New Text Prints Coming To My RedBubble!

After some futzing around with LibreDraw, I've come up with some text sayings (mostly related to social justice) that I'm gonna put up on my Redbubble, [url=https://www
by Bab · 3 days ago

My apologies for being distant... *^^*

We're still around! I say "we" because a lot of things have changed the last few months
by Leilani Perierre · 4 days ago

2020 Update and Big Plans

Hi there! It's the year 2020
by Setsune · 1 week ago

1 New Commission Slot Open!

1 slot has opened up at [url=https://www
by Temrin · 1 week ago

Streaming @ 8:30 CST

Streaming @ 8:30 CST [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago

Trying out the shop here

Oh I just saw one can add items to a shop here. I added some things. I have no idea how popular the shops are in here. If people have lot of interest I might add other stuff too. Either way, you can always write me if interested for a commission and it doesn't need to be just what I listened in t...
by Kanrei · 1 week ago

Context Update

Hey guys, it's been a while, I have been busy writing this project and i felt like i should put out some disclaimers and warnings
by Vangabond · 1 week ago


Well, I just recently got back from surgery on my foot. I don't feel any pain, currently, but I do have a prescription for a pain killer and I may take it just to insure that I don't feel any pain during the next week. I'm wearing a boot that is throwing my balance off because it's designed to pr...
by Mvilu Uatusun · 1 week ago

Weekly Update 1/12/2020

Yesterday, I took a day off since we worked Saturday and didn't do much except Crock-Pot cooking, watching Monty Python flying circus, YouTube biographies, geographics and minor exercises. I I have been working on meditations. They essentially are a bit of self programming for me so I don't do st...
by Cardia John Scott · 2 weeks ago

Links and Information (Master Post)

Hey everyone i did some restructuring of my accounts and stuff so some things may have changed and some may have stayed the same
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

Statement for 2020

[b]18% off Commission sale until the end of this month
by Penlink · 2 weeks ago

Up And Running-ish

I am up and running, i am just missing some cables to get back up to 100% but starting monday, i can do a bit of work here and there
by Spice Devil · 2 weeks ago


Streaming @ 5:00pm CST [lb] [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 2 weeks ago
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Enjoying the site

I hope this site picks up more! I really like the UI and design. Everything feels like it works well too. Will be doing streams more frequently in the next few weeks so stay tuned for new content! ♥ Check us out on patreon: {}...
by cwzstudios · 2 weeks ago

Alternative Cinnamon

As noted on the submission, there's an alternative version of the seventh short story available on my AO3 account, a more detailed one. I haven't posted it here as it's explicit enough to warrant raising my content rating, which I really don't want to do. It may be detailed, but it's not - I cer...
by SkycladFox · 2 weeks ago
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2019 -> 2020 (Reviews, Previews, Happy New Year)

First of all, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Alright, been postponing to write this journal for a bit, but now it's the time. Now that we are through with Happy New Year, let's move on to Reviews. I've made this journal already last year. Let's see what I've written down and what...
by Kinaj · 2 weeks ago

Seeking New Friends

I would like to thank each and ever one of you that has been my friend. I do hope you are well and things are going well for you. Another friend of mine says that it is good to be honest with others. So, I will exercise that bit of honesty. Please remember that I really really appreciate all of m...
by Cardia John Scott · 3 weeks ago

Weekly Update 1/4/2020

This week I mostly spent a few days back in Arthur, getting used to the sleep schedule for third shift. Then, I noticed the under part of my toilet is leaking so I called the landlord. He came over Monday but thought I had to work so didn't want to deprive me of going to the bathroom so said he w...
by Cardia John Scott · 3 weeks ago

The Universe don't give no damn

Most of the time I sit here thinking of something fancy to say to the people around me. Oftentimes, it comes out as something altogether weird, I must say. Usually I listen to video game music when I am not doing writing. It is then (when I concentrate on my serious things like writing) that I tu...
by Cardia John Scott · 3 weeks ago

Happy New Year!

Well, look at that! An actual UPDATE! What a way to start off the year, by posting art I've been hoarding since late November! As a friendly reminder, commissions are still open
by Baxter Raccoon · 3 weeks ago

Commission slot status

Ok guys, these are the slots at this time
by Penlink · 3 weeks ago

Ruddy hell...

This is what happens when you get very sick. I literally saw this place mentioned randomly and went 'Wait I'm pretty sure I have myself an account their already.' Then I saw my last journal and went right this place was awesome! Why am I not using it? 1. I am dumb. 2. Drugs given by doctors scra...
by Lazy Leopard · 3 weeks ago

Reflecting on 2019

So its the new year or rather the new decade, and is been an active one, as far as my art galleries are concerned. Also for the first time, at least in a couple weeks my FA, Weasyl and IB accounts will be fully caught up to my DA one. My spaceship models have finally gotten to where I want them. ...
by ryuukei · 3 weeks ago

2020 New Year's Commission Sale.

[b]Ok Guys, I want to start the year right with a sale on commissions! All Tiers are going to be 18% off until the January 31
by Penlink · 3 weeks ago

