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Happy Holidays!

As it is December, don’t forget to pick up the latest copy of Coffee n’ Cake’s latest magazine! This month we are featuring our newest addition to our family, Rareel. Get the latest sexual intercourse tips from our professionals working in the industry for years! Lastly - snag the biggest promos we have before the year ends!



With this I would like to officially announce something I have been (not so subtly) building up to, my Coffee N’ Cake series of art. The focus is on a tiny cafe with a few baristas - there are three so far fully fleshed out - that serves coffee in the day and themselves at night. ;3 Initially I want to make it a comic series (and I still am), but due to real world obstacles this process has slowed down dramatically and I will continue expanding their universe in the form of well, art snippets with lore attached. Hopefully you will still enjoy these little things I am working on and one day be able to hold a copy of its comic. ;3

Stay fancy!

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