Mansie. the Zanji is feeling Pissed off
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new furaffinity account!! {} gonna post more here if i actually sucseed at getting noticed on here
15/11/2016 15:29
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i guess my art has no value then so.... im just gonna give up on art and stuf... i cant do it...
27/10/2016 16:26


I finally got a paypal //dies heres the price sheet, you can request a commission here, but i will eventually want to go to PMs for further details. {}
14/10/2016 15:57

icon comms open

look here
13/07/2016 19:46

stream: mic + music

for some reason this works way better with my intous and sai than with my ugee idk why but here: {} doing art trades its lonely here also I'm listening to some sick metal core so turn down your headphones
12/07/2016 13:40

imma go to an Of Mice and Men concert.

so yeah anyway, I'm going to the concert they have at the intersection (in grand rapids MI because I live in Michigan yes thanks) in 4 days but anyway they just released the guest artists and OH MY GOD SERAPHIM IS GONNA BE THERE I FUCKING LOVE THEM YES PLEASE if you haven't heard of seraphim (mos...
12/07/2016 11:27


using my intuos again after like a year lol I CAN SAI NOW THO
09/07/2016 18:29


see here for more info
23/06/2016 19:18


19/06/2016 18:04
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hey guys i have an art theif hahaha

yeah so I have an art theif on dA and I believe bardju? (looks like bardjus style anyway) does too they can be found here {} at this point idfc what you say to them, ive filed two DMCAs and it still hasn't been removed.
19/06/2016 00:31

18/06/2016 16:52

CSP Update

so someone on deviantart was kind enough to give me their unused serial number for clip studio from 2 years ago. I can finally have more decent art :)
14/06/2016 17:32
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quick question

since I don't use SAI (it literally will not let my tablet cursor move on the screen), and instead I use medibang paint, I'm trying to get a more sai like look. I'm testing that on this piece: netflixNchill WIP {/marilyn/view/71896} . I have a few artists id like to reference but I cant deide. he...
08/06/2016 00:28

thinking up a new closed species

ive tried making a closed species one before and it sucked ass, so I thought itd be a good idea to propose my idea first to see if people like them notes so far: the species is namless. its a very scholarly creature, a mix between a wolf and deer. the more elegance you have earns you a higher ran...
05/06/2016 18:27


IUCIFRE DA COMMISSIONS!! Have a deviantart and dA points? Want to commission me? You're in luck because my commissions are open. My account on dA is Iucifre (iucifre) and my profile will have the commission information!!! Have a deviantart account but no points? There is a handy PayPal to point...
31/05/2016 13:45

Kaicy Lucifer jaeger (MM AU)

I'm not going to make a character for this band AU Kaicy quite yet because I don't have a reference. Kaicy Lucifer Jaeger lead singer/ songwriter and rhythm guitar Years active: 1993-present Band: JaegerBomb Genre: Deutsche Neue Harte, industrial, heavy metal, shock rock languages: German and E...
25/05/2016 22:17
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My birthday is in 3 days.

(FYI, this is going on all of my art sites) so so my birthday is in 5 days, I'll be 14. i just thought I should make a birthday wish list so here goes~ 1. Pixel art/icons of any of my characters 2. Art of Kaicy (Manson AU) and Marilyn. 3. Badges or Marilyn. yep, it's short but it's all I want ...
25/05/2016 11:27
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I recently got a beta key like... Three weeks ago?... But I heard it's open to everyone now so HERES MY LINK my link {} Also weasyl hates me. I was perma-banned for having two accounts. ligit serious it was because I had two accounts. also I probably lost A T...
17/05/2016 23:42