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by xdarkblux · 7 hours ago

GDPR and Artists?

Hey guys! So, it was brought to my attention and to my mind, that the new GDPR might also effect us artists? I get the basics behind it, but there are still open questions I can't find any answers for. Basically, as I understood it, the commissioners have to agree on the data I publish from the...
by Kinaj · 9 hours ago

Gauging interest...

I have a new 3D printer on the way...What I would like to know is whether anyone would be interested in 3D printed commissions for the following: - Oversized dog tags that would be customized with your character's name. These would be available in various shapes and printed using either ABS or P...
by AshitakaWolf · 11 hours ago

Yarn Tail Commissions Open!

I do all business through my Etsy shop, you can find all relevant info there: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DrakesYarnTails
by Drake Ukkonen · 1 day ago

Updates and AC pre-orders!

Hey guys! please read! http://www
by Zin Stone · 2 days ago
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First Journal!

I'm liking this site! I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Hope to have some fun and meet some neat people!
by ALhedgehog · 3 days ago


Night thoughts - 79. - Y knot... Day-Jah-Voo... Tonight, I fight an old feeling Long left to disappear, I blink uneasy as I think, I know it’s growing near Slipping into my hesitations, it moves, turning all to ice, frozen again till I give it my all Eyes heavy, shadows begin whispering once...
by Jiblits · 4 days ago

💲❗Commissions: OPEN!❗💲

I'm opening up for commissions so I can reach my dream goal!~ ❤ TOS and prices found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/verbal.catbuse/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/verbal.catbuse/} Only female human characters for now! Fill out this form and note me! What kind of commissi...
by Verbal_Catbuse · 4 days ago

Streaming! May 23

Come hang out at https://picarto
by Hileksel · 4 days ago


For a long time I have been thinking about this and I have decided I will open my own patreon. https://www.patreon.com/RanaArt {https://www.patreon.com/RanaArt} I am committing to producing more art on a regular basis and I am going to be doing art of my patrons periodically. If I can get this to...
by Rana · 4 days ago

Follow my telegram announcement channel!

https://t.me/CATGRAFFITI {https://t.me/CATGRAFFITI} I’m gonna announce commissions on it earlier than anywhere else as well as experimental stuff. Also stream announcements, updates, etc. I think I’ll post my process for getting pictures done too! A lot less stressful than announcing in a chat r...
by Lucy · 4 days ago
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Having trouble with the importer... *^^*

I keep getting the same message: "Unable to locate "https://www.furiffic.com/Leilani" {/Leilani} in your profile description It is also required that you use the Classic theme on Fur Affinity." I'm using classic theme on Furaffinity, and I added the text and URL address to my profile page. Am I...
by Leilani Perierre · 4 days ago

Converting Commission Prices + Gonna Donate My Art Income

Hello everybody, I just finished converting all my commission prices to USD, which, from today on, I will be using as my standard currency. I make very little money with art anymore, I feel like I'm not good enough anymore and I want to improve, but now that I will be working 5 days a week soon,...
by Feralmoonlight · 4 days ago

Other sites I'm on

my other sites
by FalcoSFM · 5 days ago

Quick updates

Hey everyone, just got back in from a vacation and I will continue to very frequently post all of the things until we're fully caught up!  Speaking of catching up I'll also be catching up on my own personal and artwork and whatnot
by Drift · 5 days ago

This Site is Interesting

Took a little while to get used to the layout, but I really am liking this site. It's nice being able to upload multiple submissions at once, and having the featured image as a big banner/background is awesome. But the most interesting thing I've found are the tools. Though there are only three ...
by ZedOrion · 5 days ago
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because Furrific is the shit and more people need to use it.
by TJ · 5 days ago

Streaming! - Can I Get Anything Done? May 22

Come hang out at the link below! Been really focusing on commissions, so not much time for sketching, but let me know if you want me to try something and we'll see! [url]https://picarto
by Hileksel · 5 days ago
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The Jackalope Was Here!

So, just discovered this site, and figured I'd give it a shot. I've tried many other furry community/art sites, but always ended up going back to FA. I really do like this site so far though, and I plan to stick around for a bit.
by ZedOrion · 6 days ago

Fursuit Commissions OPEN!

Hey hey! We are now officially open for commissions! Since there wasn't interest on the partials, I'm opening for full or partial. It'll be done the same way. 1 active slot and 2 on the wait list. Our apartment is small so some things will be kept in a tote on our screened porch. I also cannot ca...
by Zahrah · 6 days ago
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I'm back

in light of furaffinity completely losing their minds I've come here to post my work and browse for art. so much has been happening and I might emerge from my hiatus as a writer. (a story I wrote on fim fiction and a personal tragedy killed my enthusiasm for years)
by Harazu · 6 days ago
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I have Left FA

So because of the situation going on with Furaffinity staff banning anyone who has a right leaning view, I will not be using FurAffinity anymore. The site has become politically driven, and divided the fandom. I hope to be using Furiffic more so be prepared to see new uploads in the future! I'll ...
by Takura · 1 week ago


I RETURN! UNINJURED! DEAD BROKE! HAD FUN!  IT WAS GOOD I have no art to show for three weeks of absense
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago
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Back Again from Being Away

Hi everybody, I am back on here as most of you might've noticed. I have kinda had the feeling of getting out of touch with my audience on other websites I was on (I am looking at you, FurAffinity) because they were either too big and crowded or overtook by Russians who draw the most amazing thing...
by Feralmoonlight · 1 week ago
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No longer active here

