Weekly stream Schedule

Monday Mornings: 8:30 AM CST - 11:00 CST: Personal Projects or in process commissions Wednesday Evenings: 8:30 PM CST - 10:30 PM CST: Every other week Patreon wheel decide alternating with personal projects or in-process commissions Thursday Mornings: 8:30 am-10:30 AM CST- Sketch Commission Stream, (20 minute sketches) Alternating Saturday Evenings: 8:30 PM-10:30 PM CST: Sketch Commission Stream
by kandlin · 4 hours ago

Visiting PR for a few weeks

Family related stuff
by FleurDeLynx · 5 hours ago

New Cross Poster

I am going to try out a new cross posting app
by Assilsasta · 1 day ago

And That's That

And that's all the tumblr asks I have so of course if you have a question you'd like to ask feel free to here http://kanekokumoriask.tumblr.com/ {http://kanekokumoriask.tumblr.com/} Thanks again for your patience I will continue to just ipload regular art until caught up to now which should be an...
by KanekoKumori · 2 days ago


by Nahojshi · 2 days ago


Great-full... I can’t thank you enough The gentlest hand to hold, but a mindset beyond tough It’s a miracle to me to see you smile It’s been years of tears, & shared fears Always, you stay strong Through thick & thin, you stand, regardless of any win I’m the farthest thing from a saint, but I’m n...
by Jiblits · 2 days ago


Sorry everyone for the spam of my asks. I will only upload half today and the other half tomorrow....then of course I will continue to mass upload the rest of my art until up to date which should be any day honestly. Thanks for your patience I truly appreciate it! ♥ ~Neko
by KanekoKumori · 3 days ago

Homless please help

I got the fundraiser up and running! This one has a much smaller goal but I’m in a pretty dire situation
by Majy · 3 days ago

FurThe'More 2018 Meme!

Hotel: Sheraton Tysons Hotel What day are you getting there?: Friday, April 20th. Who are you rooming with?: Coaster Tea Fox and Angst The Fen Wolf Who do you hang out with: I'll hang out with just about anyone, and everyone! Gender?: Female How old are you?: A 9 year old in a 34 year old body Re...
by NamelessTehDutchAD · 3 days ago

Come one, Come all

It's that time of a year again and hopefully the last time!!! I am going to be trying to save all the money I can to be able to fly back to Alaska. If all goes well I might be living out there this winter. However I am Open for commissions to try and raise some money because it is apparently goin...
by KanekoKumori · 4 days ago

lacking uploads w/ Suki

Suki: oh finally your saying something ¬_¬ people think your dead! Me: alright Suki i'm here now! (yes i have a rp talk with my fursona i sound crazy xD) yes! i want to address that i am active here i'm lacking uploads... Suki: your not lacking uploads your not active here you moron >.< Me: damn...
by NorwegianSuki · 6 days ago

Update + Friday Stream + Raffle

[b][u]Life Update:[/u][/b] Last Friday my s/o had to go to the ER from pain in his side and not being able to breathe properly
by Jasmae · 6 days ago


Night thoughts - 58. - Y knot... Re-member... Illumination feeding imagination I find gold again, among ashes & ruins of a tired mind With eyes both closed, I walk in light toward an old sight Treasure in hand, I walk as I stand, ready for any kind of a fight Words or more echo in thoughts long l...
by Jiblits · 6 days ago

So I made a Fursuit video

Sadly its a bit too large for here but i uploaded it via Twitter !! Hope yall like it im gonna try making more later :) Comments are appreciated !❤ https://twitter.com/Sparkle_da_Mutt/status/972357991948316672 {https://twitter.com/Sparkle_da_Mutt/status/972357991948316672} https://twitter.com/...
by SparkleMutt · 1 week ago
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In-stream Sketch Sale TOMORROW + goal raffle

Sketch Stream Sale! Tomorrow at 3:30pm - 11:30 est Quick Sketches in-stream for just $13 each! (aka $13 per character) (Normally $18, so you're saving $5!) Order form info will be posted around the time of the stream! (probably 30 mins ahead of the stream to give you all time to order correctly) NO ordering ahead of time! You MUST be present in-stream when you order
by Jasmae · 1 week ago

