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commissions open!

Published: 1 week ago

ok so... my commission slots are open! here's my terms of service:


> Ill do any kind of illustration, except for ’’Cub’’ and ’’scat’ ’ or EXTREME fetish content, im ok with ''normal'' or ''soft'' nsfw fetish content.

> The commission is not delivered unless the payment is fully completed.

> NO refunds

> For large commissions, small payment plan’s (three payments) can be made, which will be divided between the commission's working time, if the commission is finished, all payments will have to be made in order for the finished product to be delivered.

> WiP’s will be offered throughout the creation process, approximately 1 WiP for each stage of the work (rough sketch, clean sketch, lineart, flat colors, shading, background sketch, background lines and bg color) i may send more wips throught the commission depending on the complexity of the work and the amount of changes that the client requires or makes.

> Total changes can be made during the sketch stages, at the time of the lineart only minor changes to the structure or poses are allowed, when arriving at the coloring stage, changes in poses and character structure are NOT allowed, unless they are very small changes. In the coloring stage only considerable changes to the colors or patterns are allowed.

> When creating the drawing background, all kinds of changes are allowed. If a Simple or detailed background was required, this will require possible sketches and linearts, so there will also be change’s limits, these would depend on the complexity of the work. For better quality in a complex or simple background, detailed descriptions, references or images that help to better understand your idea for the background are appreciated.

> If your payment has not been completed or you are in a payment plan, the WiP’s will have watermarks until you complete your payment.

> Payments are accepted via paypal, or by bank deposit in case you’re from México.

> At least one reference image of your character/s will be required at the time of commissioning, unless you commission a custom, in that case, a detailed description of the PHYSICAL characteristics of the character will be required as a minimum, in addition to images, photos or illustrations that accompany your explanation this is in case you need help from me (the artist) to create the character for the reference.

> The delivery time of the commission may vary depending on the orders or work i have at the time and the complexity of the commission, from 2 days to 1 month (two months in a VERY extreme case with a commission too complex). These delivery times will be discussed with the client at the time of commissioning.

> I live on México so my time zone is GMT-6, remember that when im working on your commission! because i may message you or work on times that differ from yours.

> if you're commissioning me and i send you this TOS, please reply to me with ''i agree to your TOS'' or something between those lines so i can be sure you readed all of this! or else i wont be able to work with you :(

> Heres my trello , where you can see my work queue.( https://trello.com/b/2rnoH8jX/commissions )

Now to finish this, 

If ya' need to contact me, just send me a pm on discord!