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Well, that's kind of a lie. They never gave me a mug; I got it from my wife.

But to recap (those who don't watch my Twitter) I was fired/let-go from my job of 10 years today taking away the main source of income and only
insurance for myself, my wife and our child. As such, over the next few weeks there will be some changes to the workload, as I take the time to
finish up past due commissions and the Patreon rewards as well as reworking the Patreon site to possibly include tiers again that would give out different rewards. This also may lead to a reworking of my commission pricing, leading to higher prices for more complicated requests as well as lower prices for bust/½-character commissions.

Until I'm able to find full-time work again, I have to be the sole bread-winner, and Patreon and commissions being the only available income means I'll be taking the work and the payment much more seriously. Hopefully I'll be able to weather this until things improve, but I'm sure not taking any chances with the well being and future of my family on the line.

Regardless, keep an eye open for updates, and if you're able to spare $2 or so a month, subscribing to my Patreon does help. Thanks for reading the rant and good luck with the weekend.

Now, back to the drawing board.

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