STREAMING | Working on Commissions @ 12PM EST

Gonna be working on commissions!~ Come hang out![lb] [lb] [lb] STREAM STARTS @ 12 PM EST![lb] [lb] [url=https://picarto
by ReiRei · 55 minutes ago Art Stream

I must be wicked, for I get no rest
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 day ago


It's not much at the moment, but it's live: My new Patreon account![lb] [url=https://www
by Daaberlicious · 1 day ago

Mirror Seed Now Up!

It has begun! Mirror Seed is now up at Webtoon and Tapas
by Prydri · 1 day ago

Getting more fit is awesome!

So I've been doing workouts for 2 months now and lost almost 10kg (22.1lbs) and it feels awesome!, I can't get enough of it. I still have a long way to go though, I'm currently 112.2kg (246.9lbs) and want to go to at least 99kg's (218.2lbs), I do hope to hit that in December, when I turn 30 y/o...
by Replic · 2 days ago

I went to Camping

Yesterday i had a Daytime Activites at Night the Cook Hot Dogs in Campfire and the eat Smores and I Sleep in the Tent waking up in the Thunderstorm and Going Back Home.
by Emeraldia · 2 days ago Art Stream

Hello, my friend, are you visible today
by Xin Jin Meng · 2 days ago

🎉Art Raffle! 🎉

🎉Art Raffle! 🎉 On October 05 I'll be drawing a raffle for a full-body, traditional art, and you'll get the original! Just follow and retweet! Sorteio de arte | Arte Raffle {/narcoticdream/view/182882} Follow the link: {https://twitter....
by narcoticdream · 2 days ago Art Stream

Secrets of 2020, revealed
by Xin Jin Meng · 3 days ago

Commissions are Closed.

I'm closing my commissions for now! Thank you for your interest
by Daaberlicious · 3 days ago

Tropical Storm Beta update

Yeah i will be fine about Beta, I'm prepared for this rain maker of a storm (geez i want this hurricane season to be over with)
by Vangabond · 3 days ago

🌱Welp, Flight Rising. Started playing again

Welp, looks like I started playing [url=https://flightrising
by Uluri · 5 days ago

Commissions open: 4 sketch slots remain!

Please swing by to check out the status of my commissions![lb] Someone bought a sketch slot, but there are still four more![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious · 5 days ago

No uploads this week...

I apologise for this
by K∆I Fennec · 5 days ago

Welcome to my patreon

Hi guys! If you'd like to see more stuffs from me you can visit my Patreon!
by Trioza · 5 days ago


‼️MY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN‼️ Do keep in mind it’s SKETCHES ONLY! They’re most likely quick for me to do and yes, I will allow two characters in one drawing if you wish for it. They’ll be full bodies, sketched, colored and shaded with one or two colors of background! Starting at 25$ for one chara...
by sexualdoggo · 6 days ago

Commissions closed indefinetaly

There doesn't seem to be a solution for this one. I've been plagued with eviction notices despite what I had tried and most likely will not keep my home for long. Commissions closed for now and might not bother to ever open such again whether happens. Thanks to those who asked for such. I still r...
by RDK · 1 week ago


We are now streaming from a remote, undisclosed location 🔥😷☢
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago

The Names Meme

Xin Jin Meng (ʃɪn ʤɪn meng) 💯
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago
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Incoming Art Flood

Just letting you all know that I am going to upload some old artwork of mine
by Kitsu · 1 week ago


We are now streaming from a remote, undisclosed location 🔥😷☢
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago


INTRODUCTION: The Mystic Knowledge Series is a groupof compilations of the Mystic and Out-of-BodyTravel Works of Marilynn Hughes on varioussubjects of scholarship so you may have at yourfingertips all the Out-of-Body Travel Instructionson a particular area of study. As many experiences would over...
by hquamia313zylus76 · 1 week ago

Comissions sale 2020

Hello ladies and glentemen[lb] [lb] I need to make some urgent money (to pay taxes), for that reason I'm going to make a commission sale
by pablocomics · 1 week ago

Drako's Art Contest - September 2020

Drako's Art Contest - September 2020 The latest winner is: raj 3 - {} by smooshkin - {} Now for this month: Nomination Theme: Ea...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago

Furry life online

I have an furry life online here: I keep on forgetting to post on here ops, i'm more active on twitter {} Here are other sites i'm on: {https://link...
by Malakai · 1 week ago

