midnight wolf the Wolf is feeling Curious
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Taken by:Anastasia(Riley Twilight Wolf): 


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Snow Fox

Male · Husky · Bisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames delta
a white and black husky, quick when moving, use caution when approaching, always armed, eyes are ...
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midnight wolf

Male · Wolf · Bisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames foxtrot, lone wolf, wolf
military personnel does not wear clothing unless it is for the military, has an albino wolf that ...
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Will Lemon

Species: wolf
Artist Type: art whore
Mood: horny
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Species: Protogen
Artist Type: cartoonist
Mood: bored
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Lucybus posted to midnight wolf

1 week ago

I’m just saying that no, I am not harassing toxy. They’re blaming me because they have been calling me and nebula names and traced our art. 

(If you’re wondering why I’m saying this it’s because I saw your blabbing with toxy)

goodnight everyone^^'

how do you post audio on here?