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I'm ditching for a week, see you scrubs later.
by Pyruoo · 1 day ago

Phoenix-of-starlight's raffle's advertisement!

Phoenix-of-Starlight {/PhoenixofStarlight}'s raffle's advertisement: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8365821/ {https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8365821/} .

Night thoughts - 11. - because Y knot

Night thoughts - 11. - because Y knot Life... In life... You can have anything you want, once For most... for now... ---Thanks for reading--- ---Always---
by Jiblits · 2 days ago

Journal for journals sake

Hiya! just a journal with the same old - being tired so don't draw, and then I finally got inspired and my tablet driver keeps crapping out on me. just error messages galore, next step is a complete wipe and re-installation - but that requires effort. Doc going to take me off my month of sick le...
by Morisith · 2 days ago
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Woops! Didn't realise I'd gotten to the end of the queue. ..more panels to the queue! Only halfway through this story and still got 60panels of the next one to go. We'll get there! Cheers for the peeps who are following/watching and such.
by Lulu Amore · 3 days ago
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IT COMPLETELY MIXED UP MY FILES AND UPLOADED THE WRONG IMAGE WITH THE WRONG DESCRIPTION LOL GFHKDJHGFKDSJH SORRY I had to delete stuff, I'm just gonna manually do it from now on omg I'm so fucking embarrassed
by lazylogic · 3 days ago
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Update and Fursuit

Hello guys, Looks like I ended up letting life take me away for awhile again. Just wanted to let yall know Im doing fine. Last several weeks been just crazy busy. Also some family trouble with my dad just being a jerk.... Anyways. Ive also found a Fursuit maker that will be making SparkleMutt f...
by SparkleMutt · 4 days ago

Changed my DA username!

My new username on DA is FellFallow - same as my other accounts now!
by FellFallow · 4 days ago


im just popping in with a tiny update! im sorry for being somewhat inactive once again! I do plan on being much more active here soon! for the few of you waiting on art from me thank you so much for being patient! I am making my way quickly through my queue and hope to have everything done soon!...
by Kero · 4 days ago

£5 ($6.50) Reference sheets! £2 headshots!

Cheap art! Please Help me pay the rent!
by lupeyroo · 5 days ago

Night thoughts - 9. - because why not

Night thoughts - 9. - because why not Dependent on a demon of sorts, scary thought wait for a chance As past incidents, & my mentality continue their seemingly endless dance Derived from fear & hesitation Each step is heavily taken, though both move without frustration Understanding fills the ai...
by Jiblits · 5 days ago

Collaborative Story Writing

As some of you may know, I am a writer. Not that I'm specifically good at being one, but I try. :D I was wondering if there were any other writers in the house that might be maybe interested in doing a collaborative project. Preferably one that included pokemon, redwall, or furry stuff. General...
by Pyruoo · 6 days ago

Holding an Art Raffle on my FurAffinity account~

Hey there, for anyone who has a FurAffinity account as well and would like some free art, I've got a raffle up on my account. ^^ Just gotta drop me a watch and enter on the journal entry (remember to read the journal first!) https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8365821/ {https://www.furaffinity.n...
by Phoenix-of-Starlight · 6 days ago
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Sorry for the innactivity

Usually I am more active on Furaffinity: i-si-u or at Patreon, the last month I married Alderdeen and we are on the processing of my Green Card to live with the love of life ♥ I beg to God there won't be any delay, we hired RapidVisa to help since they get a 99% of approval, as they say. Please t...
by EatenRibs · 1 week ago


Buzzness... Sips of motivation slowly break away my deepest frustration My never-ending disagreement with time & joy A fight for what I feel is right I've had since I was a boy Common ground lost in the blink of an eye, leaving only hesitation & doubt with who, what, where, & why To the bone, I ...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

Where I Have Been

That sniper at the All Star Game was a blessing in disguise--Moe the Bartender. Things have changed in my life for the better, though it was scary. 2016 sucked as a year, I was laid off from my job. I was moving out of my mothers apartment because it was not convenient for the subway and the bu...
by Godzilla713 · 1 week ago

2DS friend code and games!