Gallery Re-upload

Uploading my old art from my FA. I'll try to stagger them to every 3 hours, sorry for the spam as there's several months of art to get through. >>;
by FleurDeLynx · 1 week ago

Commission Log and YCH log

[center]I'm leaving this here to note who has a Slot
by Regrese · 1 week ago


“I would like to Buy a Commission from you! How do I do that? ” First know that I only accept payment through GOOGLE WALLET, so you must have a card to pay me. If you live in the UK however, Google Wallet will not accept your payment. If that happens please contact me directly and I will talk yo...
by Kyle Northcott · 1 week ago


Night thoughts - 56. - Y knot... Vision-airy... Mind full, I’m mindful to keep walking Among good the crowd so loud, I can’t here anyone talking In the clouds, I see stories yet to be The sky never one to deny, I see a story unfolding jus for me Visions clear my view as I walk along Finding no re...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

About My Stories

Hey folks, Here's a little about each of my published and upcoming stories. The novels all take place in the same alternate reality within our universe. The Sacrifice for Peace (trilogy): This story is about Mist Runner, an immortal anthro-wolf being whose parents are First Ones (pan-dimension...
by Ancient Wolf · 1 week ago

"Conspi, are you dead?!"

Ah...no. I'm not. Just tired as hell and busy with personal crap. Also I don't have a working drawing tablet anymore, so don't expect a lot of art from me. Doing art with a mouse is harder than you'd think. :v
by The_Conspirer · 2 weeks ago
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About Lack of Uploads

I'm going through another slump of work that takes hours to create, as well as SAI being the file monster and gobbling up my progress like it's a meal. And I've been rather tired from weather change, so I am working when I can. Expect some work, soon, though it may be awhile. I am working on a ne...
by Madame Sparx · 2 weeks ago

Wow Jeez

It's late and i'm trying to get all my que'd stuff uploaded so I can worry about uploading newer things pretty soon. And i'm still getting likes~ thankyouuu~
by Lee Vos · 2 weeks ago

Please can anyone help me with this?:

Please can anyone help me with this?: https://twitter.com/Mr_Insanity97/status/969724319025782784 {https://twitter.com/Mr_Insanity97/status/969724319025782784} .


YCH's still open! Please bid offsite if possible (on Furaffinity) if you can't let me know in the comments. Link v v http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8640912/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8640912/}
by Flux Ravenhart (Bioflux) · 2 weeks ago


Night thoughts - 55. - Y Knot... Mellow-dy... Glistening while they stay listening All are quiet, not one speaks out of turn All with lifetimes of knowledge, they share in few words how many can learn Pictures tell the smiles no one can forget Others share love by name, with hands held tightly wi...
by Jiblits · 2 weeks ago

Mass Media Post

◦°˚ ✧ ˚°◦◦°˚ ☾ ˚°◦◦°˚ ✧ ˚°◦ **Merch** Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/KanekoKumori/shop {https://www.redbubble.com/people/KanekoKumori/shop} StoreEnvy: http://www.storenvy.com/CuttlefishColor {http://www.storenvy.com/CuttlefishColor} Society6: https://society6.com/feferiandthediamon...
by KanekoKumori · 2 weeks ago
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If anyone would like a print of my artwork, I charge $3.00 USD for within the U.S. -- that covers the cost of the laser print, sheet protector, mailer, and postage. Outside of the U.S., I'll have to add on whatever extra it takes in shipping costs to get it to your country. Send me a personal mes...
by Ancient Wolf · 2 weeks ago


Please consider commissioning my babu
by Skye · 3 weeks ago

Commissions for March are Closed

Hey everyone, So my real life work has been more hectic than originally anticipated, and it has been cutting into my time for working on commissions
by Yeenr · 3 weeks ago
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Hi! I am new to this site so I'm going to be mass uploading all my art sorry for the spam :3 -Kaneko
by KanekoKumori · 3 weeks ago

Mass Social Media List

This is my MASS Social Media List! I'll try to seperate it in Likewise Categories. I'm currently working on updating a lot of them, especially my Merch sites. I really want to get things out so people can purchase them! So please be patient and if you can give me a like or a follow I would apprec...
by Andi Denise · 3 weeks ago


B-4... Try as I might, the slips & struggles keep me in continuous clockwork discovery Seeing what’s been sighted, fought for, wronged, & righted throughout history So many sitting on a thought long forgotten, seen as not enough Too many with plenty mistakes, trying their best to make them seem t...
by Jiblits · 3 weeks ago
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I’m so tired of people being asshats...

