Direction Change

I'm going to be trying to experiment more, both with my style, and what I am capable of doing with my work. I will be working more towards some realism, as well as trying to draw reptiles, as I need some practice with things that I normally would not be able to do. I want to be able to be proud ...
by Madame Flare · 1 day ago

About My External Links

Okay, I'm fine with anyone following my Twitter, I may not follow back, but it's fine. Same goes for IMVU, but please ask first! I cannot stress enough I dislike random adds. And finally Discord, again, ask first is all. If I see anyone just spamming or anything else bad once added, I will unfoll...
by Sword Mom · 1 day ago

Day Dreaming - 5. - because why not

Day Dreaming - 5. - because why not A piece of mind will always be in the past While I walk on, cold or on fire, “I jus” know I have to last Over the walls of barbed wire, I jus have to keep climbing hire Paradise is a place with no certain price, so “I jus” have to keep giving with my endless d...
by Jiblits · 1 day ago
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Random pauses

Soo.. Lulu's real life is currently being a bit all over the place. An unexpected eviction notice means that instead of 6 months it's not currently less than 2 months before having to move. Sooo.. lots of fun of house hunting and other awesome things. Super well timed with also having just quit m...
by Lulu Amore · 1 day ago

Snow Queen movies and my husbando Orm

Snow Queen movies and my husbando Orm
by Victor · 2 days ago
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Ralphy Joins Furiffic!

Hello, Furiffic! Name's Ralphy, a digital furry artist, go getting animator, and solo-musician. I've decided to set up site here after being told about this place by a friend. For those who are new to me and my stuff, I draw and make music. Somewhat known for drawing lewds. You may look up my FA...
by Ralphy · 3 days ago
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Hello world!

Hello little fellas! how're you? uwu Did something interesting happened to you? send me a message and tell me!
by Elmont · 4 days ago

Good quality, reasonable prices

Hello, I just re-opened digital art commissions with none of their standard prices exceeding 10 euros. Here are 3 examples of what 10 euros can get you (all gay, NSFW): Request for Abyssalrider by Amiir Request for Sparkles by Amiir Fox
by Amiir · 5 days ago

Featured Fursuits Update

So, as a long time member of the furry fandom, I've started to notice something. There doesn't seem to be too many sites out there catering to fursuiters and some art sites have dabbled in limitations to fursuit photos. So I have been concerned that our fursuiting friends are not able to freely s...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 5 days ago

Everyday life as a 5th grade furry

sometimes, its hard to stand out as furry. even though i am homeschooled, i still go to an academy every thursday. tommorows my first day and i hope they accept me as a furry. ilove being a furry, that is what gives me the courage i need to stand up for being one, and also other personal things l...
by Foxnfur · 5 days ago

Night thoughts - 18. - because why not

Night thoughts - 18. - because why not (can’t sleep...was having mini-nightmares) Awake at hours when rest is most needed I find a shadow in mind, with something again pleaded To take my shadows hand, & walk about the days with no light Enjoying the times since past, walking clear with eyes clos...
by Jiblits · 6 days ago

Night thoughts - 17. - because why not

Night thoughts - 17. - because why not Gr-oath... Beneath a rock, in a river with water only a picture can show Lays a seed, still rooted among the dry ground, hoping one day to grow Slumber, a moment apart from too far of a time to take It longs for the stream, like a dream, for it’s own sake ...
by Jiblits · 6 days ago
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Gallery Migration

Heard this was a nice new site and community to join (not to mention the amazing features other sites don't have), so I figured I'd let you all know I'll be trickling in my gallery here for the next few days. I got a pretty big one so I didn't want to flood the recently added section with all of ...
by Sp00nzie · 1 week ago

Day Dreaming - 4. - Because why not

Day Dreaming - 4. - because why not Beneath the above, are many I love Still full of life, still laughing & smiling, in mind & heart No amount of time will ever, truly, keep us apart —Thanks for reading— —Always—
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

