So Like

My project had Finished posting and I have zero idea why Furrific ate the posts
by Vangabond · 11 hours ago

Need help picking out a color palette for my oc.

Ok, so I'm having trouble choosing between these color palates. I like all 3 of them, but I just want to settle on one for now so I can start finalizing my OC bios.
by K∆I Fennec · 15 hours ago

Mastodon Social instances

If anyone knows where I can find lists of other sub-instances located at Mastodon Social like baraag or similar to it I would appreciate any leads to them.
by RDK · 1 week ago

Living with OCD

Before I even knew what this disastrous mental illness was I would always be so careful of everything I did and anything I owned to the point of never wanting anything to have the slightest scratch on it. It wasn't until I saw the movie titled "As Good as it Gets" with Jack Nicholson that I reali...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

Commissions CLOSED

by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Change to different fursona

Welp, after 10 years in the fandom, I made a big choice and changed up my fursona design.. I'm a Cheetah with dragon bits, I think the hybrid is called Cheegon, wanted to make this switch because I don't like being a wolf so much anymore. So yeah, it may be a bit weird at first for some, but th...
by Replic · 2 weeks ago

Aoi's Commissions

Hello, everyone! I do commissions! I accept Amino coins and DA Points. Dragons, canines, protogens, and some other commission types have set prices. If your commission request is not on my commissions list, the price may vary depending on the species and difficulty. You can check out my commissio...
by Aoi The Dragon · 2 weeks ago
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I'm not a Stalker.

That's not a Stalker. Why Ruined can't have Nice Things. I'm not a Stalker!
by Emeraldia · 2 weeks ago

Heath Update+ Other things

Okay so there are a few things I would want to say[lb] 1- Somehow I inured my foot (pretty badly) and it's looking like I may have Achilles tendonitis in my left foot and I'm taking the meds and all the necessary things needed for me to get better and I won't disclose how I got it
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago


[b]Commissions are OPEN![/b][lb] [lb] Yay! Commissions![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of July 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after this date, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Furaffinity's one hit wonders

I had posted on how this cesspool of a site treated me thanks to the undoings of that asshole named Dragoneer, and the fact to this day has gotten away in doing such uncalled for nonsense to members that refused to kiss his massive ass and spoke out against his tyranny. After getting banned when ...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

Last Day for Name Suggestions

by Uluri · 2 weeks ago
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Fuck Discord

I can't stop ranting about this over glorified chatroom site. Mainly because that's what it is, a chatroom. Servers there get away on bullying others, having to kiss up to the people running it and thus being OK in them breaking whatever rules you are forced to follow and comply when joining. Thi...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

Commissions are OPEN

[b]Commissions are OPEN![/b][lb] [lb] Yay! Commissions![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of July 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after this date, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Where To Find Me

Notes on future activity on the site and where to find me elsewhere.
by Temrin · 3 weeks ago
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Artfight 2021 is Cyberpunk!

Cyberpunk WOOOO!!!!
by Emeraldia · 3 weeks ago

July Post

Dang July already, Honestly I don't have too much planned for this month than just Season 5 and 6 being posted and I'm going to try to make sure that I don't screw up on the posting pattern again
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

Let's talk about summer!

It's almost July, unbelievable! I've been keeping real busy trying to manage my queue while making extra money to cover extra life expenses
by Malachyte · 3 weeks ago

Furry artists and the net

When I first was able to log into the internet after being available to the public, it opened quite the number of possibilities, such as being able to not just watch your favorite furry artists' works but also leave a comment or two on emails, art galleries, or as recently through some tweet on t...
by RDK · 4 weeks ago

Commissions open- 10% off for first 3 customers!

Commissions are open again, sorry for the wait![lb] To make up for the long wait, I'm offering a 10% discount for the first three customers! Get 'em while they're hawt![lb] [lb] https://pokemorphs
by Lunaris_Parukia · 1 month ago

Repost: Taking a Break from Social Media

I didn't get this post out to every account on postybirb since it had logged some of them out with the recent update
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Sorry for lack of content

I know I've said months back that I was going to start uploading my OCs, but I've found myself redesigning a few of them, with about 5 still needing either tweaks or massive changes
by K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

Better Update I Promise

After watching some tik tok videos
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Where to find me + Merch?!

Hey folks! Just popping in to say you can communicate with me directly on my [url=https://discord
by Goldengriffiness · 1 month ago

Reading, Writing, and Art

An update to my previous journal post about what I'm going to do
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

other places i post my art

[b](@ huckleton) DeviantArt:[/b] [url=https://www
by ewe · 1 month ago

Thanks for Joining today! TuT Sorry for Crash

Thank you for joining me during my Minecraft Stream today on [url=http://www
by Uluri · 1 month ago

Clip Studio Paint is ON SALE 50% off

by Uluri · 1 month ago

NEWS: Minecraft Stream Thursday

My Youtube: [u][url=http://www
by Uluri · 1 month ago

Comm Open and Stream

Hoi, I'm open for comms, and am especially looking to do more (TG)TF stuff
by Hileksel · 1 month ago

Slight Delay for posting next week

Yeah because of something
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Listening to Max Stirner

I am listening to Max Stirner's Ego and His Own on Audiobook and while to say it has convinced me to look at things differently is contrary to what it is about, I will say it made me start to draw again
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Uploading Here Too

Gonna be uploading here too. The majority of my art is in scraps because I'm currently rebuilding my art gallery. I will only be uploading new current art from 2021 and later. If you want to see older art, go to my deviant art or furaffinity. Other places to find me: {...
by Kitten D'Vodka · 1 month ago

THE GOOD NEWS: No hiatus. good happened

Previous Journal: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 1 month ago

Please join us on my discord server for a group rp

You're Invited: [url=https://discord
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Not too sure about that new Spacejam movie

Well, I did find some problems with Lola's new design but its far from her breasts that I find said problem with. In fact, this problem is equally shared with every character that is supposed to be animated on that film overall. I just don't like the texture given to the likes of her and anyone w...
by RDK · 1 month ago

Probably COntent SLowdaown Iminent. Stuff again

irl situation of emotions flood
by Uluri · 1 month ago

Contribute to a story: Dynamic Interactive Fiction

I have my updates grouped to include a guest story section
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

How does one get to the Candy World?

You get there by eating 1 and 1/11th lbs of candy
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Here is the thing: I screwed up

Here is a spoiler alert: I screwed up the posting pattern and to well not delay or move a few episodes, I'm posting 6 episodes this week One Tomorrow and Two on Thursday
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Do you want to be in a story: Alan's Candy Dreams

This is neat, I just copied and pasted the entry I put in here to my webserver wordpress and it brought in the links
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Attention all: Do you want to be in a story?

Alright, when I do stories with anyones OC character, I will only do it if it is based on an RP
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

commissions open!

Commission price list {/marykimer/view/197532} ok so... my commission slots are open! here's my terms of service: ||TOS:|| > Ill do any kind of illustration, except for ’’Cub’’ and ’’scat’ ’ or EXTREME fetish content, im ok with ''normal'' or ''soft'' nsfw fetish content. > The commission is no...
by edward jackson · 1 month ago


We stayed at conneaut lake park hotel
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Belly Poked Out

Vicky the chubby squirrel started working at the factory
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


the toxy accounts are gone. I'm still not coming back tho
by Nebula · 1 month ago

I Guess I should have mentioned this-

But Season 5 and Season 6 will be posting right after each other long with the movie plot, and the crossover idea
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

CLose-up Thumbnails of OCs on Artfight...

Yo, I just wanna say that I think It's better to have a more FUller image of your OC on the thumbnail and not just their face
by Uluri · 1 month ago