The New Update

I thought I wasn't going to pull it off but I did, so like I'm going to start posting the "episodes" of my wolf related project today actually
by Vangabond14 hours ago

馃尡RedBubble SALE! This weekend! and More

Redbubble has got their Sale going on! The code is [b]DEALS2020[/b][lb] Their sales are anything from 20-60% off! I'll list what products have what sales below[lb] [lb] MY SHOP: [url=https://www
by Uluri2 days ago

Turkey Day update

Hey everyone I'm going to do a progress report on "Season 1" of the rebels of gaia so far i have roughly 陆 of the story written i just need to clean it up a lot and it will be ready for posting hopefully by December 1st 2020 (i have written enough so that there is a backlog)
by Vangabond5 days ago
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馃尡Clip Studio Paint is ON SALE art program

by Uluri5 days ago

Your semi-regular seasonal event reminder

Most of you are probably ignoring this, and that's okay
by Daaberlicious6 days ago

馃尡DeviantArt Secret Santa

by Uluri1 week ago

Showing Off Other Artists

I know i haven't been posting much ( reasons im not sure if i should post about ) , but i'm working on some pieces[lb] I've been yeen crazy with Shindel tho and i wanted to share some images i commissioned ( i see no point in reposting the art -[lb] when i can give the artist attention directly by spreading the word )[lb] [lb] [lb] Pic 1 by axxxel https://www
by Metroxix3c1 week ago

Seasonal Event (Reminder)

My seasonal event is still ongoing![lb] Please view the link for details on how you can participate![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious1 week ago

Thank you guys!

Thanks everyone for birthday wishes and especially for donations! You are amazing! <3
by Sunny_Way1 week ago

New Webcomic Site for A Secret Place

It's live! A Secret Place's webcomic site will now update with the twitter series
by Daaberlicious2 weeks ago

Did you know I have a Patreon?

Not of course that you're [i]obligated[/i] to contribute, but you should know you have the option of some premium shinies-[lb] Llike this one![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious2 weeks ago

my future plans

Okay because I'm kinda bored. I wanted to change up the formula at some point. I will start posting the "episodes" of my wolf related project because I figured there was so much stalling before actual writing will be posted. I also don't have a set way currently on how to deliver the episode stor...
by Vangabond2 weeks ago

Free art Raffle on FA [sig boost]

by Uluri2 weeks ago

Update on Stocking Stuffer 2020!

Hello anyone reading these things![lb] [lb] So I figured I should give a status update here on my progress for Stocking Stuffer 2020 (and theoretically beyond!) Remember Stocking Stuffer 2020? It's [url=https://www
by TerinasTiger2 weeks ago

Drako's Art Contest - November 2020

Drako's Art Contest - November 2020 The latest winner is: Empty Easter Basket...? - {} by drgn8d - {} Now for...
by Drako Swiftclaw2 weeks ago

Preparing for the worst

This December I will try to finish anything that I've been working on and then take a hiatus since next January will decide what the fuck is going to happen in my life. It all depends if I can keep my home and then work up from there, or just leave everything behind and hope for the best. If it c...
by RDK3 weeks ago

Art comming soon + Instagram & ToyHouse!

Heya! I do apologize for the lack of uploads! I鈥檓 currently in the process of writing out my characters, making sure their personalities, backgrounds and everything else is clear and good
by K鈭咺 Fennec3 weeks ago

馃尡I can NO LONGER accpet Point Commissions

DA has made it so that regular Deviants Will no longer be able to withdraw their earnings when using the commissions widget confirmed by this reply here: [url=https://www
by Uluri3 weeks ago

馃尡Self Ad for Kofi, Paypal, ETC art supporters

Going to do a Self advertisement for my Art Support Websites
by Uluri3 weeks ago

Why I am glad not being on DA anymore

I joined that horrible, discriminatory site when it barely opened, within a year that it did so in fact. At first it was fine as with most art sites nowadays until I saw just how it was degrading into a toxic cesspool full of trolls that would get away in harassing others and "mods" that just did...
by RDK3 weeks ago

Black City Hiatus

First, thank you for all the renewed intrest in Black City, and it has been a passsion project of mine for a while now, but this time, i need to go on hiatus for a little bit
by Spice Devil3 weeks ago

Stories commissions open!

