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Published: 2 weeks ago

Please contact me through email or on telegram for comms!


Telegram: @/ratphomet

Current Queue

Refer to this journal entry for my commission options, information, and prices.

I will be updating this as time goes on, so check back for any changes. Please

read through all of my rules carefully before asking to commission me. If you

have any questions, feel free to ask me at any time.


General Stuff

- Method of payment is PayPal USD only.
- You must pay me before I begin with your commission.
- Don't haggle on my prices. They're fair for my skill level.
- Prices may vary depending on complexity.
- I have the right to deny you a commission for any reason.
- Be polite, please! I'm a human behind the screen, too.
- After your commission is completed, you cannot get a refund.
- I am unable to ship any artwork to you.
- Credit me properly wherever you use my art.

I usually do not take more than a month to complete a comm.

Due dates are allowed, but they have to be reasonable (so don't say tomorrow).

Will Do

- Anthros
- Ferals
- Ponies
- Monsters
- Artistic nudity (must be 18+)
- Ship art/couple stuff (SFW only)
- Robotic parts (i.e. protogens)
- Blood, gore, body horror, etc.

Might Do

- Humans

- Canon characters (very picky, so ask!)
- Real people/celebs (very picky, so ask!)

Won't Do

- Explicit NSFW, suggestive themes, kinks, etc
- Hate speech or art made to harass others
- Anything political in nature
- Detailed architecture
- Full robots or mecha

- Traditional art
- Base edits
- Realism


All drawings will have clean lineart automatically, but you can ask for the sketchy lines instead.

Prices listed apply to all types of characters (anthro, feral, human, etc).

Basic Stuff

- Headshot = $5
- Bust = $10
- Waist-up = $15
- Fullbody = $20

Other Stuff

- Chibi (fullbody w/ floating items) = $5
- Badge = $15 (toony style = $7)
- Reference tier 1 (1 fullbody, 1 headshot) = $25 *
- Reference tier 2 (2 fullbodies, 2 headshots) = $35 *


- + Color = $5
- + Shading (cell or soft) = $5
- + Complex background = $10
- + Another character = double price (i.e. a $20 fullbody becomes $40 with another added) **

* References will be NOT be shaded and are colored automatically.

** Does not include the price of the other add-ons.

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