General Brain Droppings - 1

5:50 PM 7/16/2018     As a warning, I set a timer for 50-60 minutes and just type whatever is on my mind into Notepad
by AngelicDirt · 13 hours ago

July 15th Update

an update
by Vangabond · 1 day ago


[center][b]DERPY ICON YCH[/b] http://www
by Kinklez · 3 days ago

Discord Server Update

Wheeee massive mood swings and shit
by themeshow101 · 3 days ago

Is It Just Me...

...or is anyone else tired of furry websites which assume you are uploading artwork, and virtually require you to pick Themes and Tags, all of which assume artwork, rather than music? Yes, the vast majority of it is artwork, but not all of it, so to make me sort through Themes and Tags which doe...
by The Beach Bears · 4 days ago

New Shop open!! Stuff added from AC!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to mention that I have a new shop! And I added a bunch of merch from AC this year too
by Zin Stone · 4 days ago

Does anyone sell SFM art?

Can anyone hook a brother up? It would be greatly appreciated!
by KingOfYiffies · 4 days ago
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[Advice Wanted] Streaming Traditional Art

Okay, do people know of an effective way to stream traditional art? That is my strongest point as far as visual art goes, and I want to show people what my drawing process looks like, but I am not sure how I should get around to doing this. I know how to stream digital art pretty well, but I'm no...
by Pieca Pyrofire · 5 days ago

Deleting the Discord Server

Yep, that's what I'm doing
by themeshow101 · 5 days ago

Streaming :D

Streaming :3 {}
by JamCat · 5 days ago


[b]DERPY ICON YCH http://www
by Kinklez · 5 days ago

Commission Open

Hello fellow furries, let me introduce my art sheet for customize commission pictures and Stickers. Prices are flexibles for extra items like backgrounds. COMMISSION SHEET {/SmartWhitefang/view/139440} Aviable for SFW and NSFW artworks
by SmartWhitefang · 5 days ago

Price Increase in September

Just letting you all know that my commission prices will be changing in september. Full details can be found here: {}
by Mickeyila · 6 days ago

NEW! PWYW Sketch pack released~ Offers 25 files fo

NEW! PWYW Sketch pack released~ Offers 25 files for you to put to use for practicing, commissions, adoptables, ychs, and other cool stuff!!  https://sellfy
by Kinklez · 6 days ago
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Redoing my Profil Page. Ideas?

Heyho! Since I have my pages more or less designed like this for at least one or two years, I thought I might change it. The question about what to include on the page crossed my mind and I thought I would ask what you guys think. More precisely, what is it you would for sure want to include on y...
by Kinaj · 1 week ago

Selling Adoptables

See this folder: {}
by Madame Sparx · 1 week ago
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Busy life

Lulu's gotten a new job
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago

Drako's Art Contest - July 2018

Drako's Art Contest - July 2018 The latest winner is: Potion Enchanting; Side Effects Include- - {} by Runa216 - {} Now for this mo...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 1 week ago

Just a wish (About SoFurry, specifically)

I really, [b][i]really [/i][/b]want to post all of my stuff on my SoFurry account badly
by themeshow101 · 1 week ago

4th of July

Please rise for the 4kids national anthem.
by Lynnae Lee · 1 week ago
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Furiffic was down for me all day yesterday, did anyone else have problems with that? Is the website going through some coding issues or something?
by Oakie_Dokie · 1 week ago
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About last night.

Anybody know what happened last night? I was not able to get on this website for the duration of the day. I'm not complaining, but I am rather curious.
by Pieca Pyrofire · 2 weeks ago

July 1st update

an update
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago

July 1st update

an update
by Vangabond · 2 weeks ago


All bases posted are now about 65% off or more, until 07/09/2018! :) https://www
by Kinklez · 2 weeks ago


[center]Hey there everyone! Big news update this time around! 🔶[b]==============COMMISSIONS==============[/b]🔶 My July commissions are open for non-discord and non-patrons! As always, my commission list is opened first to Patrons and discord users, and second to the general public
by Yeenr · 2 weeks ago
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Twitter is unusable right now for me

Alright, so lately babyfur has supposedly been receiving quite a bit of criticism and hatred on twitter, maybe a little, I don't know but the whole thing blew up and everyone is acting like it's much worse than it really is. I'm a fan of babyfur and am sort of one and am not that bothered by some...
by WeegeeTheGabumon · 2 weeks ago

Streaming :3

Drawing some fan art of familiar faces here from Ilda's Cabin {}
by JamCat · 2 weeks ago

OMG!!!! How did I not post this sooner?!?

