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Chip is one of my 3 Baristas and is the 1st Barista hired in Coffee N' Cake. Generally, he enjoys his work but does spend a deal great of time whining about it. He also tends to skip anything that involves hard labour and has been "convincing" Rareel to do it, although Levi Jr. does step in when cleanliness is involved. Unlike Levi Jr., Chip has a vastly more accepting family who are, while skeptical, definitely supportive of his life choices as a Barista. He is very close with his sister and so when Chip's family gathers for dinner, Chip loves to describe his latest blowjob(s) in details, much to his family's dismay.

Chip is also 'Christian' in this world's context. ;P

Chip's Backstory is masterfully done by twistedsnakes
If you are interested, read the full story here; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30445410/ ^^

Currently, Chip commutes between the cafe and his home daily to work. He sometimes spends the night there to accompany Levi Jr. or if he has "special requests" by certain affluent customers. He also has been trying out a new variety of coffee beans that their importer has recommended and it contributed to his lack of sleep, but not lack of energy, for the past few nights. Customers do report "heightened strength behind close doors" so be wary when picking him for the next few months! ;3

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