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Hi I'm Cory, a 15 year old digital, traditional, and (almost) Fursuit artist. I started drawing anthros in 2014. Beleive it or not I've never taken art classes, my school never offered an art class, and I've been in band since I've moved. 

I use a UGEE 1910b tablet and FireAlpaca. I also have expirience in SAI and photoshop.

My main characters name is Marilyn, in homage to Marilyn Manson (my favorite band/ singer guy person thing), although I really like music in general, but it has to be 80s-2000s and anything in the rock/metal genre.


Art status:

Trades: open.

Commissions: OPEN.


Requests: nope.


⌈~Marilyn Manson|A Perfect Circle|Attila|Suicide Silence~




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new furaffinity account!! {} gonna post more here if i actually sucseed at getting noticed on here
15/11/2016 15:29
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i guess my art has no value then so.... im just gonna give up on art and stuf... i cant do it...
27/10/2016 16:26


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Niels posted to Mansie.

14/06/2016 17:51

Hi! Thanks for subscribing.

Theorah posted to Mansie.

28/05/2016 06:19

WOW you're so talented for your age, I've never known anyone at the age of 13 to be so good art-wise, I cant even imagine what level you'll be at when you're older o_o Keep up the good work!! :)

fyirri posted to Mansie.

27/05/2016 18:28

thank ye kindly for the subscribe

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26/05/2016 22:35

Thanks for the fav ^^

Spenser posted to Mansie.

26/05/2016 13:30

VERY impressive art! Absolutely gorgeous!!! And I love the meaning behind a couple of the pieces!

Tundra posted to Mansie.

26/05/2016 10:31

Your a drawing god...:0

Ashlhie posted to Mansie.

25/05/2016 13:44

I wanna be you so I don't have to suck at drawing....

Destinysa posted to Mansie.

23/05/2016 18:59

d o you do commissions?

Mansie. · 23/05/2016 21:14

Please read my bio for art status ^^