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She is an original species I made based off Sharks and Amphibians. Compared to the rest of her species she is small and weak. She refuses to hunt or kill fish yet she needs to eat them to survive. 

In her world only humans and Sharkians are the intelligent life. All other animals and fish exist the same as our earth. She is disliked by most of the humans for being a sharkian which are known for their violent nature and aggression towards humans, Sharkians controll the sea and Humans controll the land as part of an agreement to keep the peace. Humans are allowed to fish in certian areas at certain times and in return humans allow access to all rivers and lakes on earth, however most sharkians prefer the ocean. The sharkians also do not like Luana because they think she is weak and not worthy of living in the main undersea cities, She is often attacked by other sharkians and some even think she would be better of dead. As a result Luana lives closer to humans in a small lagoon within a cave. All sharkians are carnivorus and have diet that contains mostly fish, In order to suvive. Instead of hunting, Luana has befriended a local fisherman to give her dead fish in exchange for treasures she finds in the ocean.




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Treasure Hunter

Extra Details

She has a flat chest and Wide hips with webbed hands and feet. her gills are on her neck ans she has a working pair of lungs too. she needs to be in water for at least 60% of the day in order to remain healthy.


1.53 Meters · 5 Feet, 0.23 Inches


57Kg · 8 Stone, 13.66 Pound

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Flat chested with wide hips

Nigel · 22/12/2017 06:53 · 1 Reply

She sounds like absolutely the sweetest thing! Love her!

lupeyroo · 22/12/2017 07:05

Aww thank you! I need to get some more accurate drawings of her soon!

Luana is a poor excuse for a shark! but she is kind and gentle.

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