Starting June 1st 2018 6/1/2018 I will no longer be posting across mutliple art community sites like I use to and wanted to let everyone know where I will be active, so no one will follow or expect updates on these soon to be Inactive accounts. This decision was made from being able to manage man...
by Zingiber · 1 week ago
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ok now this place os becoming like da...

not furrific too man...not this too... what I mean is I've been seeing some not...so great art...but it's not to bad so...idk?
by Huffy1337 · 1 week ago


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51LPlP-s9o {https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51LPlP-s9o} This is one of my favorite songs by Iron Maiden. Lyrics are as below, but you gotta listen to the music with it. ((Note: The song has swearing, but not a lot. So I'm marking it tame. If I'm in error, let me ...
by Wildwiredweasel · 1 week ago
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Request Journal

Hai hai! Welcome to my request journal! Here you can put in a request for a free sketch. Sketches are limited to one character and must fall within my terms of service will and won't list. No, I will not draw your favorite cartoon character in an adult situation. Sketches will remain simple. No b...
by Zahrah · 1 week ago

Friday Stream~

HELP! - I'M MOVING IN UNDER A MONTH! Please help me out and commission me or spread the word to your friends to do so
by Jasmae · 1 week ago

May 17- Decision update

by Vangabond · 1 week ago
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>3> Heeeeeyyyyy...

Welp! That was fun. I reaaallllyyyy need to stop looking at old profiles, getting irked by how unorganized they are, and then starting fresh by going through the whole process of making a 'new' account to try and start fresh and organized. I do this a lot in video games too, though when I start a...
by Karpish McKarp · 1 week ago

Patreon Announcement

if you like my work consider supporting me on Patreon {https://www.patreon.com/FalcoSFM} for 1080P renders and other content.
by FalcoSFM · 1 week ago


Night thoughts - 77. - Y knot... S’leap... Timid & shy, a dream found me yesterday, & began asking eternally why... I explained as much as I could, sharing much more than needed, much more than I should As I continued, it began losing it’s smile Eventually, it gave in, & frowned after a whil...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago


Commissions are open once again if you didn't see my submission~ It's simple, really: Read and Fill in this form ([url]https://goo
by Miss Rina · 1 week ago


Night thoughts - 76. - Y knot... Mirror’cle... Another breeze brought me back, to a time of bliss When I found too much to smile about, nothing yet surreal to miss Much of my time was spent tiring myself to tears It was blinking that passed from seconds to years Now, pictures I hold closer t...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

My patreon is now live!

My patreon is now live! You can go here to see it: [url]http://patreon
by Yeenr · 2 weeks ago

Backlog dumped

Hello, so as I said recently, I found a crossposting tool (that I strongly recommend BTW) : http://www.postybirb.com/ {http://www.postybirb.com/} fancy and easy to use. But I had like 100+ backlogged things I didn't upload here. Too lazy to make myself a script to scrub my other galleries, so I ...
by Nsyse · 2 weeks ago

Hey! / TFF Fursuit Vid

Hey Guys check out resent post of art and FRIST tail ever made! Green Bone Tail!💚 Have a heart 💙 deer tail for sell soon 2nd tail ever! Also Subscribe to me on YouTube! Went to TFF this year went to playground lol also love meeting other furs I have telegram at Yatamechan
by Evie Kitsune · 2 weeks ago
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Picarto is down

Sorry everyone! I meant to do a stream tonight but Picarto
by Yeenr · 2 weeks ago

May 10th mini update

a small little update.
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago


Night thoughts - 74. - Y knot... Dizzy... Shouldn’t be surprised by tired eyes showing something that, shouldn’t, can’t be Still, I get such a chill, as dreams & nightmares hold hands, walking toward me Letting my nerves diminish to the dust around the chaos building, with what I see A future ...
by Jiblits · 2 weeks ago

Freebie Stream Idea. Would Love Opinions!

I had an idea. I wonder if people would support me by subscribing if 5 days a week I did a short freebie sketch stream. It'd be a fair raffle and subscribing is just supporting it. Maybe subscribers get quick colors, but no advantage? Is this a good idea? Is there anything I should do? Should I m...
by Zahrah · 2 weeks ago


Night thoughts - 73. - Y knot... This-solving... Beginning again, such a strange feeling to know right from wrong... Too many mindless, too little worthwhile at times, to want to get along... Back from an ending, blending back from a blaze Yelling silence among whispers echoing out of a memor...
by Jiblits · 2 weeks ago

Ko-fi gold~

by firekitty · 2 weeks ago


PLEASE SHARE AROUND! It's come to that time in my life I need to let my first suit go, the character is horrendously outdated to my current fursona design and I want to sell her off to someone who will use and love her like I did in the past. Auction page: https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/fu...
by Flux Ravenhart (Bioflux) · 2 weeks ago


Night thoughts - 71. - Y knot... Monotono’us... A bitter taste, a little too far for concern I read too much, as such, I begin hating what I learn That’s always been a common case Finding personal peace is always easier than sharing it with those who’ve lost face Void of control, out of hopef...
by Jiblits · 3 weeks ago


Night thoughts - 70. - Y knot... Sum-thing... Beneath a breath, a soft hand holds tight a moment as much as it could Remembering a melody of life till it no longer could Then, life takes in another breath, filled with hope for another to come Many a time, we can’t control what time takes from ...
by Jiblits · 3 weeks ago

Commissions Price update!

Also, reminder to get in the pixel raffle if you have a twitter pls : https://twitter
by Nsyse · 3 weeks ago