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hello! call me Lyall or Scott! i am 13 years old and i am agender, i go by they/them pronouns!

i enjoy video games, cartoons, and drawing!

some of my special interests include pokemon, fnaf, splatoon, tamagotchi, undertale, zootopia, and sonic the hedgehog!

i am currently an artist and planning on becoming a professional and possibly even being an astronomer!

i hope you enjoy your stay on my profile!


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resteroni in pepperoni

sorry if i havent been too active here, im more active on my furaffinity! see u all there maybe !
07/04/2016 05:41
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uh hello! im new!

im sorry for being unoriginal but i am new here! im looking forward to meeting new artists or smth like that! uhh i know i made an info part about me but ill do a full one here just in case? lmao my actual names launder, but i prefer to be called by Lyall or sometimes scott! im 13 and i go by the...
12/03/2016 03:22


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