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Here is my new character, May Ling. A pretty Pandaren.

Name: Mayada-Ling Pandaren
Age: 18 (Still need to think her age)
Gender: Female
Species: Pandaren
Height: 6,8
Weight: 680 lbs
Favorite foods: Potstickers, bamboo, Chow Mien, noodles, shrimp, egg rolls, dumplings, cooked sushi.
Favorite drinks: Water, Sweetened milk, Juice, punch, Sparkling water.
Favorite Sweets: Ice cream, ice cream mochi, Candy, cake, French silk pie, caramel apple pie, pb cookies, oatmeal cookies (With out rasins), cake, and rice crispies.
✓'s: Exorcise, hanging out, reading online comics, Knitting, Origami, making videos, cooking, baking, sleeping, playing video games.
✕'s: Mean people, bullies, her shyness, bloody things (it makes her throw up on first sight.), strangers, stalkers, haters, bratty kids, drama queens, and sluts.

Otherwise, here is a gallery of pictures dedicated to it on her website:

Old Owner : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bbadopts
Art : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kazecat

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