Sick birdy...

Just when things were back on track
by Prydri · 1 day ago

January 15th update

an update
by Vangabond · 3 days ago

A quick update

I might not post on main sites like Deviantrt or FurAffinity until I build up enough artwork to start posting in a consistent manner
by SR20_Weasel · 3 days ago

what sould I do this year?

NOT A REQUEST JOURNAL well,new year,new stuff! I have some ideas for art for this year...but I would like to listen what you all would like to see from me! -w- I have in mind try to do some sonic-girls stuff (because we all love rouge tits :D ), more Whoopie arts and i wanna do ore mato and Garoé...
by Elmont · 4 days ago


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! <3[lb] [lb] I am streaming today from now til, whenever, working on a shaded full body com for fenflash
by Jasmae · 5 days ago


by StrawberryCucumber · 6 days ago

Freebee Friday Update

Yoyo, Just a simple form for everyone who likes to participate in Freebee Friday to fill out for a request! Be sure to check every area so i can getcha your freebee art! :D {}
by JamCat · 1 week ago

Working offline today <3

Yesterday I expected to be streaming today but I'll be working offline! Just a heads up <3[lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago

Hello fellow artists and viewers!

Hello everyone! (Or at least the few of you who will see this) My on-line name is Adrian, Adrian King, and if like to welcome myself to this glorious place of which I've already seen many a marvel. From clip art to sketches, from journals to pages, this place clearly has a much more positive aur...
by FallenSanctum · 1 week ago
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Hellos. owo

Am new to Ferrific, I was looking for an alternative to FA, since FA's been fucking up a lot over the past few years. Am a furry/anime artist and I am the creator of the species, Kiruta. I am generally shy and timid so.. if any of you do want to talk to me, forgive my awkwardness. x3 I recently ...
by Aria The Tiny Kiruta · 1 week ago


by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago

YCH reminder and stream sketches~

FA's back up >u> [lb] Got this here cute springy YCH: http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago


by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago

Commissions status: OPEN

COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED Regular commissions {} + Reference sheets {} + Comic Commissions {} Commissions Policy {}
by Vilani Vilá · 1 week ago

Regular commissions

- A full colored picture starts with sketch -> Ink -> Colors - I will only accept two pictures per commissioner. Prices (per ONE PERSON) - Sketch {}: 20$ - Ink {
by Vilani Vilá · 1 week ago

Reference sheets

- A reference sheet starts with sketch -> Ink -> Colors - I will only accept two pictures per commissioner. - As I draw everything on paper, I cannot draw multiples of the same picture (for example, one nude and one clothed). That would mean I'd have to draw the picture twice. Basic reference sh...
by Vilani Vilá · 1 week ago

Comic Commissions

- Comics are made on A4 pages and they may have as many panels as you wish as long it fits (remember: more panels, less detail). - A full coloured comic starts with sketch -> Ink -> Flat Colouring -> Detailed colours - I will only accept comics around 30 pages or less. Prices - Sketch {http://w...
by Vilani Vilá · 1 week ago

Commissions Policy

All new changes to the Policy are in bold and italic. Content - I draw humans, animals or anthros (Furries) and sex themes. - I draw fanart, however, make sure you authorization to use someone else’s character. - I will not draw rape, scat, cubs in pain/discomfort - I do not take requests to dra...
by Vilani Vilá · 1 week ago

Bills to Pay, Mouths to Feed COMMISSION SALE

I hate doing this, because I like to think I'm okay with my money, but things are dire
by Belle · 1 week ago

Fresh 2019!

Ello! So, first things first. A new year means a complete and fresh install for my PC! I love to do this, just to keep everything in good shape. Why mention this? Because it means I will be offline temporarily while reconfiguring everything. Not for too long though, just for a day or two. X3 Free...
by JamCat · 1 week ago

Ref sheet slot open!

I have 1 reference sheet slot open!~ <3 https://commiss
by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago

YCH reminder!

One day left for the spring ychs! [lb] http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 1 week ago

Drako's Art Contest - January 2019

Drako's Art Contest - January 2019 The latest winner is: Ninja Embrace - {} by Renegade_157 - {} Now for this Month: Nomination Theme: Masculine Women Voting T...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 2 weeks ago

YCH Reminder~ Bring on spring <3

Group YCH: http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 2 weeks ago

Streaming soon~

Working owed commissions and prolly an oc ref or stream screen! Who knows~ What a great mysteryy!~~~ lol https://picarto
by StrawberryCucumber · 2 weeks ago

Spring YCHs~~ (Price drop on group ych!)