WELL WELL WELL,I had a "problem" with my 2DS (SD card got corrupted,hacked system died and I reset it and updated ) and now I don't have games....well,games is not important,you know,the important thing is that I lost my lovely savedata and all the friends I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
by Elmont · 1 week ago

100% proof...

100% proof... Stumbling among withered shoes worn to the breaking point I massage my mind to ease as I put back to work each aching joint Bottle empty I see a line of imaginary cemetery I sleep into an awakened dream with no need for quality The pieces are broken & twisted, making matches among ...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago


Night thoughts - 8. - because why not De-lay... Beneath a barrier, beyond a point of no return I've found something scarier, a flame dancing that doesn't burn A light never on, but showing all around by sight the same A person never-existent, that can't be mentioned by name A circle with sharp c...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

Voting over.

1st Place: Slamzone! 2nd Place: Bounty Donkey 3rd Place: Jinzo Sentai Replicanger / Destiny Bond Thank you for voting!
by Joy-Sama · 1 week ago

Streaming again

https://picarto.tv/LuluAmore {https://picarto.tv/LuluAmore}
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago

I did a thing.

Links: https://soundcloud.com/user-561056237/asriel-dreemurr-part-1 {https://soundcloud.com/user-561056237/asriel-dreemurr-part-1} https://soundcloud.com/user-561056237/asriel-dreemurr-part-2-with-music {https://soundcloud.com/user-561056237/asriel-dreemurr-part-2-with-music}
by Hailee · 1 week ago

Nit thoughts - .7 - BECAUSE Y KNOT

Night thoughts - 7. - BECAUSE Y KNOT These days... Time keeps slowing down, fourth than I feel need be I keep losing sight, all wrongs somehow right, but not to me... Truth has become something numbing when spoken Making me at times, jus feel unreal, in someway broken I'm slipping further into a...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago
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Can I just say... ????

Characters for adopt/exchange, ideas?.... Halp. First off, I don't know what's wrong with me, but... this is getting annoying. I've finally connected well with my main fursona, Prince. He's me. He's my bb. But the others, I'm having trouble with. Like... Big Time "i just wanna throw them out" t...
by greenkirell · 1 week ago

All new Drako's Den and Playground

All new Drako's Den and Playground So, we spent some time and rebuilt both sites with a new responsive layout that works on all devices. We also refocused both sites so now we have: Drako's Den (18+) - Get Kinky A fetish and kink friendly community where users can explore and express their kinky ...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago
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Laptop Is No Longer Useful

Therefore, I can only create digital art through my phone, or digital tablet. Which is a bit frustrating, but it's another huge motivation to get a job. I lost well near 50+ art files, a few being done. I have no interest in recreating them, so, maybe whenever I get a new laptop, I can get a moni...
by Madame Flare · 1 week ago
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news in my life -Stupid journal updated-

Well,I think it's good idea talk about how my life will be since next month,and I think it's nice that my friends and follower know about that Well,Rigthnow I am unemployed,I don't study and all my money comes from drawings and dad helps But this can't be forever buddies,I need be a man and get a...
by Elmont · 1 week ago
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PWYW Headshots

What the title says. About to/am posting a bunch of sketchy headshot pictures in colour versions of the style that I'm using for the Bad Dates Volume 2 comic. Anyone interested? I'm happy to do some Pay What You Want versions if people are interested. Just send me a note. Gonna say min $1U...
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago

Str4eaming done

https://picarto.tv/LuluAmore {https://picarto.tv/LuluAmore}
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago
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Ay caramba!!
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago


Night-mirrors... Many a day I stay away, into the depths of my imagination, but never seem to play Shadows dance around me as I struggle to see, it seems even in my dreams I fall asleep & wake somewhere I'd rather not be Often times, I awake mid-through actions in a time, & place I apparently kn...
by Jiblits · 2 weeks ago


Stickers bruh
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

Art Discord Server - OPEN!

