by Spice Devil · 2 days ago

Emergency Stream

I'm doing an emergency commission stream because I'm running dangerously low on funds at the moment. I apologize if this seems very annoying. {}
by Wolfbaloo · 3 days ago
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For the price of a flat - $50, get a shaded piece (normally $85)[lb] [lb] Email [email]jasmaeart@gmail
by Jasmae · 4 days ago

May 15th update

It's the middle of the month And yet again I don't have anything noteworthy to say, or mention like last time
by Vangabond · 4 days ago

Commissions Are Open:

I'm open for commissions! (SFW and NSFW) Commission Price Sheet I will do my best to details what I can and won't draw: What I can draw: Furry Art (anthro) Humans/Humanoids/Human looking robots Ponies Straight/Gay/etc Size differences Transformations Gender Bending What I won’t draw: Gore/Sca...
by Wolfbaloo · 4 days ago


Hi there! I just recently joined this site. I just used the site's "gallery uploader" from FA, but it wasn't able to transfer everything I wanted to here. I'm still trying to see how this place works so bear with me if you just started following me. I hope you look forward to what I have to offer!
by Wolfbaloo · 4 days ago


Okay, going to keep this short and sweet i want to take a small break from posting art everyday to focus more on my own life than the internet, i’ll still be around but not daily posting
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

Drako's Art Contest - May 2019

Drako's Art Contest - May 2019 No new winners this month. Nomination Theme: Lingerie Voting Theme: Footjobs Nomination and Voting Deadline: June 1, 2019 Head on over to Drako's Den and Playground to Nominate Art and to Vote now! Drako's Den: {} Drako...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago

Ask my characters!

Weeeeelll...the title is pretty descriptive If you're not an oldie here, I had a ask blog in tumblr...due tumblr stupid new policies...well, it was closed BUUUT thanks god there is a twitter platform here to do it! so feel free you all to take a look ! {htt...
by Elmont · 1 week ago

I have made a mistake

Okay, after a few messages of people who were concerned about me i had realised something, the way i reacted was because i did not say anything
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

Well then..

It appears my whining about me feeling left out and a selfish entitled Person actually caused me to feel pretty bad yesterday, but I kinda doubt anyone noticed me whining about that or really cared
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

Jas is streamin'

Pssst! Jas is streamin' @ http://picarto
by Jasmae · 1 week ago

Twitter raffle -Ends soon!-

WELL, to promote my nsfw twitter account (where I upload doodles and unfinished lewds) I decided do a little raffle! There is 3 winners and they got....LEWD ART! :D Check it here, it will end in some hours! {
by Elmont · 2 weeks ago

Introducing two new characters to the mix

Yeah, this is the post i teased about on Twitter this morning, because I am that sort of person who wants to focus on other characters than my own
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago


Hello, I'm currently working on getting a story I wrote a couple of years ago set to upload here. As soon as I have at least 10 chapters prepared, I'll start uploading a chapter a week until I get it completely uploaded. I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism you can give me as I u...
by Mvilu Uatusun · 2 weeks ago

TY + Stream Tomorrow!

Thank you all who came to my stream to watch and/or commission me <3[lb] I super appreciate it! And I was sooo close to my goal! There was no raffle, but I plan to stream tomorrow and as long as I get any amount of coms, I'll do a raffle at the end of the stream![lb] [lb] 4-10pm EST Commission Stream Saturday May 4th[lb] CINCO DE MAYO THEMES ARE 10% OFF[lb] See you then! <333
by Jasmae · 2 weeks ago

May 2nd Update?

Yeah for some reason Furiffic was not loading for me and had logged me out for some reason, and yesterday i had posted something that said my birthday was a month ago, and said it as a joke. That is what everyone over here had missed.
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

May 1st update

It's the first of May after a certain event a year ago that has been dealt with, frankly after that experience I changed a bit after what happened last year during June and May last year, but I’m not going to go in further details about it
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

Just for you

I want you all to know this before looking at my Bloodlines work and how it is organized: For the True Canon of Bloodlines, you will find that all under: “Bloodlines: Konnar Has A Dream.” A Simpler Life is an alternate universe, though “Let’s Start Over” is part of True Canon. That’s all for now!
by KonnarDevarents · 2 weeks ago

April 30th pre update reminder

Next update is coming out at 3:30 pm (cst)tomorrow[lb]  [lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago
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New characters and stories

As many of you know, my good friend @VerbMyNoun is stepping away from his work in the furry fandom
by Nesate · 2 weeks ago

April Wrap-Up

Boy, that Sonic Movie trailer, huh? I know you've heard a million hot takes on it
by Setsune · 2 weeks ago


Hiya all,[lb] [lb] Commissions are open for a limited time! I'm looking to fill 5 slots
by Zin Stone · 2 weeks ago


Just a heads up on what’s happening around here and the fact that I’m nearly ready to start regularly posting here (hopefully). For starters, what is Bloodlines? Bloodlines is the entirety of my worldbuilding and will be what most all of my works fall under in category. I will post stories about...
by KonnarDevarents · 2 weeks ago

UPDATE: Returning to activity(Slowly..)