STREAMIN! | First time in forEVER!~

Streaming for a bit tonight!~ I haven't streamed in so very long, but now that I'm a fulltime artist, I want to do like stream Wing-It's and stuff and schedule things and be a PROFESSIONAL >:De[lb] [lb] Anways heres the link! Working on commissions, currently painting! https://picarto
by ReiRei · 1 week ago

Flying update

So in a day I'm going to be flying out of state for my Cousins wedding, and the posts will stop for a few days as i am flying out Friday and coming home Sunday. I will also not be at my computer for this weekend so for those who know me personally you will know why i have suddenly gone missing in...
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

Quote Journal

Yep, you heard me right. Quotes. Especially quotes from my favorite Youtubers, me, and other cool people. Try to guess which quotes belong to who if you want. This may be updated frequently. \\\ \\\ \\\ "Namaste. And I hope you feel like shit today." "All plants have one gender: bItCh" "this ...
by sTrOmMboOli · 1 week ago

Thinking of Rebuilding this profile

Dear Friends, I haven't done much her for s while. This profile was where Bartleby depicts George Carlin's comedies and that means a lot of strong language is involved but I'm thinking about rebuilding the image of that. I'm currently working on a railway in Trainz: A New Era called the "Great S...
by TheLokieRooUnleashed · 1 week ago

can 2020 get any worse?

3 months ago I had to put my cart into the shop for repairs, both 'tone rings' on the left side of my car were damaged and it required a week in the shop to fix. with all the labour and part is cost me $1,600 on my way to work today, not 4 miles from my house, there was a loud POP, and the prima...
by straycat_74 · 2 weeks ago

Commissions are now OPEN

Evictions have been halted for the time being but tenants still must pay rent until said order is lifted, so being I still have a place I call home my commissions are OPEN and you may PM me about making such to help out during these damning times. I cannot be picky about who would ask for what so...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

What Advance Wars: Dual Strike SHOULD have done

So, I love the Advance Wars series. Advance Wars 2 was one of two Game Boy Advance games I played constantly, and I never got a look at Dual Strike- But having gone through it, I have to agree with Mangs of YouTube fame and I actually have a number of huge gripes with Dual Strike. The game could ...

🌱In-Stream YCh Pumpkin Coms TOMORROW

Or if you can't make the stream, ORDER HERE: [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri · 2 weeks ago

Bellyjoyful 2.0 : Discord server opening (fetish)

Vous pouvez personnalisé ça
by xiardoruzo · 2 weeks ago
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🌱I Have a Pillowfort Account Now

by Uluri · 2 weeks ago

Will Upload Here

So, just realized I could also use Postybirb to Upload to here as well. I'll start doing that. You will start to see my artwork more regularly on this site now. :D I hope everyone enjoys the future art to come. To give a Brief summary of all the things, here we go.... 1) Uluri is a Shapeshifting...
by Uluri · 2 weeks ago

Streaming PWYW coms | Twitch |

[align=center]_________________________________________[lb] Follow Me Here[lb] _________________________________________[lb] | [url=https://www
by DragonBoii78 · 2 weeks ago


Working through the queue 🪑
by Xin Jin Meng · 2 weeks ago

Please vote on this poll on Twitter! To help me!~

I'm trying the fulltime artist thing! Commissions are now going to be my only source of income, so I need to figure out how to do this lmao [lb] I have a schedule in mind and will upload a calendar so y'all know what my schedule is, and one thing I want to start doing is like day-long sales for special commissions![lb] [lb] TL;DR here's a poll on Twitter helping me gauge interest! It takes just a few seconds y'all, even if I'm not your favorite artist, just voting will help me so much!~[lb] [lb] [url=https://twitter
by ReiRei · 2 weeks ago

On the subject of dust and rolling tumbleweeds

Been a while. Especially on this site, which is woefully behind compared to my FA presence. Sorry about that. Yeah, I know. I haven't written in a while. To be honest, I've had some trouble mustering up the motivation to work on this. My job has been demanding a lot of overtime of me, and I've ...
by TerinasTiger · 2 weeks ago


It's time for art
by Xin Jin Meng · 2 weeks ago

September Update

Hey everyone, this update is going to be very different from all the other ones at this point, first of all I am going to rewrite my story the rebels of Gaia to have more depth with the characters, locations ect
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

Commissions closed!

Commissions closed![lb] Thanks everyone! 💖[lb] [lb] I'll respond to everyone tomorrow~
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] As in last time 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] As in last time 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago


by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago
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Halting any works for the time being

Due to the current situations and the possible event of being evicted, something that I had tried hard to prevent without much success, I will try to finish and upload any works I am currently working on but will not do much after that, this includes commissions being halted for the time being as...
by RDK · 3 weeks ago