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Now that I have finished writing Dreamuria in early July and which remains to be corrected by my best friend, I will be able to concentrate on my other projects: write my ideas on my characters and the plots that I like to develop, practice drawing and ... developing the universe of Xenia Talbot.

It is on this 3rd project that I would like to discuss here. This project is about a desire to make a shonen style manga, in the strange, fascinating and horrific universe of the Eldritch Abomination. There would follow the character Xenia Talbot, a Quebecer who is half-human, half-Eldritch abomination, who tries to fight these beings who want to harm her life and her world, while trying to lead a normal life. This would happen in our universe, with eldritch abominations hiding in the shadows.

For the moment, this is the summary that I can give you, being that I still have not started to imagine the main plot, being too busy with my studies, Dreamuria and the pandemic during the last years.

I do not know if I will succeed in making this project, but it is close to my heart, because I love manga a lot and love horror too. So, I will try to try if I am able to carry out this type of project. Especially since I noticed that no one has ever thought of doing a more shonen style work on the universe of Eldritch Abomination and I want to do it, especially since this universe touches on various subjects, such as science fiction , fantasy, horror, mystery and more, subjects that I adore a lot!

I plan in October to start posting images related to my character Xenia, because I want to show you what I have been developing for almost 3 years on this mystery character. Thus, I will know your opinions on my character and will show the progress that I will make on this project during the years to come.

But know that I lead a busy life with my current job and that I want to continue to develop Dreamuria, also being a project that is close to my heart, being able to combine kink stuff and normal ideas.

I can't wait to show you Xenia and hear your thoughts. : 3

(I'm going to do something special with this journal. Its gonna be the first time I'll publish it on multiple sites at the same time, with the help of postybirb. After that, if it works well, I'll start to practice to publish images with the help of this application, to make discover my characters on several sites in a single publication.: 3)

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