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Welcome to my page! 

Everything you see here was drawn by myself!

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24|Gender Fluid|United Kingdom|Heterosexual|Panromantic|Folf

Pronouns: Any (Preference They/Them/Their)

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1st May 2011


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Change of Identity

Im feeling more at home inside of a different persona recently, I need to stick with the name lupeyroo for my art but I feel like lupey has become a mascot for my art and I don't really identify with him or charlie as much anymore so its likely art wont be posted of them as often as my current id...
16/12/2017 14:42
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Bored (I'm 60% Furry)

you meow/bark to get attention you find pets toys amusing you get hyper by the smell of catnip you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you you purr/shake your leg when someone shows you affection if someone tosses a ball, you...
28/09/2017 23:06


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Female · Deer · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
A crazy chubby deer that loves to get drunk on whisky
13/02/2017 20:40
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Male · Caneel · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Noodle, Ryō
11/02/2017 23:47


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Nebula posted to lupeyroo

20/04/2021 18:33

Your a mod, right?? A user called Toxy has been harrassing me and others, and has been stealing art and slurring people

Ally posted to lupeyroo

26/03/2020 18:16

Are any admins active? I can't delete my accounts... The site isn't letting me and I'm in danger 💔

Hazel posted to lupeyroo

10/10/2019 18:17

hiya I'm new! I just wanna ask if this is a glitch or no cos when I edit my characters, I can't seem to add their relationships :< I also posted my fursona character but when I check all my characters listed on my profile, my fursona Hazel isn't there on the list. I was just wondering if this is fixable..? '^';

Lucas Cameron Blakeman posted to lupeyroo

13/07/2019 13:49

Lupey. SuperSonic43 is in trouble. I called all six of you staff members for my help.

Biscotti posted to lupeyroo

23/10/2018 09:35

Thank you for the favorite!

Taxujin posted to lupeyroo

13/07/2018 10:20

Thank you kindly for subscribing and favorite. =) I like the look of your gallery I'll be following you as well.

lupeyroo · 13/07/2018 14:19

Thanks! Though I am on hiatus from drawing until I finally move out. I don't have much of a setup here x love your pic too! Can't wait to see more

Taxujin · 13/07/2018 15:24

Thank you again and your welcome. ^^ 

That is a shame to hear, wish you best of luck with your moving, It's always such a big hazzle. But I'll be looking forward to your triumphant return.

Won't have to wait long, I'll be posting some new stuff tonight. ;) I'm very happy you dig my art.

AutisticWerehog · 02/03/2020 17:03

Hi! :3

Snack posted to lupeyroo

17/06/2018 19:43


lupeyroo · 18/06/2018 11:05

No worries! Keep up the good work :3

Peacegirllisa posted to lupeyroo

29/12/2017 12:40

Thank you for the sub and favs ^w^

Exindiv posted to lupeyroo

01/10/2017 19:12

Thank you for the faves.

lupeyroo · 01/10/2017 19:58

No worries! Enjoy the site! :)

Chrymzonfang posted to lupeyroo

05/09/2017 21:06

Thank you :3

lupeyroo · 05/09/2017 22:49

No worries!

FellFallow posted to lupeyroo

08/08/2017 23:24

Thanks for subscribing :)

Hraefn posted to lupeyroo

25/07/2017 10:01

Burb appreciates fave!~ ^v^

Accursedwolf posted to lupeyroo

18/07/2017 04:37

hey thanks for faving.

lupeyroo · 18/07/2017 08:19 · 1 Reply

No worries!

Accursedwolf · 19/07/2017 06:04


Accursedwolf · 19/07/2017 06:04

I really appreciate it hope I can make more are you and other artists can enjoy

AshitakaWolf posted to lupeyroo

19/06/2017 00:43

Thanks for the fav!

lupeyroo · 19/06/2017 10:20

No worries! you have adorable characters!

