Update 2021-02-22

Hey Folks, I haven't been on here for quite a while, mostly due to my previous laptop quitting on me and lack of Internet accessibility. I finally got a new laptop and have been able to check a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot out from the library (they're a new thing they got through a grant). Today I'm ge...
by Ancient Wolf · 2 days ago

"Judgement Day" Minor update

I have decided that I won't just leave on February 22th 2025, But December 31st 2025, and for my friend groups (if I have any 4 years from now)
by Vangabond · 3 days ago
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Why I don't bother having a twitter account to link my art sites anymore

I could waste more time in creating yet another twitter account just to promote my stuff from here and other art sites and the result would be the same. Either it would get locked to hell and back demanding my phone number to keep using it, or just get suspended and quite frankly I had found out ...
by RDK · 3 days ago

Goal Met!!

Finished streaming! Just a paltry 9
by Malachyte · 4 days ago

Cat Surgery Stream Info!

TL;DR My cat has a lump and it's gotta go![lb] [url=https://streamlabs
by Malachyte · 4 days ago

King Of Fools

For those who love adult animation such as Fritz the Cat and current ones like Helluva Boss, you will find out that there were other entries into the medium done in the early 2000s by animator Olaf Encke with King of Fools and Judas & Jesus, the former being less involved with shock value and bla...
by RDK · 5 days ago

All Caught Up

There was another post to go out on Saturday but because of the blackout, and me being very tired I wanted to have time for myself over the weekend
by Vangabond · 6 days ago

Tail Concerto

Went back to this game after I first tried playing it months ago. I really like some of the character designs and animated cutscenes, making me wish there were a TV series (maybe there is an Anime there somewhere, not sure,) and the gameplay is fir to be used with an analog stick, something the P...
by RDK · 6 days ago

Another Update

So I have my power back for now, and I'm going to use Friday to catch up on my uploads, and today to handle a few things in my personal life (it's nothing bad but I don't want to go into detail)
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

This site is dead.

Seems Furiffic has died. No feedback whatsoever in months. I'm not longer posting my art here. if you wanna follow me, try my other Social Media: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sourpusscheers {https://www.patreon.com/sourpusscheers} Newgrounds: https://sourpusscheers.newgrounds.com/ {https://...
by sourpusscheers · 1 week ago


HEY[lb] We start posting our web comic Justiciar! Don't miss it! o3o[lb] [lb] [b][url=https://www
by Sunny_Way · 1 week ago

Makeup Wing-Its Stream Thurs or Fri!

Im going to do a makeup stream for tonight, since I left for so long >
by ReiRei · 1 week ago

Moving to H0n3yB34r on DA!

by FuzzWizard · 1 week ago

Emergency Break

So I have to get creative so like I currently don't have any power or internet due to this Texas snow storm, and for now the posts will stop cause I have a limited amount of Data on my phone so see everyone once this nightmare is over with.
by Vangabond · 1 week ago

🌱IMPORTANT: Break time due to lots of bads

Not going into a lot of detail, but I am distressed in quite a heavy emotional way
by Uluri · 1 week ago

🌱Icon Commissions by Angel [Signal Boost]

Go Here: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 1 week ago

All Valentines YCHs Complete! <3

In case y'all weren't sure, I don't post holiday-specific/gift commissions until after the holiday, so as to not ruin the surprise if the giftee sees it before desired! But they are all on Trello for you to save![lb] [lb] https://trello
by ReiRei · 1 week ago

Screw it!

I'll just schedule the last 10 years of work to post slooowly every 30 mins tomorrow.
by Quakehoof · 1 week ago

How to Commission Malachyte

Hello! As some of you know already, I am now back to being a full time artist, which means I am taking commissions regularly again. So if you're interested in commissioning me, here's how the process works! All commissions are handled through my Commiss.io {http://commiss.io} page. https://commi...
by Malachyte · 1 week ago

Avali Video Out!

Greetings, all
by Brown Fox Warrior · 1 week ago


COMMISSIONS CLOSED![lb] Thanks everyone! I'll try to answer as soon as possible~
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Commissions open! LAST HOURS

[b]Commissions open! (LAST HOURS)[/b][lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

LAST DAY - Evolution Drive Stage 1

FINAL DAY of stage 1 of Canvas Swap Zine's Evolution Drive
by Temrin · 2 weeks ago

Drako's Art Contest - February 2021

Drako's Art Contest - February 2021 The latest winner is: Monsterchu Transformation - https://furrynetwork.com/artwork/1676156/monsterchu-transformation/ {https://furrynetwork.com/artwork/1676156/monsterchu-transformation/} by Sal - https://furrynetwork.com/spelunkersal/ {https://furrynetwork.co...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 2 weeks ago

Commissions open! Reminder!

