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Rareel is one of my 3 Baristas and is the 3rd Barista hired in Coffee N' Cake. (...Also Rareel is me so >:3c)
New to the job, Rareel is mainly in charge of 'menial' work in the cafe at the moment, cleaning of tables, windows, storerooms, floors... everything that needs a bit of heavy lifting~ He sometimes wonders if this is the right job for him, but he definitely enjoys the shifts that have him pants-less and behind locked doors. Unlike the other two baristas, Rareel's personal and private life is still not very known to the rest. However like Levi Jr., he does sometimes spend the night over in the cafe and it would not be uncommon for him to be in Levi Jr.'s room for the night~

Currently, Rareel is in the midst of a coffee brewing "course" to learn a bit more about making coffee/latte art. Chip is co-attending that with him and they report that they do use a very special kind of milk for the art! ;3

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