Hey guys! I'm making a slow crawl back to being active, mostly by having various artwork and etc
by SR20_Weasel · 3 weeks ago

The wall

-English (by Google Translator)[lb] [lb] For some time now I have come across the wall of life[lb] Contemplating its infinite vastness in all directions[lb] I see people running around it
by adagadeprata · 3 weeks ago

I need help.

Roomate stole all my food, broke our lease, and moved out
by Hileksel · 3 weeks ago

End of Semester update

My uni semester is coming to a close this week
by tofubread · 3 weeks ago

Something Very Very Dumb i Almost posted

So the plan for today was to draw and post a very dumb/cringy rant which after i finished writing it i just sat back and looked at it for a moment wondering “Why in the Hell did i write this?”, i know i could have not said anything about it but at the same time someone else might find it funny for something dumb they almost posted and laugh a little
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

I am back

Hey everyone~[lb] [lb] I'm back here and gonna be spamming some art c:[lb] [lb]  [lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by Lazyfable · 3 weeks ago

Happy Easter

To those people who follow me and celebrate the day, I want to wish each and every one of you a "Happy Easter". Celebrate it in your own inimitable way and enjoy yourself as safely as you can. If you don't celebrate the day, I want to wish you a happy Sunday.
by Mvilu Uatusun · 4 weeks ago

Easter Update

So Today is Easter and frankly i don’t have anything special planned today, i could drop something punny but i annoyed the crap out of my family (namily my sister) with egg puns, so happy Easter if you celebrate it
by Vangabond · 4 weeks ago

Live Streams

I am currently live @ {}
by Filix · 1 month ago

Black City and the Future

=11ptAfter some deliberation and talking with my Patrons on Discord; I have decided to keep Black City on indefinite hiatus
by Spice Devil · 1 month ago

Easter Stream Saturday!

Easter Stream Saturday! >> [url=https://www
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

April 15th update

It's the middle of the month again
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Some Random facts about me

TBH i just made this as an excuse to post something besides art or writing for once and depending on when this is posted it will be the day before or after the April 15th update[lb] [list][lb] [*]My Actual first name is Payton, which my fursona also has the same name[lb] [*]I am Right Handed[lb] [*]I am from Texas in the United States and is a bit obvious which city live in[lb] [*]I listen to electronic dance music (edm) and I like progressive house drum and bass and trap music to be exact
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Starting Stream =3

Hey, starting up a stream again~ Come join~ x3 https://picarto
by Lunaris_Parukia · 1 month ago

Drako's Art Contest - April 2019

Drako's Art Contest - April 2019 The latest winner is: Dungeon - {} by Amber_Wind - {} Now for th...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 month ago

Trying to break out of my shy shell again

So, i know this sounds like a really weird request but, does anyone know any chats that i could join?, i'm still attempting to break out this shy shell of mine
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Posting a few things soon

So I'm just going to post a few things tomorrow three things in a row within a few minutes of each other, they aren't long things that are kind of short
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Twitter XD

Ever get so invested in Twitter the character limit gets burned into your brain and you start forgetting other sites don't have it? I had a bit of a rather long discussion with a young-earth creationist who apparently thinks I'm a mustache-twirling devil-worshipper that hates Christians and who ...

April 2nd update (My B-Day)

So today is my birthday, and i will like to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday, i myself don’t have any plans outside of a dinner, which may sound a bit passive aggressive but it isn’t
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

April 1st update (No Jokes the real one)

So today is april fools day also known as the day before my birthday, and frankly I’m not *Crazy* excited about it (or the fact that i will be legally able to get a drink)
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

Important note to commissioners!

[b]I do NOT draw poke sonas and the like
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

YCH Claimed

Just a blanket notice across sites that the Butterfly Bath YCH has been claimed
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

May be taking a break soon

Just to say to my friends and those who may be interested, I will take a break on commissions, trades and the like for a while
by adagadeprata · 1 month ago

March 31st pre update

So the next update should be out by 6pm tomorrow if nothing changes and I have time to sit down and post it
by Vangabond · 1 month ago