Happy New Year~ ^w^

Happy New Year, everyone~ ^w^[lb] May all your dreams come true this year~ =D [url=http://www
by Lunaris_Parukia · 3 weeks ago

Plans for 2020

So, it's January 1'st 2020 and the start to a new decade
by Vangabond · 3 weeks ago

An Important End of the Year Message

I have begun this message to do something of great importance
by TerinasTiger · 3 weeks ago

Its New Years Eve at Las Vegas

New Year!
by Emeraldia · 3 weeks ago

Final Update of 2019

by Vangabond · 4 weeks ago

My Discord Server

Guess everyone is doing it. No but seriously, I'm doing this for better communication with peoples. This is my rp and do writing and drawing stuff server. Here is the invite link: {}
by Cardia John Scott · 4 weeks ago

Here is my five minutes of non sensical wisdom

Here is my five minutes non sensical wisdom. See, if you eat something, it is in your stomach and imagine if you will how you put bulky things in a bag and how the bag feels when you put things in it. That's what vore would be if you could feel it for real. If you've ever unlikely swallowed any...
by Cardia John Scott · 4 weeks ago

Weekly Update 12/28/2019

I got the dill dip and stuff for the veggie plate and made it and took it in with me for our last 2nd shift bash potluck
by Cardia John Scott · 4 weeks ago

Stocking Stuffer 2019 Master List: Finale

And so, [b]Stocking Stuffer 2019 [/b]draws to a triumphantt close! The very last day of my 7-day update-a-thon has come and gone, and I must humbly and gratefully thank everyone that participated alongside me
by TerinasTiger · 4 weeks ago @ 8:00pm CST

More streaming of the arts![lb] [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 4 weeks ago


Aww yeah, I got some monetary help from my dad to drive back to PA. Postal money order. The post office didn't have enough money though. I paid another visit to the country salvage store and then went to the post office but they still didn't have enough money so I made a trip to decatur, and star...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I didn't expect my garbage company to take out the three month bill so soon. I expected it toward the end of the month. I lost 20$ that I withdrew that I was going to use out of my entertainment budget. I can't find it for the life of me. Very frustrating. I spend nearly all day sunday making foo...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I got most of the curtains for the house. I couldn't find my sewing kit for the life of me so I played russain roulette with an xacto knife. Then the curtain rod ripped it anyways, I so I put it up with safety pins. I mostly lazed about Sunday. I couldn't get myself very motivated to do anything....
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I finally got my drivers license address changed and my name on there from Scotty to Scott. This is for when I change my banks. Having to drive forty minutes everytime to go to the bank doesn't seem very economical to me. I plan to do that when my checkbook runs out. I visited one of the local gr...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I've been doing some winterizing at the house. The bedroom has the coldest windows so I've put caulking around them. From what AJ says, I shouldn't expect the landlord to spend the ten bucks to do this. I sold the twin bed frame and mattress to clear out the utility room for when I get a washer a...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I had help from AJ and Alora to clean out the apartment in Decatur to get it ready after I moved out. Then everyone was over at mamma Bivens's old house. I am making Sunday my day to cook for the week and to get things organized. I have yet to get all curtains for the house in arthur. I got a cur...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


We got most everythingn moved in. The new property manager came over the same day so it was a bit of confusion. He suggests getting insulation for the dryer vent pipe and will replace the vent when I get a dryer. He'll trim the trees and clean out the gutter, he says. Went to the Tastee Cup in to...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I got my flu shot waiting for Cory to get moves to Lovington with his mom and step-dad. Then I ended up going with. Got very soaked while Cory cleaned out the gutters. I ended up going the next day back to Cory's early, walking his dogs and getting my morning exercise routine done there. I made h...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I went with Barry to the peoria game. It does hit my budget. I'll have to do that less. I had to pay the bill at Kellehers since the waitress didn't hear Barry. Barry paid me back. I played Pokemon Let's Go Eevee while Barry looked at Cars. I'm not much interested in that since I'm not shopping f...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago


I got the king sized bed out to arthur. Now to get the rest of the furniture out there. Cory is not looking forward to moving the couch out there. I am not either. I could ask a coworker. Cory is not giving me anymore move credits. He said I have to wait five years. I went to Barry's and watched ...
by Cardia John Scott · 1 month ago

Stocking Stuffer 2019 Day 7?

Ok, I got my update up, but it's gotten late and I'm tired
by TerinasTiger · 1 month ago @ 6:00pm CST

Streaming art! 🔞[lb] [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 month ago

Stocking Stuffer 2019 Master List: Day 6

Like a hangover after a night of wild holiday partying, [b]Stocking Stuffer 2019[/b]just will not quit! This is our 6th day out of the 7-day update-a-thon, and we've got a crazy-ton of new content for you today! Hope you've still got just a tiny trace of yuletide cheer squirreled away somewhere, because this holday event ain't over until the week is, and there's still some magic in that old silk hat we're using to force snowmen to write kinky stories for us![lb] [lb]
by TerinasTiger · 1 month ago