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Hello there and welcome to my main page, I wanna take this time to tell you a little about myself.

{ Artist Name }
Linka Linxs

{ Gender }

{ Age }
for ever 25

{ Species }
Russian Blue kemonomimi AKA Cat Girl

{ Life Status } Single " Not Looking "

{ Role Playing } Not Really

{ About me }
I been doing art off and on for years and find it very soothing
I'm still learning new things all the time and I enjoy sharing what I do know with other artist.
even though I'm not a fur suiter I do enjoy the furry people.

My art skills art pretty good, well at least I think so and so do some others. Granted I'm still growing in my drawing with backgrounds and shadings

Current skills



Commissions ~ Open
Trades ~ Maybe
Freebies ~ Close

> >[url=Current]]Current commission prices[/url] < <

:iconTips: are welcome

Character that belong to me and can not be used with out my OKAY
Linka Linxs      Characger Magice           Addilina Clawser        Strider         Clover

*** Holiday characters only ******

Twitchet ~ Halloween character         CandyCane ~ Christmas        Fire Cracker ~ New Year's

NONE ~ Valentine's Day          NONE ~ St.Patrick's Day & Easter          NONE ~ Independence Day

NONE ~ National Health month
Other pages you can frind me on


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commission deals

Want to get art from me, but don't have a lot to spend well I have a deal for you, just for this web site
21/11/2015 20:57
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So my desktop monitor is still not work I got all new wires and my screen is still blank even tho there is power going threw both monitor and tower I guess I am have to go to best buy and see what Geek Squad has to say about it ... that or get a new computer monitor. Which I'll have to get after ...
09/11/2015 01:41


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16/04/2016 21:28
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Female · Angora cat · Heterosexual · Aquarius
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Air
Airionna is a spicy kind of kitty, she is a bit bossy and unfiltered at times. Air is a creative ...
18/12/2015 07:53


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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

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Miss Ashe

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AlphaYellaWolf posted to linka linxs

04/11/2015 14:35

Thank you for watching me!

linka linxs · 05/11/2015 00:13

your most welcome

Nyla Christina Cropper posted to linka linxs

04/11/2015 00:05

thankies for the sub

Nicotine posted to linka linxs

02/11/2015 19:28

Hi, just wanted to say, your art is super cute! Keep it up :)

linka linxs · 02/11/2015 23:54

thank you so much, I will