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My name is Puanny, im the manager and face behind all of ''Mary kimer'' Pages and works.
~proud NB trans man, Panromantic, Asexual~
My main sona right now is my dear dumb boi porcupine Puanny
Also you should visit my toyhouse... Here!

If ya need to contact me, just send me a pm on discord!

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commissions open!

Commission price list {/marykimer/view/197532} ok so... my commission slots are open! here's my terms of service: ||TOS:|| > Ill do any kind of illustration, except for ’’Cub’’ and ’’scat’ ’ or EXTREME fetish content, im ok with ''normal'' or ''soft'' nsfw fetish content. > The commission is no...
5 months ago


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Martin Scramper Skunk

Nonbinary · Hooded skunk · Pansexual · Pisces
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames skank
6 months ago

Jackson Andromeda

Transgender · Xen · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames jack, alien possum
16/12/2019 21:29