I'm opening myself up for story commissions
by Alpha3 weeks ago

Commissions closed!

Thanks everyone! Commissions closed! ^^
by Sunny_Way3 weeks ago

I started a "comic"

You read that right I started a "comic" which you caan read with your eyes on these 3 (three) platforms:[lb] [lb] [url=https://twitter
by PixieCatSupreme3 weeks ago


Hello everyone I am back, for now and hopefully for the rest of the year if nothing changes
by Vangabond4 weeks ago


So I paid $60 for a game (RDR2), waited 4 hours for it to download, and then for no fucking reason, it demanded I install a launcher apart from Steam, that didn't recognize I bought the game, so it refused to let me play the game I spent $60 on. This bullshit is why I retro game...

Commissions open!

[b]Commissions open![/b][lb] [lb] So
by Sunny_Way4 weeks ago

I-mail natin ito kay Ms Laura.

by Emeraldia4 weeks ago

Stocking Stuffer 2020 Reminder

So as a reminder, I am continuing my yearly gift to the kinky and furry communities with a December, holiday-themed event, Stocking Stuffer 2020
by TerinasTiger1 month ago

馃尡Onion Bunny Update

So, my newest Bunny, Onion, yeah? It hasn't even been a week yet, and he's gotten EXTREMELY comfortable with his new home here
by Uluri1 month ago

Twitter 6K raffle

I've made one raffle/giveaway with a free commission as prize on my twitter because I've reached the 6000 followers mark
by pablocomics1 month ago

馃尡Music RAFFLE by Tigerten馃幍

Right here: [url=https://twitter
by Uluri1 month ago

Commissions open soon~

Commissions slots is already open for my patreon suporters! They also have a little discount ;3[lb] [url=https://www
by Sunny_Way1 month ago

To the Jackanapes who tried to break into my house...

(Back in 2018, some jackass tried to break into our house. As soon as my mother came home, she witnessed a random man knocking at our door, but then ran off when he got caught.) Okay, retard. Your life must be pretty damn pathetic to try and do something like this. Do you not have a family or an...
by Floyd Filly1 month ago

馃尡Random Draw Thoughts with Sin

As in My Demon character if anyone is confused by that title XD[lb] [lb] So, one set of things I would like to draw and sketch out would have to be Sin in a real world setting
by Uluri1 month ago

An Update

I'm pretty sure y'all have noticed i have stopped posting stuff, and it may seem like something happened out of nowhere however this farther than the truth
by Vangabond1 month ago

馃尡100% Good. Sweet. now to...

[b]Part 1: Fox video done[/b][lb] The absolute last and final thing has been completed
by Uluri1 month ago

Happy 20th Anniversary~ (Q&A Vlog)

by Snowhawk1 month ago

Good New, Bad news

Ok, so the good news, I'm getting my refund back from that Newegg merchant, which should allow me to get buy 3090; When that GPU becomes available again
by Penlink1 month ago


Soo.. I'm not entirely dead! Life is just being.. a thing. Anywho, new old content! Cause I totally should of done this at some point previously anyway. I made a Redbubble! It's got.. bits of old stuff on it! {
by Lulu Amore1 month ago

'Coming Home' Update 8

Life comes at you fast. And having ADHD doesn't help matters when one's attention gets swept up in everything else. It's been four years since my last update, which I'm ashamed I left this alone for this long. Now that life has 'settled' down a bit and I'm able to devote more time to this projec...
by Robert Silvermyst1 month ago

A few things I want to say about my project

A Small Update
by Vangabond1 month ago

馃尡Xred has Commissions open

here is XRedMoon's Commissions announcement
by Uluri1 month ago

馃尡Im crying. Fox project is DONE!

I did it
by Uluri1 month ago

Fox Series: More Stream later

Will stream fox series again Later
by Uluri1 month ago


Streaming [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng1 month ago