Facebook Advertisement

I've offered this several times before with excellent results. I have a Furry Facebook page with well over 1000 followers. With posts getting upwards of 2000 views when shared. I'm offering the furs of furiffic a chance to advertise to a large portion of other furs for free. The only thing you...
by Pyruoo · 1 week ago
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Message me

Message me for a good time!
by Pyruoo · 1 week ago
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Interested in a RP

Just shouting it out there that I'm interested in Roleplaying
by Furry Keeg · 1 week ago

Featured Fursuits: 10/8/2017

Featured Fursuits: 10/8/2017 This weeks featured fursuits: NSFW: {} {
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago

YCH/Adopts Group {/~YCHs-and-Adoptables.894/overview} Are you an artist looking for selling your adoptables or YCHs? Are you someone who's interested in getting a new character or an YCH? Welp! I made a group here just for that. it's pretty new, so ther...
by Jooper · 1 week ago
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Fuck you FA...

Wow, FurAffinity, you want my blood so badly you suspended me over a submission I put up two years ago and you never took issue with? Well, fuck you. Should have taken issue with it, I dunno, TWO YEARS AGO if it wasn't because I recently called you out on your AUP, thus making it look like you di...

Drako's Art Contest - October 2017

Drako's Art Contest - October 2017 The latest winner is: Bedroom Antics - {} by N64 - {} This month's Nomination Theme: Bulls This month's Vo...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago
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Lemme Draw Ya

Even though my tablet is working properly now, it still feels weird to me So I gotta get used to it So show me some of your characters and maybe I'll make a bust for them don't have to be watching, just don't whine if i don't do yours
by CaptainCrooky · 1 week ago
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Change begins!

I'm so excited! I was just given my first appointment at the Minneapolis Gender Clinic for a consult on starting HRT! I can't believe that this has begun, a year ago it seemed so far off and now here I am passing off the baton to the next leg of this relay! I'm even more shocked as this appointme...
by Wynter · 2 weeks ago

False Alarm

Sorta Computer is still bad, but I somehow got my tablet to work with my laptop was just dicking around with it and it suddenly started to work So art will be a thing now might look weird cuss I lost all my brushes but hey at least I can draw
by CaptainCrooky · 2 weeks ago
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RIP My Computer

So my computer isn't officially dead yet, but it might as well be at this point. Some loud vibrating noises coming from its power supply box thing, hopefully its just its fan dying but I wont know for sure until friday And who knows how long it will take to find a place/someone to fix it and have...
by CaptainCrooky · 2 weeks ago


Another week of updates lined up. Whoop. With Another week and a half waiting for info input. Then I gotta upload more again. ..They're still coming. Yeeeeeeeah!
by Lulu Amore · 2 weeks ago
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If you're wondering, "Cogfell, what's Steampunk Month?" That's what I'm here to tell you! Steampunk Month is something I do during October and is mainly is me drawing steampunk or Dieselpunk characters, yes Dieselpunk is a thing. It's similar to Steampunk, but instead of steam coming out of the p...
by Cogfell · 2 weeks ago
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I know you'll hate me for this, BUT...

I just want to say something about the Vegas shooting that will probably annoy you. Yes, I know 50 people died (paws crossed my good friend of two years is all right.) Yes, I know that a firearm was used in the incident. But gun control isn't going to solve anything. Why? In America, terrorists u...
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Ay its my birthday next week

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say my birthday is coming next week so if anyone wants to donate points or draw my OC's i would be super happy!
by FuzzWizard · 2 weeks ago
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I love Furaffinity's flippant disregard for fair use and its users complete lack of awareness of its mere existence~


I need $45 to make my bills and get my little doggy his heartworm prevention medicine! Here are my prices: {} Anyone who buys a Commission between n...
by Exxy · 2 weeks ago

Writing Specials!

|||WRITING SPECIAL! Do you have a piece of art that you think would go great with a story? Do you have a story idea nagging at the back of your mind, but can't write it yourself? Look no further! I have a special for 1000 word (2-3 Pages) stories. Going for just $15! That's 5 dollars off the ...
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

Another art stream D {}oin an animated icon, cause why not.
by Lulu Amore · 2 weeks ago
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Uninspired artist