This past week has really been trying, Even though I got my new name tag last week. (replacing the one with my old name) and even though I got trained on a new piece of equipment (with this floor scrubber I will rule the planet of fitness!!! #MUAHAHA!!!!!!) No it started with me all but getting...
by Wynter Rayne · 3 weeks ago
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why no commissons

I got a question, I've been a furry artist since 98, and drawn hundreds of pictures but yet I still don't get ongoing commissions, makes me wonder what do I have to do to get noticed! You see my artwork you know I can do the artwork most of the people that do artwork for me tell me that I'm prett...
by oldfreek1 · 3 weeks ago

why no commissons

I got a question, I've been a furry artist since 98, and drawn hundreds of pictures but yet I still don't get ongoing commissions, makes me wonder what do I have to do to get noticed! You see my artwork you know I can do the artwork most of the people that do artwork for me tell me that I'm prett...
by oldfreek1 · 3 weeks ago

So it Turns out Postybirb allows journals

So you all bet I'm gonna abuse the hell out of it
by Yeenr · 3 weeks ago
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Would you be interested to see this?

Sooner or later I am planning to use my freshly archived programming skills to creat stuff with it. Thinking about little games involving my characters for example. Well, nothing certain yet I could tell about really. But sooner I am going to work on a little help for me to upload stuff since at ...
by Kinaj · 4 weeks ago

Shop Created!

For those interested in Commissioning me, I've made a bit of a makeshift shop. It's a little messy so it's not as detailed as I would like, but the bare bones are there in case you're interested in ordering some art!
by Skylar · 4 weeks ago

Streaming Commissions Today!

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming commissions today! [url]https://picarto
by Yeenr · 4 weeks ago

Call Me Beep Me If you wanna Reach me

Just wanted to remind folks if you like my art on some sites, I'm a little more active checking wise on Furaffinity, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Twitter! I still upload to other sites and check when I can, but if you send a message and it doesn't get replied to right away you can probably reach me on the formerly stated sites
by Skylar · 4 weeks ago

sorry for being dead lol

I'm sorry I'm not very active here, i have a youtube account where I'm more active, plus i have been working to improve my art. i have been really busy lately and have not had time to go either on fur villa nor here which really sucks because i wish i had the time.
by Foxnfur · 4 weeks ago
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20 years alive!

Today at 5:15 am, I turned 20 years old! Goodbye teens, hello 20's!
by Bran · 4 weeks ago

Tools of the Trade

In case anyone is interested, I use the following for drawing: 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, usually with HB lead 0.3 mm mechanical pencil 0.2 mm mechanical pencil (I have the full variety of Pentel leads for my mechanical pencils) 0.1 mm Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen with black India ink (XS) 0.3 m...
by Ancient Wolf · 1 month ago


Night thoughts - 53. - Y knot D’out... Calamity in motion, I fell far beyond my self-given burden Through years in seconds, I saw all I left behind Among the landing, I felt... something long left in the back of reasoning Breaking down the barriers once too tall to imagine, I held in shaken hand...
by Jiblits · 1 month ago

I'm bored

Are there any artists out there struggling to write out a story structure for their comics? I might be able to assist ! Pm me
by Pyruoo · 1 month ago
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Let's get ign'ant, let's get hectic ! ♥
by Elmont · 1 month ago

Commissions Open

Yello! So around doing Lulu comics I have some time to do some commission work as well. Currently only have three more things in my paid list and then I'm entirely free again. So if anyone would like something, feel free to note me! I can probably get them done within a two week time frame ...
by Lulu Amore · 1 month ago