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Artist Type: Improving Artist

Born on a military base she traveled the world briefly before being forced to settle in the Lone Star state.

Now she is trapped but thankfully not alone. With her is her husband, a silver colored fox, and her child, a water fox.

She aspires to be a decent artist and hopes to one day get one of her comics out for the world to see. Unfortunately for now she is struggling to meet those goals while now handling the new responsibilities of motherhood.

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Currently an NPC at Amazon

Extra Details

If my husband ever hops from FA to here, I'll be adding him to the relationships, but for now let's just say I'm married to Silverfox2007.


1.52 Meters · 4 Feet, 11.84 Inches


68.04Kg · 10 Stone, 10 Pound

Eye Colors

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Slightly plush

Extra Attributes

Has a tattoo on her back of falcon wings. Her birthmark is an aries tattoo on her forehead. She has wavy almost curly hair that when straightened goes down to her mid back.

She has a primarily fox body with tiger markings but her face is more tiger-like vs fox. Her sclera is black vs white.

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This is my Fursona, she is as short and angry as myself on a good day. Much like myself she's easy to talk to- so feel free to send a message!

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  • 28


  • Created: 01/12/2016 19:38
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Open to role-playing