nekonishin the Cat

rose is a part of a rescue team called the fairy hearts where she works as the daycare owner/ explorer. she used to be a full time explorer when she was a glameow, but one case turned that around. when she was a glameow she was kinda arrogant and full of herself thinking he can take on anything. and normally she could. she kept on solving case after case getting to be the best of the best. she decided to get ballsy and go for a S rank mission. this one was capturing a Pokémon who was known for kidnapping and turning Pokémon into mindless sex slaves. it was a houndoom named skull and his espurr sidekick nightmare. she found his hideout and tried to sneak in undetected. when she was ambushed by his crew of weavile and tied up. he knew she was coming and decided to trap her. the next few months he tortured her and made the scars on her chest and eye made her fatten up and evolve into a perfect breeding cat as well as egg supplier making her able to lay unfertilized eggs. she was eventually rescued along with the other pokemon but skull escaped. she never recovered from that and her mind was set to a motherly one. now she has stopped going on alot of missions and stayed at the base working as a daycare lady for all the rescuers who have kids. But she is still hunting skull to this day. Hoping to get her vengeance



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daycare owner / rescuer


1 Meters · 3 Feet, 3.37 Inches


17.14Kg · 2 Stone, 9.78 Pound

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has a heart scar on her chest and a scare on her right eye

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