How did I forget to mention this?!? oh yeah... it was dealing with the absolute crap things that came my way. On May 15th before work, my lovely boyfriend laid a little trap for me. One I fell into and am happy I did. It started when I woke up that morning only to find my glasses were missing a...
by Wynter Rayne · 2 weeks ago


All bases posted are now about 65% off or more, until 07/09/2018! :) https://www
by Kinklez · 2 weeks ago
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by Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

Patreon Page Launched!

I just created a Patreon page for those who would like to regularly support my work. {} While I can't offer special commissions for patrons, I CAN offer early access to chapters and other items I produce, once I figure out how t...
by The Beach Bears · 2 weeks ago
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Opinions on Commission Blacklists?

Like adding someone to a black list so that they cannot commission from you/so that you remember not to accept commissions from them. Do you think that is an okay thing? I am strongly debating black listing someone entirely.
by Madame Sparx · 2 weeks ago

I'm not dead I swear

Hey there! Wanted to make a general update journal
by Majy · 3 weeks ago

Streaming! 18+, Commissions open! {} Commission info in the stream, feel free to whisper for any questions.
by ShawnGuku · 3 weeks ago
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An introduction

Hello, I am new to this site. I come from furaffinity and deviantart. The reason why I joined here is because furaffinity is getting too politically correct and cracking down on quite a bit of free speech and humor that is ridiculously considered offensive and deviantart is becoming inactive. I a...
by WeegeeTheGabumon · 3 weeks ago
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Question: What should I do for my anniversary?

Ok, so my anniversary on FA, but also of me being Kinaj is coming up by the end of June. What should I do for that? I am open for ideas. I already thought about a raffle of some kind. The problem I have with that though is that I would like to do something that in first place benefits those who...
by Kinaj · 1 month ago


Come hang out @ [url]https://picarto
by Hileksel · 1 month ago

Upcoming Plans

Alright, So, I've given it some thought... some long and hard thinking. I've decided to jump in. (The internet that is). I want to go full throttle and start being a personality here in the fandom and online. From YouTube to Instagram to my own website... I'm gonna start building a network, a c...
by JamCat · 1 month ago

Streaming! I'm Improving, Wanna Watch?

Hey, I'm streaming @ https://picarto
by Hileksel · 1 month ago

Something about me

I stole this from someone. 001. Real name? KingOfYiffies 002. Nickname(s) None 003. Zodiac sign? Picses 004. Male or female? Male. 005. Elementary? I went to one. 006. Middle School? I went to one of those too. 007. High School? And one of those as well. 008. Hair color? I don't have hair, unles...
by KingOfYiffies · 1 month ago

Streaming! - Time To Improve. Want to come along?

Come hang out @ [url]https://picarto
by Hileksel · 1 month ago

FD 004: The Start Room

I mention Keith in a conversation with Fyurl.
by Fred Didger · 1 month ago
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Okay, Opinon on This Website So Far

Well, I have been here for a month or so already. Where does it rank out of all of the websites that I use on a daily basis? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Pretty damn high, actually! (At least for now) As far as constructive feedback goes, this website is on the top. As an artist, I am always looki...
by Pieca Pyrofire · 1 month ago

Walking off into the sunset ( leaving )

Well it's been an interesting run, but I think it's finally time to stop. I just don't have the time to hang out anymore. I miss being able to chat, note, or whatever with the ppl I watch or just run across, or who run across me. Too many other responsibilites now It's not fun to start talking a...
by Bast · 1 month ago
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Profile Going Dormant

No long journal here, short and sweet will do it I think. I just became homeless, so this account is going dormant. I don't know if, or when, I'll be able to come back to here or any of the websites I've been trying to maintain. I'm facing a lot of trouble right now, everything is very difficult...
by Kawauso · 1 month ago
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Free Sfw/NSFW Exposure!

I've recently been sharing nsfw artworks to Facebook from many of our wonderful members here at furiffic. I haven't been including sfw to that, but today that changes! I created a Facebook page dedicated to sfw works! I want to use it to expose furiffic artists as well as advertise furiffic to ...
by Pyruoo · 1 month ago

Distancing Myself for a While...

So, I've mentioned it a bit on Facebook and Twitter but not here
by ElainaLycan · 1 month ago