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Rough rough rough story ahead. Read at your own risk.


Madeline was in the living playing with her octopus plushie, Mis'er Cuddles,
when her siblings came through with bundles of paper, crayons, pencils,
pens, and scissors. Her curious little mind wondered why they would need all
of that stuff - there was plenty of coloring books around the house. Really
wanting to know why, she got onto her hands and knees and crawled after
them, dragging her plushie along with her.

Catching up to them, she noticed that they were cutting out a lot of the same
shape - a heart if she remembered what her mamma said. Getting onto
her knees, she watched as they continued to work with the papers, putting
some together and writing stuff on them talking about who they were going
to give these creations to and why. When she heard the oldest say
something about love, she had an idea.

Looking at Mis'er Cuddles and looking back at the cards, she put the
plushie near the wall and turned towards the table. She stood up as best
she could and wobbled over to the table and tried to grab a piece of paper.
The others spotted her and giggled with one pushing one of the finished
hearts closer to her little hand while another 'accidentally' dropped a crayon.

She plopped down once she had the piece of paper, not even noticing that it
was kind of handed to her. With a small, she grasped the crayon that
dropped and got to scribbling stuff on the heart, copying her siblings.

Soon, she was done with her masterpiece. With a smile, she pushed the
crayon away and turned herself to her plushie. Crawling back over to the wall
where she left Mis'er Cuddles, Madi presented the card to her, telling the
plushie she loved her by saying, "Moo!"

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