Amazingly uninspired right now. Want to draw something Halloweeny. Drop a ref sheet (WITH CREDIT) and a halloween costume they'd dress as. *No Ferals *Entirely depends on being inspired if I decide to do it.
by Lulu Amore · 2 weeks ago
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8% Furry Apparently

8% lmao
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago
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Bored (I'm 60% Furry)

you meow/bark to get attention you find pets toys amusing you get hyper by the smell of catnip you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you you purr/shake your leg when someone shows you affection if someone tosses a ball, you...
by lupeyroo · 2 weeks ago

Since YouTube are thundercucks... {} Because YouTube doesn't like nearly 1/5th of all the videos I put out, and 75% of that are things that are perfectly fine and legitimate, have my ent...
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I'm Alive.

I'm still alive! Yes, it's been a little while since I've made an update, but I'm not dead just yet. I just wanted to say that I'm going to try to come back by December and regularly upload. Although this won't be as frequent, I'll be changing up what I post. I'll be toying with new ideas, and st...
by MrSoucho · 2 weeks ago
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So, if you have contact someone that sexualizes personal or vent art, is it wrong to keep them from seeing any more of your work? I've had to do this with at least two people, and it left me more than a little disgusted and disturbed. I just want some opinions on it. Was it the right thing to do?...
by Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

OC Reviews?

Hey! Want your character reviewed? Or just want some ideas for em? Well i have a friend who can help! Her youtube is Roaring Roxys, I'm actually going over some of my ocs with her right now. Hit her up if you're intrested~
by Lizzie · 2 weeks ago

Featured Fursuits: 9-24-2017

Featured Fursuits: 9-24-17 This weeks featured fursuits: NSFW {} NSFW {
by Drako Swiftclaw · 3 weeks ago

If you have a fursuit, please read...

If you have a fursuit, please read... I have decided that I will be having a special featured section for fursuits on Drako's Den and Drako's Playground. So if you own any of the following: Fursuits Murrsuits (Fursuits showing off your naughty bits) Pup Hoods and masks Pony Play hoods and masks A...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 3 weeks ago
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Get to know me.

What is your field, and how did you get in? Hobbyist. Art ran through my mother's genepool. It always skipped a generation. I don't care much about being a professional artist and I've never gone to art school. I know that shows, but I don't care. I have fun. Where do you want your Journey to le...
by Blue Koltherian · 3 weeks ago

Night thoughts - 16. - because why not

Night thoughts - 16. - because why not Thaw-t... Defining what's always hidden among the fine lining... I freeze in places, where no answer is wanted To be in such a state for more than I moment, leaves my memories somewhat haunted As if, though not my choice, more could have been done in that t...
by Jiblits · 3 weeks ago

Emotional journal.

A girl sits in her room, she's disgruntled and discouraged. She's lost her compassion. She's won a lot of games recently. Should she be proud? Should she be happy? She has everything she asked for and is thankful. She loves her mother and her brother. But her father isn't in the picture. She's be...
by Cogfell · 3 weeks ago

Commissions Open

comissions Open PayPal > You Pay After i Replay you Wish, 2 add a note with your furaffinity username By Paypal, i have then Later the pic done i Replay it whit link Hugs Buy Me Coffee ♥ tips {} If you love my art or support me you are free to donate or giv...
by Monsterpawart · 3 weeks ago

Commisions OPEN

I rarely ever open commissions However due to hour cuts at work I could use a couple extra bucks. To make it easier on myself Ill be open to the following : *Headshot colored pages* **15$ USD** This is artist freedom with your character 1. 2. Example : Submission by SparkleMutt * REFF SHEET* ...
by SparkleMutt · 3 weeks ago

Icons for sale.

Salimg $10 headshot commission each. 6 slots open at a time. Come with ~shaded color ~color background ~theme such as Halloween. ~size 100x100 Only accept paypal. Must be paid up front before i start. Ill start as soon as i get 6 commission icon Comment below if interest. Only #6 slots ...
by Echowolfc · 3 weeks ago