YCH Reminder: I miss spring! (Well
by StrawberryCucumber · 2 weeks ago
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Concerning Postybirb

I personally contacted the creator of Postybirb about furiffic being included/fixed on the platform sometime ago. I thought it was a fantastic way of telling people "Hello! We exist! Post here!" Now, after however long it has been, my opinion has changed. Every post I see that has "Posted with ...
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago
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It's my birthday! 28 stinkin years now XD [lb] [lb] AND it's also the anniversary for going self employed with Spruce Art! I mean, I technically was around before then but that's when I quit my full time job to try to make it as an artist
by Spruce Moki · 2 weeks ago

Random Creature Generator

So I just spent the last 4 days inputting 1700+ different animal options into my own random generator. The overall generator outputs: Creature + Location + Scene + Weather + Time of day + Colour + Extra Theme So sharing it here to see what people think and if they'd be interested in using it. A...
by Lulu Amore · 2 weeks ago

Hitting the reset button!

I’m pretty much going to start all over in art again as it when terrible for me. I made so many mistakes to the point where I couldn’t recover from them all. I’m going through all my accounts and clearing out everything, possibly deleting the account entirely. I have a full journal on Deviant Art...
by Skyline_Wolfie · 2 weeks ago

January 1st update (New years update)

first update of the year.
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

Telegram Channel

As announced, I've created one: {} It will have everything from uploaded artwork to sketches and nonsense to stuff I want to share. There won't be any other content that I put onto my Twitter which can be acc...
by Kinaj · 2 weeks ago
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Happy New Year!

That's all! :D
by THECAGDL · 2 weeks ago
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Don't know if I'm staying here.

I never really got enough attention on this site like I have the others and don't know if I will stay here. I'll keep the page up, but don't know if I'll post anything else. The links to the other places I'm on are on the front page of my profile.
by WeegeeTheGabumon · 2 weeks ago
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2018=>2019 (Reviews, Previews, Happy New Year)

Heyhey! For some already, for me very soon, for some in a bit, another year has passed. Another lap around our central star without leaving the track or bumping into significant obstacles. Now, before we jump into next year's preview and goals, let's see what of 2018's goals I could reach: -los...
by Kinaj · 2 weeks ago
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New Year

So, one more year ends and we've had too much problemsand solutions. Then now it's time to count the blessings, how much we wentfreed from the evils that surround us, and now we are here alive thank to God! Well dear friends, I wish you all that 2019 be abetter year and you can be here with joy ...
by BobGrayWolf · 2 weeks ago

New Year's Eve Update (End of the year post)

End of the year post.
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

2019 update

Okay so this year is almost over. Moving into 2019, first of all the process of replacing my antiquated PC and Mac Pro isn't that far off from being done. Been gradually getting parts for a while and as for the Mac there's no replacement mac at all. It just isn't worth the high price anymore. I w...
by Sesquin · 2 weeks ago

The End of Stocking Stuffer 2018

And so another Stocking Stuffer 2018 comes to an end
by TerinasTiger · 2 weeks ago
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Roll Call

How many of you fruit cakes still hang out around here?
by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

Looking For Hotel Furcon Roomate

I bought a ticket for Tails and Tornadoes Furcon, my first ever furcon
by Jess · 3 weeks ago

Stocking Stuffer 2018 Master List Day 6

No, there was no "Day 5" yesterday
by TerinasTiger · 3 weeks ago

Commision prices will change

Due the fact I need the muns (because fuck I need it) I decide I will change my pricelist on january 1st.It {http://1st.It} wont be a so much bigger change (You know,im not somebody used to ask for so much) but it will be done because its needed Also this mean that I will add as soon as possible ...
by Elmont · 3 weeks ago

Merry Christmas

[lb] Merry Christmas[lb] [lb] Unlike November, this month I was rather quiet…[lb] Sorry about it and the belated journal
by adagadeprata · 3 weeks ago

Stocking Stuffer 2018 Day 4

Welcome to the Stocking Stuffer 2018! An annual celebration of the furry community that I'm very thankful for and all the friends I've made along the way
by TerinasTiger · 3 weeks ago

Stocking Stuffer 2018 Day 2

Welcome to the Stocking Stuffer 2018! An annual celebration of the furry community that I'm very thankful for and all the friends I've made along the way
by TerinasTiger · 3 weeks ago

Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! Be safe and be jolly! [lb] [lb] Cheers~[lb] Spruce [lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by Spruce Moki · 3 weeks ago