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It looks like Mommy Queen Ankha wants to stomp on you with her dirty, sweaty and smelly foot! Here are the six panels:

Scene 1: Mommy Queen Ankha is standing up because she is a biped cat and infront of the camera.

Scene 2: Mommy Queen Ankha says Hello everyone. I'm Queen Ankha, but you can call me Mommy and I'm gonna stomp on you as the little bug you are.

Scene 3: She raises her dirty, sweaty and smelly five-toed left foot with sharp blue toe claws over the camera and says Are you ready?

Scene 4: She wiggles her dirty, sweaty and smelly toes and says You want Mommy's dirty, sweaty and smelly foot on your face?

Scene 5: She lowers her left foot onto the camera and smashes its lens while saying THEN TAKE IT! in all caps.

Scene 6: She stonps the camera flat. The screen goes black and says NO SIGNAL in all white caps.

Roleplay is allowed.

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