I now have a discord for my art fans! Patrons at www.patreon.com/temrin {http://www.patreon.com/temrin} get access to some secret channels! https://discord.gg/SMmYkg2 {https://discord.gg/SMmYkg2} It has automated channels to post social media and art posts directly to you so you'll never miss a ...
by Temrin · 2 weeks ago
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God damn...

I've been in and out of the hospital the past few days for tests. They think I may have pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot in the lungs and it can be fatal. On top of that, i've been dealing with chronic fatigue and nausea. I'm also as white as toilet paper right now and sick as hell. I've ...
by Majy · 2 weeks ago

Night thoughts - 5. - because why not

Night thoughts - 5. - because why not Ever relapsing into darkness I sift blindly through my minds possible mess Grabbing hold of what I can't see with strength I forgot I had Envisioning what I need out of it all, I'm certain, moving past those things that once made me sad With a spark of ligh...
by Jiblits · 2 weeks ago
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Ay! Was testing this site yesterday and stuff. I can already tell I love it. Definitely gonna stay. Many interesting features! And the staff seems pretty kind as well. I'm getting sick of FA, tbh. I'd love to see this site's popularity grow, it deserves it without a doubt. So... yeh... this was ...
by Jooper · 2 weeks ago
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Holy fuck

by Joy-Sama · 2 weeks ago
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I keep disappearing, sorry 'bout that. I am still working on art, but I'm going to start uploading multiple pieces at once, so that I have more motivation. I don't know what it is, but uploading art one piece at a time, seems to remove my inspiration. -------- I'm going to get into health stuff...
by Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

Amino Community >W<

If your into Sci-fi Role-plays, space and Aliens this is a nice community home for those geeks and nerds who love to role-play, show art and more, Come and Join!!! Come and join Infinite Galaxies!!! http://aminoapps.com/c/InfiniteGalaxies {http://aminoapps.com/c/InfiniteGalaxies}
by Artamist · 2 weeks ago
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Pokemon TCG?

Anyone play Pokemon TCG or TCG online??
by lupeyroo · 2 weeks ago


3000 views on here, that's pretty boss.
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

23 Fraudulent Patrons. Wonderful.

This is just ridiculous. But i wanted to say THANK YOU, to all who support my work. Weather it be financially or even if you just like/share my stuff! You guys mean the world to me! (And if you are going to tell me to use the pay upfront feature, here are my reasons why i don't use it. https://w...
by Temrin · 2 weeks ago


Woah, less then a month until I'm... old better leave these here! These will be updated as the weeks go on, it's just a first draft... XD Steam Wish List - http://steamcommunity.com/id/tenpin/wishlist/ {http://steamcommunity.com/id/tenpin/wishlist/} Amazon Wish List - http://a.co/gF7hbI5 {http:/...
by Wynter · 2 weeks ago

Story commissions

Story commissions are back! Visit my page shop for details.
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago


Heyo! This is a quick reminder for those who don’t know – I am an animation student! I have various artwork accounts and I do have commission slots open~ I’m setting up a PayPal of my own soon since I’ve been 18 for a bit now, so that means that I’ll stop needing to use my friend’s account for m...
by Rory · 2 weeks ago
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Telegram Chat

and I are starting a new pg/pg-13 furry Telegram chat. The chat is strictly sfw, any porn or nsfw content is going to result in a ban from the chat. If youre interested, shoot one of us a pm for the link.
by Navy Starlight · 2 weeks ago
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Question from a newbie

Hey Furrific! Does anyone know if there's a way to organize your characters? I have quite a few and I'd love if I could move them around so my most used are at the top of the list.
by Foxxifye · 2 weeks ago
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Art Trades

So I wanted to practice drawing different kinds of furs and fill up my gallery a little more, so Im doing art trades. Woot. Ill probably do flat fullbodies like this. Neon Galaxy Angel {/CPTSDeer/view/110118} Just lmk if youre interested in one. oAo
by Navy Starlight · 2 weeks ago