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Hey, you can call me Roo! I respond to any pronoun, but they/them works perfectly.

I'm a digital artist obviously specializing in furry art, but I also make menus, T-shirts,

and posters. I currently reside in central Florida and work full-time in theme parks as an

Attractions team leader. When I'm not drawing or working, I'm probably playing video

games (despite being very bad at them), playing on Neopets, or watching TV/movies. I

also very much enjoy going to Disney World and sporting my love for Sorcerer Mickey.

I used to have a gallery over at furaffinity, however, I no longer use that account or

the website. I have my own website that is currently under construction and rebranding

to fit my current, well-known handle (mechanic-coyote). I am most active on my Twitter

account, where I have both personal tweets and art tweets. I do have an Instagram account

as well that is sparsely updated, but it is me. Any other accounts not mentioned above

are not me!

For my Terms of Service, click here.

For a quick guide to my commission prices, please message me directly.

I am currently not open for commissions; commission openings will be posted on Twitter.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.




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