memequeen the Spider is feeling Meh
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My name is Twitch and I am not a fucking furry trust me.

I may have my own fursona but I'm not a furry.

Why do my friends keep calling me a furry, I'm not trash.

I promise. Holy shit.

I'm not a furry.

You can also call me memequeen.

I love League of Legends, Undertale ♥3 and Steven Universe

15 years old


My friends think that I'm always on crack because of how happy I am all the time.

I love spidey wifeys

Rest assured, I'm not.


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cerelia posted to memequeen

25/09/2015 00:22

 hey psssst

this site is rly cool in the fact that all art is welcomed, not furry. feel free to spam with everything you draw that you like!

memequeen · 25/09/2015 02:54

 Intriguing 0:

memequeen posted

24/09/2015 23:25

fucking what

why am i on here

im not a furry.

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