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Aye aye! :> As of now I am officially on Patreon too! :D 
For me, its more of a low-commitment way of supporting my personal works ^^ so aside from commissions, I am working on my own personal project, Coffee N' Cake featuring my 3 baristas! 

If you'd like, you can contribute to my little world and helping me out a little in-between commission work! :D 

Effective next month, I'll also begin asking for recommendations in what little fan-character lewds you'd like to see, just to spice things up in my Patreon and also, to give me a reason to do more fanart stuff! >:3c

So yesh!

Join my Patreon for;
- Early Access to all my work;
I do lots of stuff and I don't like the idea of flooding like 5-6 pieces in a week, so I stagger them but then due to that, some older work get lost in the past. I have decided to do a "Upload Upon Completion" mentality when it comes to Patreon, so you'll get to see all my stuff ASAP! :D For the $1+ tier you get most of the stuff (and all SFW stuff) and $3+ tier will see EVERRRRRYTHING :D

I now intend to post all the lil sketches I do! This is for the $3+ tier, and you get to see what naughty stuff I've been sketching ;3 if you like certain sketches, tell me and I might end up finishing it! :D

-No Paywall;
Everything I do will eventually be here - so no worries on that!!!


And that's it! If you'd like, please take a look and I am thankful for your support! :D
<3 Stay Fancy! 

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