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Please send a note on commission requests using the form at the bottom of this description or email me at lazyleopardfursuits[at]gmail.com

I accept certified check (please note with this option, work does not begin until the check is received at which time you will be notified), Paypal (through invoice only) , E-transfer if you are in Canada or Cash if you are local.

Prices are as follows:

Icons - $5-$10
Badges - $25-$35 (25 for bust 35 for full body laminating included as well as lanyard) - Shipping inside Canada included
Sketches - $10 (no background one character only) +5 for extra character or background
Line art - $15 (no/minimal background) +$7 for extra character or background
Flat color - $25 (no/minimal background) +$10 for extra character or background
Shaded - $35 (no minimal background +$20 for extra character or background
Traditional or Digital Render - $50 + (price is dependent on details of character, pose and background)
Basic Ref Sheets - $40 (front and back nude or basic clothed, with up to 3 detail shots *tattoos, piercings, paw colors etc*) +$5 per facial expression **
Specialty Ref Sheets $70 - Front, back and side, with 3 detail shots, 2 expressions, 2 clothing options ** 

Mediums - Digital, pencil crayon (prismacolor), pencil, and copic, watercolor and gouache.

** Will attempt to set up a camera chat in order to get colors correct

Will do:
Pin ups
Any species
Any gender (male, female, herm...)
Hetero couples
Homo couples 
Adult Art

If it is not on this list you can ask, but no guarantees. 


Commissions will be invoiced to the client through Paypal. Please include an email that functions on any note or request.
Payment plans ARE available for larger pieces (anything over $50) please be aware, if you miss a payment however or decide to cancel and I have started on your art, you will get what is finished not a refund.

Progress Sketches
If you wish for a particular pose, you MUST dictate this in the request, if you do not you do not get to change the pose picked for you. Changing the pose after commission is accepted is not allowed. The same rule applies for theme.
All pieces (aside from sketches) come with a progress sketch that you can request minor corrections on. These corrections will be done in the lining stage. Once the Line art has been approved no further pose/line art corrections will be accepted.

The pieces commissioned are for private/personal use only. (if you wish to create a large print please include this in commission request or it may be too small to do a large print)
You may post them to your FA WITH credit and a link, but you may not alter them, or have another artist alter them for you, resell them or use them for any items where you are required to have the rights for the art. 
You MAY NOT use them for tattoo flash unless you have commissioned it specifically for this purpose (prices start at $50.00 for tattoo art or are getting it tattooed by myself)

Unless there is an emergency, (like your house burns down and you need the money to pay for a hotel until insurance kicks in and other similar events) there are no refunds should you cancel your commission.
Should a major emergency happen in my life, please understand that your commission will be delayed.
Average turn around time is 3-5 weeks unless major inspiration bites me in the back side in regards to your art (progress checks normally 1 - 1 1/2 weeks for first sketch)
I tend to update clients on where I am at with their art on a semi regular basis through Notes/email, if you are interested in know where I am at and I haven't updated you in a few days feel free to send a note and ask. (asking for progress checks is not something I consider harassment)
Cancellations will only happen in extreme cases (such as incomplete payment as mentioned in Payments section) extreme harassment, and threats. No refunds in any of these cases.

Other Terms may be added as they are found necessary.

By requesting a commission you agree to these terms of service and will follow them to your best abilities.

Submission Request
Name: (FA or Real as you like)
Email address: (required for paypal invoice and possible communication needs outside of FA)
Type of Commission: (Badge/Sketch/Lineart/etc)
References: (links to reference sheet or other art preferred with exception of reference sheet requests)
Extras: (extra characters, backgrounds)
Pose: (Dancing, Snuggling, pin-up)
Theme: (happy, sad, new years, night etc)
medium preferred: (digital, copic, etc)

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