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£3 ($5) Butt/Bust/Crotch Icons!

Published: 24/05/2016 11:38

Making Icons of Boobs, Butts and Bits! I can draw with or without underwear so can be SFW or NSFW!

Please reply if you are interested.  They cosy £3 GBP which is approx. $5 USD



Please send me a message if you are interested in a commission!

phake · 24/05/2016 14:52 · 6 Replies

well now, Who doesn't want butts o3o

Bun Fluffpaws · 24/05/2016 15:08

haha, i was thinking the same thing 

Bun Fluffpaws · 24/05/2016 15:09


Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 15:19

~slaps the butt~ everyone gets at least one

lupeyroo · 24/05/2016 15:46

Would you like a butt? Etc.

phake · 24/05/2016 16:01

Ooooh ya! Can I have a nsfw one? 030

lupeyroo · 24/05/2016 16:12

Sure! Pm me or email me with all the details xxx

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 15:20 · 1 Reply

Too poor to buy anything

Bun Fluffpaws · 24/05/2016 15:29

Aww shame, i know how you like the butts.
Also if you would need to enable mention notifications in your preference since they were added after your account was created.
^^ That is if you want to be notified when you are mentioned

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 21:02 · 6 Replies

Yeah, wish I could have one, or two, or a few, but no money

lupeyroo · 24/05/2016 21:05

I dont plan on closing these any time soon!  I may need to close commissions for a little while after this con im going to on thursday but im sure if you still want one when you get enough spare muns I will be happy to draw some stuff up for ya! xx

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 21:17

Probably not considering Im on the verge of homelessness and I have not had cash on hand well over a month sadly

lupeyroo · 24/05/2016 21:19

I'm sorry to hear that >.< I really hope things get better for you and your situation improves soon
 ♥ Save your money and look after yourself!

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 21:20

I need help if things are going to get better that is for sure, unable to do this on my own x.x

lupeyroo · 24/05/2016 21:22

You have got us furs to look after you! You need anything and Im sure we will do our best to assist! xx

Duo Theus · 25/05/2016 00:06

I wish. Ive been asking around for a potential home for a while and some help. Had a fur named Vexen lie to me and use me, got to know him over a couple of months, helped me get to his state of Arkansas, then practically raped me while I was there, and after only a week of staying, he and his roommates just throw all my stuff on the parking lot of a Caseys and abandoned me, and for what of all things? Food stamp fraud, basically it happens a lot in arkansas according to the cop I talked too. If you know of nice furs send them my way, I could use some kindess for once, Ive been sort of panicking and on edge, sorry to burden you with all of that.

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