Commissions open![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Another Personal Update

I'm pretty sure no one expected my last vent post even me but as if now I'm kinda feeling better
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

The awful brony group known as twitterponies

Perhaps you had heard of these "people," if you are on twitter primarily and a fan of the last My Little Pony incarnation. They started their roleplaying nonsense back when the cartoon started and I made the poor decision on joining way back on 2011 after being lured by a false sense of certainit...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

Commissions open!

Commissions open![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 2 weeks ago

Commissions open for the most part

My prices are $5.00 US dollars for 1 character done in pencils. Black and white. I do this because of the current situation I am going through and this is the fastest way I can finish work for anybody and get what I can to be prepared if things get even worse before getting any better. You can al...
by RDK · 2 weeks ago

Watched Helluvaboss

I gave this series a chance after thinking about it for a while. I will admit some of the over the top dialogue did made me laugh heartily, and well, we all know Loona is one of the main reasons why its being watched for at this point. I like some of the designs used on characters although the an...
by RDK · 3 weeks ago

So.. What's been going on with me?

This is a Question that has been bouncing around in my head a lot recently
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

So basically:

I can't import any of my drawings because it always says "an error occurred" Sighh doesn't matter, I'll try to import manually every drawing I've put on FA ((Userpage of Blablaizmyname {https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blablaizmyname/}))
by Blablaizmyname · 3 weeks ago

🌱FurAffinity Updated. My thoughts

The news post: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 3 weeks ago

January 2021 Recap

Curious what might happen every month on my patreon? Take a look at January's monthly recap post at https://www
by Temrin · 3 weeks ago

February Update

Hello everyone today is of course the starting of the posting for season 2 of the project, and really not much is planed for this month but only a few things
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

Art Raffle. Soon

Art Raffle
by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago

Season 2 Announcement

Why hello again this is the announcement post for the rebels of gaia season 2 which has a release date (+ a few other things)
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

ART RAFFLE reminder

Little ART RAFFLE reminder[lb] In twitter[lb] End soon[lb] [lb] https://twitter
by Sunny_Way · 3 weeks ago

New Submission Form and New Price Page!

Right now, it is only [url=https://spicedevilart
by Spice Devil · 3 weeks ago

Slots Open(Comms)

Open to do some drawing![lb] Dont normaly post here but thought id reach out [lb] [lb] If anyone wants a comm or art from me fill out this form! Could use a few [lb] [url=https://tinyurl
by DirtyScoundrel · 3 weeks ago

Fanbox and commissions info

Help what you can, accepting donations and commissions- Pixiv Fanbox Link: https://rdk.fanbox.cc {https://rdk.fanbox.cc} Ko-Fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/iamrdk {https://ko-fi.com/iamrdk} Requests at the time being are as follows: $5.00 US dollars for single character in pencils. No limits on h...
by RDK · 3 weeks ago

Commissions open for the most part

Commissions are OPEN for the most part. 5 US dollars for a sketch of ONE character being the times I am living on and the fact that time itself has become dangerously limited on my end about it. PM me if you wish to contribute. You can send said commission payments or even support me if you are w...
by RDK · 4 weeks ago

Furry Station Account

SO, I ended up getting an invite from a friend so I started posting select past posts and setting up my profile over on [url=https://furrystation
by Temrin · 4 weeks ago


All info here: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 1 month ago

Pillowfort announcement

Hello everyone and I am going to keep this short but I am now on pillowfort and I'm thinking of making it a promosite and be like my other main accounts (this means 18+ stuff is on there)
by Vangabond · 1 month ago

For people who were at my stream!

I didn't end it without saying anything, OBS had an issue and just stopped streaming??? Without saying anything??? So thats cool
by ReiRei · 1 month ago

🌱Opening comic coms Jan 25 9est

Tomorrow I will be accepting Comic Commission forms, January 25, 9am EST
by Uluri · 1 month ago

The last 4 years...

The past 4 years... So, many of you have seen me become rather vocal, especially on our Twitter (DrakoWSTeam) regarding certian world leaders. Before any of you decide to comment on this, please understand that I am posting my own opionions and observations of the last 4 years under The Evil Pea...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 month ago