AshitakaWolf · 19/06/2017 14:31 · 1 Reply

♥  Thanks.  Your fursuit is awesome.  Your Bill and Ted shot is super cool.

lupeyroo · 19/06/2017 14:57

Haha yeah! It was the theme at a con I went to this year

thatBADfolf posted to lupeyroo

07/06/2017 20:54

Art trade, please? C:

Taz posted to lupeyroo

31/05/2017 20:10

Signed up like I said I would! Thanks for pointing me to the site!

lupeyroo · 31/05/2017 22:00

No worries! Glad to see your stuff here :) if you need any help just send me a message!!

Seven (707) posted to lupeyroo

28/04/2017 16:01

wanna do an arttrade :0 ♥

lupeyroo · 29/04/2017 08:36 · 1 Reply

Sure can do! Just need to finish a few things! PM me :)

Seven (707) · 29/04/2017 08:36

okay !!

CatInYourCloset posted to lupeyroo

22/03/2017 02:47

Thanks so much for subscribing to my content! :D ♥

lupeyroo · 22/03/2017 02:53

No worries! Keep up the awesome work!

Strangequill posted to lupeyroo

21/03/2017 15:27

I wish you the best on your artistic journey :}~

lupeyroo · 21/03/2017 15:34

You too! :3 Loving your work so far :3

Nikkoleon posted to lupeyroo

21/03/2017 01:01

Thanks a bunch for subscribing! :D

lupeyroo · 21/03/2017 01:49 · 1 Reply

Hey, no worries dood! Love your style :)

Nikkoleon · 21/03/2017 03:27

Thanks! It really means a lot to hear! :D

TerinasTiger posted to lupeyroo

27/02/2017 13:50

Hey, thank you for faving "Male Lead #1" and "The Other Male Lead"! I'm Glad you liked them both. I'd love for you to check out "Courtship", the story they're both about as well, but either way, thanks for the attention!

lupeyroo · 27/02/2017 13:57

Had a skim read of your latest post! I'll definitely check out your other stuff in note detail when I get the time!

Sora no Tamashii posted to lupeyroo

26/02/2017 15:17

Heya! thanks for the fave!

lupeyroo · 26/02/2017 15:26

No worries! Welcome to furiffic

Nkechi posted to lupeyroo

22/02/2017 16:57

Hey, fuzzbutt! Thanks for the fav ♥ Love your stuff! Your line art is on point.

lupeyroo · 22/02/2017 18:31

aaaa thank you! Your art is cool too :3 welcome to furiffic!!

Nkechi · 22/02/2017 18:56

This website is really nice, too- sleek and intuitive! Any tips for someone new to this place? I've only tooled around on furAffinity before, really. :D

lupeyroo · 22/02/2017 22:18 · 1 Reply

you can use the gallery importer from fa (using chrome). If you need any more advice just send me a pm

Nkechi · 22/02/2017 22:38

I'll take a look at it! Thanks ;D

Foxy Flapper posted to lupeyroo

22/02/2017 15:41

Thanks for faving my lion family!

lupeyroo · 22/02/2017 15:44

No worries! Love you style :)

Sakima posted to lupeyroo

08/02/2017 18:44

Thank you for Faving ^^

lupeyroo · 08/02/2017 20:12

No worries! you have a cute chara :P I love purple too!

Sakima · 08/02/2017 20:14


lupeyroo · 08/02/2017 20:15

Also, Welcome to Furiffic!

Sakima · 09/02/2017 17:00


Awkward Doggo posted to lupeyroo

05/02/2017 16:30

Thank you for subbing :D 

lupeyroo · 05/02/2017 16:31 · 1 Reply

No worries! Cool art and adorable character!

Awkward Doggo · 05/02/2017 16:36

Thank you very much! You as well!!

YoshiTheFox posted to lupeyroo

09/12/2016 06:14

Thanks for the fav!

KrankDorgi posted to lupeyroo

02/12/2016 22:48

Cute style!! Wanna do a trade sometime? :D

Foxy Flapper posted to lupeyroo

17/11/2016 14:31

Thank you for the subscription and faves! 

WastelandOni posted to lupeyroo

13/11/2016 05:12

Thanks for the sub!! :D

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