Lazy Leopard the Snow Leopard

So I go by a few names my Fursuit building name is of course Lazy Leopard.

Why Lazy Leopard?

I hate washing stuff by hand, I hate fixing things after I do them once, and I most certainly hate having to baby absolutely anything.  As such the suits I make tend to last and are machine washable (even if they are airbrushed!) and come with an amazing warranty.

I also do art under the name of Chinona previously however I am now moving all of my commissions, art and fursuit related to Lazy Leopard.

If you would like to check out more of my personal work feel free to visit my Weasyl: Chinona

My commissions for fursuit parts and Suits are currently closed.   I will hopefully be opening up again soon but for now feel free to get a quote on a fursuit or art.  As always fursuit parts for building - claws, pawpads noses tongues, jawsets, and now standard canine resin bases are available still!

I currently have 1 slot available for an art commission in my standard queue!


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Ruddy hell...

This is what happens when you get very sick. I literally saw this place mentioned randomly and went 'Wait I'm pretty sure I have myself an account their already.' Then I saw my last journal and went right this place was awesome! Why am I not using it? 1. I am dumb. 2. Drugs given by doctors scra...
02/01/2020 07:38

Fursuit Prices and TOS

Basic Price List These prices are for very very basic items and should only be used for the roughest of estimates. Please send me an email to request a quote for your item. Do not assume what you are asking for is going to fall under the basic cost. Resin Claws: $1 each (available in standar...
23/05/2016 22:42


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Female · Snow-leopard · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing No
Nicknames Chi
Standard colored snow leopard with light blue eyes and three rosette spots above and below each e...
02/01/2020 07:42


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