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Icon commission for @mysticsolstice

Tundra · 10/07/2016 14:15 · 1 Reply

I wuv it so much ♥ very cute! I wish i had your skillz have a good  day/night my friend! :D

lupeyroo · 10/07/2016 16:00

That means so much to me, bless you xx

Tundra · 10/07/2016 17:45 · 1 Reply

Im glad im making people happy  \(^//^)/ i love reading your replys. The words in your replys arnt what people normally tell me. Im so glad i found your art, and when im older, i might get a headshot of casy from you :D im only 11 yo now so i cant. ( loz i had to make a hard choice: keep watchibg hetalia or check if you replied. I chose to see if you replied cuz nothing means more to me than nice reply from a great artist ;3 cant wait to see your next upload!!

lupeyroo · 10/07/2016 18:00

Aw that's so sweet! Interesting to see someone joining the fandom so young! Heck. If you really want I might doodle you something when I get some free time if you wanna message me with your chara info ^^ I'm pretty busy right now but I could try to find some time x

Tundra · 10/07/2016 18:15 · 1 Reply

°0° your so genores...genoruse.. D: i cant spell., your very kind to do that! Good thing casy is as easy as pie to draw(but pies are hard to make...i dont get life) when do you want mevto message you with details? Any time is fine! Again thanks you so mich your the best ^///^

lupeyroo · 10/07/2016 20:58

Message me when you are ready! And yeah generous is a hard word to spell! I just guess and autocorrect does the rest!

Foxy Flapper · 22/02/2017 15:42 · 1 Reply

She is a cutie!

lupeyroo · 22/02/2017 15:44

Aww yeah ikr!

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