Karpish McKarp the Cabbit is feeling Awake
Artist Type: Improving Artist

Name: Fenli Lilium Liets

Species:  Cabbit

Gender: Female

Age: ??? (Appears to be a young child)

Eye color: Light green

Hair: Orange, cut short and messily as if she had tried cutting it herself

Height: 3’0

Weight: 50

Build: Frail

Disposition: Fenli is an easily excitable little one, constantly buzzing with energy. Friendly with no sense of personal space, she can be a little overwhelming for many introverts. She may not seem like the brightest tool in the crayon box, but has a heart of gold and will always try her best to help out.

Flaws: Not very intelligent. Height can be a detriment. Childlike naivety. Sometimes is hard to understand. Very weak physically.

Assets: Plenty of energy. Friendly. Can get away with a whole lot just because she’s adorable.

Quirks: Talks in the third person.

Unique abilities: Seems to be able to appear out of nowhere. Weak telekinetic abilities.

Other information: Has a white medical patch over one of her eyes. It is unknown if she actually needs it or if she just wears it because it makes her look cool. Due to some events in that past, she cannot bear children. If one were to have aura sensing abilities, they would be able to see something off about her.


Erp info-

Sexuality: Pansexual

Role: Switch (surprisingly)

Sex: Just a lil’ bunny cunny. Nothing very odd or special about it.

Status: Virgin? Nope!

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Fenli has no occupation. She just comes and goes as she pleases, much like a stray cat would.

Extra Details

Fenli refers to herself in the third person, even when introducing herself. ("Fenli is Fenli!")

She likes to give people nicknames, usually by combining the first couple letters of their names (Karpish, for example, would be Karp-Karp).
Possible teleportation ability (she tends to wander into places from out of the blue)

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type




Extra Attributes

She always wears a white medical patch on her right eye.

Bran · 20/05/2018 21:57

This lil shit again..

Karpish McKarp · 21/05/2018 00:16

>w< Darned tootin!

"!! New person! Who is? Fenli is Fenli! Hello Hello!!"

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