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Change of Identity

Published: 16/12/2017 14:42

Im feeling more at home inside of a different persona recently, I need to stick with the name lupeyroo for my art but I feel like lupey has become a mascot for my art and I don't really identify with him or charlie as much anymore so its likely art wont be posted of them as often as my current identity in the form of another character of mine, Curious. (see characters tab) 

I also feel quite a bit out of touch with my own art style and I need to focus on bringing it back to life or pursuing other hobbies along side the furry fandom.

Im not entirely sure the point of this journal, just felt i needed to write it down somewhere.

Please send me a message if you are interested in a commission!

THECAGDL ยท 16/12/2017 16:11

I see

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