggered easily

let me know I'm not the only one thinking about taking my life don't look if triggered by blood slight gore abuse and suicide and other things relating to suicide let me think if I would stay or if I should go and listen to the song dark enough by Amanda lopiccolo
by youknowyourgirl1 day ago

Drako's Art Contest - May 2021

Drako's Art Contest - May 2021 The latest winner is: After the Workout - {/jmac32here/view/145270} by Drako Swiftclaw - {/jmac32here} Now for this month: Nomination Theme: Underwear Voting Theme: Bulge Nominat...
by Drako Swiftclaw2 days ago

I'm back!!!

Toxy was banned, so I felt it was safe to return. I got called a "f**kt*rd" more times then i should've, but he's gone now!!
by Nebula2 days ago

May 3rd Update

Why Hello Again, If you are reading this I was not Tf'ed into a Scalie all jokes aside, after getting the first covid shot I wanted to put this update out for one small thing I wanted to mention about my writing
by Vangabond3 days ago

New posts put on hold

Hello people
by Lunaris_Parukia3 days ago
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Damn it, got banned on SoFurry

I assume it was age related. I am going to return here due to that. If any more art thieves follow me here I won鈥檛 be happy.
by Lucybus3 days ago

馃尡POLL TIME! Pick the Project! Patreon/Substar

Patreon: [url=https://www
by Uluri4 days ago

Recent events

Due to recent events, I've been deleting some pages, images and journals. These are deleted due to callouts and harresment. If you have any questions, please comment on this journal and I'll see what I can do. Thank you.
by Replic4 days ago

13 YCH Slots OPEN!

Check it out at: Submission by Temrin {/Temrin/view/195135}
by Temrin4 days ago

馃尡Thx for Joining the Freebie STream

Thank you so much for Joining the Freebie Stream for this Month! It was a nice and Casual stream, and I was able to pick out quite a few OCs to draw from the various artsites I reside
by Uluri5 days ago

New Helluvaboss episode

And its a rootin' tootin' hell of a ride. {}
by RDK5 days ago

馃尡 Free Art Tomorrow + Stream

[b]Tomorrow[/b] I will be posting up an Artwork asking for Ref Drops for Sketches to the Public ( [url=https://www
by Uluri6 days ago

Good news people!

I've finally updated the Commission Setup from Ko-Fi! You can find it >>here<<
by Blablaizmyname1 week ago

The InfiniteInsanityPit Situation

this journal source is from deviantart: CW: RACISM, HEAVY REAL-WORLD TOPICS, GROOMING, CHILD PREDATORSThe InfiniteInsanityPit SituationTo preface this: I am not the only one backing up Alex鈥檚 claim, however, I and the other users featured in the following screenshots are to be kept anonymous as ...
by Athena1 week ago
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Exposing StarCandyPon (Spread this Journal)

this journal source is from deviantart: {} What StarCandyPon on deviantart did: So, a devi...
by Athena1 week ago

Pooltoy Art Raffle

by FatBluDragon1 week ago


Uploading art to multiple galleries is such a hassle, so I will no longer be spending my time on inactive sites where I hardly get any interaction at all. I'm sorry. If you still want to keep up with my work you can find me on: FA (main account) {https...
by Nerscyra1 week ago

Once again I ask for help

And I am fine if you cannot do so, I am still grateful on anyone who can. Fighting this shitty "government" we have in the US, not letting me room to breathe and try to even help THEM out so I can actually get better and get a job as they want me desperately to do so. But as you may had read prev...
by RDK1 week ago


No fuck off lucybus stop stalking my account and mind your own business fucking block me already cunt and I'll say it again split blocked you on sofurry because she don't trust you anymore I saw her journal stop being fucking paranoid bitch and mind your own business already.
by Toxy1 week ago

That new girl Lombax has a name

And it is Rivet. Now you can all can appropriately name your Rule 34 artpieces before uploading them anywhere of the cute female Lombax in that new Ratchet and Clank game. Here's the new trailer: {}
by RDK1 week ago

fuck you

lucybus i don't care lmao no wonder Split {/The_banana_splits} doesn't trust you anymore she probably blocked you on sofurry now just ask her yourself dumbass
by Toxy1 week ago

Still Alive

So, it's been a long, long time since I posted any art
by Baxter Raccoon1 week ago


toxyneedstostop mind ur own business retard i don't fucking need you to fucking respond u retarded cunt
by Toxy1 week ago

Commissions Closed

I'm closing my commissions for now! Thank you for your interest
by Daaberlicious1 week ago

Returning After a LONG Hiatus

Hi guys, thought I'd come back to furiffic and see what's new. A lot has changed since I was here last. Check my profile info for the details.
by Jen Hen1 week ago

馃尡Yeaaaahh! I did a thing!

:3 I rigged my own 2D avatar for streaming
by Uluri1 week ago


by Toxy1 week ago

Life Updates + a few other things

First things first, regarding the next season of the project It will begin Posting on the 27th Of April and will end one month exactly on the 27th of May
by Vangabond1 week ago

Commissions Reminder

On Sunday I will be closing commissions to work on what I have and focus back on personal projects
by Daaberlicious1 week ago

I am officially moving to SoFurry!

You heard me right. Better mods over there. Sofurry is Lucybus. See you over there.
by Lucybus2 weeks ago

lmao whatever

i might be getting banned on sofurry but not here because the mods aren't active and also lucybus is blocked now~
by Toxy2 weeks ago

Why I'm not focusing on art

The Truth is that I'm more focused on writing than on actual art of my own stuff, as Art was only just a side thing I at any point could work on but is not a major priority of mine
by Vangabond2 weeks ago

lmao im a child?

says the retarded 12 year old that can't draw ur art looks like shit lmao ur just desperate
by Toxy2 weeks ago
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lmao i'm not a f*

Toxy, im not an R slur, or an f. Get help. You're obviously a child who needs attention. I'm not gonna let you get to me anymore. My friend joined of her own free will, btw. I didn't make her
by Nebula2 weeks ago


u need friends to help u stop me? ur such a pathetic retard u can't even respond cuz ur blocked and for her retarded ass friend mind ur business this has nothing to do with u
by Toxy2 weeks ago

I feel like commissions should be open today!

Currently in an experimental phase, as it's been quite some time since I tried this
by Daaberlicious2 weeks ago

okay fucktard

show proof your not another alt account that nebula made okay that retard made a lot of accounts just to stalk me
by Toxy2 weeks ago


how flattering you put my username in urs fuck lmao i know it's u nebula
by Toxy2 weeks ago

fuck off

nebula stop making accs to stalk me you retard
by Toxy2 weeks ago


by Toxy2 weeks ago
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by Nebula2 weeks ago

aura the fox?

really nebula?
by Toxy2 weeks ago


by Toxy2 weeks ago


you tried to trick me into thinking you were a fan? nebula stop being stupid oh she can't reply to this cuz she's blocked so make all the accounts u want im gonna continue doing this shit until someone else you know tries to stop me lmao
by Toxy2 weeks ago

lmao u told ur parents??

what a coward lmao xd
by Toxy2 weeks ago