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Levi Jr. is one of my 3 Baristas, and the 2nd Barista to be hired into Coffee N' Cake. He enjoys the work he does although he is extremely shy when it comes to pleasuring the customers in bed. ;3 However, he has one of the most unfortunate backgrounds among my boys, being thrown out of home for coming out as gay. His extremely traditional parents were horrified when they found out that both their sons are not straight. This is further compounded by Levi Jr. being 'too deviant', stashing loads of gay porn in his personal drawers at home until they were found by his parents.

Levi's Backstory is masterfully done by twistedsnakes
If you are interested, read the full story here; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30404786/ ^^

Currently, Levi Jr. lives in the cafe he works in! Occasionally, Chip spends the night with him to "teach him new stuff". Don't be fooled by his shyness - he is actually very interested in learning more.

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