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Artist Type: Anthro Artist
Currently I am working as a freelance and commissioned artist.  I am not sure if I can make a living doing this, especially with a family to support, but I am going to try until I can find something more solid.   

Commissions : CLOSED
Will post a journal when open again.
Requests: CLOSED
Art Trades: CLOSED

If you like my stuff, feel free to stop by my Patreon, my newest art is uploaded there about a week before anywhere else, and you can help me choose what projects to work on next.
Or, if you just want to throw something in the old tip jar, Kandlin's Ko-Fi, I would appreciate that too.

Other Places I Post -




Commission Prices -
Base Prices Starting at 1 character - limited background
Sketch/Lines: $30+
Flat Colors: $50+
Full Shading: $75+
approximate 30% increase for addition of characters, complex backgrounds, complexity of character designs, etc.


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10 years and all I got was this lousy mug... (fired)

Well, that's kind of a lie. They never gave me a mug; I got it from my wife. But to recap (those who don't watch my Twitter) I was fired/let-go from my job of 10 years today taking away the main source of income and only insurance for myself, my wife and our child. As such, over the next few wee...
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Streaming tonight at 8:30 CT with Patreon pick for February


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