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Finally it happened! I finally have a visual of each member of the most important tribe of this village, governed by Henrietta, receptacle of the goddess of this tribe! Without further ado, I will give you the name with a short description of each member of the tribe, starting with the left and ending with the right.

Demba is a young man from the tribe who wants to do this proof for the good of the tribe. He wants to become an outstanding hunter, like Wanda and Madhi. This is why he is part of the hunter group of the tribe. But he likes to help members of the tribe and his queen, Henrietta. He is secretly in love with his childhood friend Assa and will one day like to declare his love for her, but for the moment, he does not have the strength, but enough to help her and chat with her. He would like to be either very muscular or very fat, if he can show his support for the tribe. He does not like the old mentality of the traditionalists and would like to change this mentality, without putting himself and others in danger. He will be involved in various quest for the tribe and will sometimes team up with Assa. 20 years old.

Assa is a young woman who also wants to prove this for the tribe and is still looking for purpose in life. She tries various things for the tribe to find out what she wants to do to help aid the tribe. She will participate in various tasks, such as sewing, harvesting, training, medicine and hunting. She appreciates Demba's company and is in love with him, but doesn't know how to show it and whenever she tries to show it to Demba, either she is clumsy or Demba doesn't understand anything. She’s not sure if she wants to be a fat woman, a busty woman or a muscular woman. She is the one who is the most late among women, namely her goal, when it is necessary to choose from the age of 12 to 14 years, orders of the traditionalists. What makes that causes certain prejudice towards her by certain member of the tribe. Demba is there to support her during these moments of judgment. She will often participate in quest with Demba to pass the time. Strangely, she is well seen by Henrietta who enjoys chatting with her, which Assa does not manage to understand why she has so much privilege, when she does not have a special member of the tribe. Same thing for Naïa, the little devil, who enjoys her company and is like her only friend. 20 years old

Wanda is the strongest warrior of the whole tribe, but also the fiercest member of the tribe. Nicknamed the red demon, because of its red color and its big mouth tattoo on its big belly. She is feared by the rival tribe, but also by her own tribe. She is Henrietta's rival and tries to be the strongest, but Henrietta is always stronger than her. She's been training all her life to be stronger, but still can't. So much so that she is convinced that it is related to the prey that Henrietta eats. She is sure that it is because she absorbs their strength that she is so strong. So every intruder or wild animal she comes across, she eats them. Over time, her hunger increased and made her eat a lot, as did eating more prey. Which made her have a huge belly, despite the mountain of muscle she has. She uses her strength and her arms as a weapon to defeat these opponents. Its function is to go hunting with other warriors to feed the village. She has a tomboy, brutal and coarse temper, which causes some tension with certain members of the tribe. Despite her brutal temper, she remains loyal to the village, enjoys giving training tips, shows signs of great heart towards certain people and is secretly in love with Henrietta. On the other hand, she adores this praised these muscles, of her success in these hunts and that she will succeed in defeating Henrietta. 26 years old.

Dahlila is a woman having been spoiled by their goddess to be a natural beauty in her tribe, with those buttocks, big breasts and lips. She loves touting her beauty and turning heads, knowing that all men and even women would love to have sex with her. She acts like a miss beauty, likes to tease and often criticizes others. Its function is to make clothing for the tribe, decorations and certain beauty product, such as tribal painting. She is one of the rare members of the tribe who has not attracted that much fat, but appreciates the beauty of their queen, who gives off an aura that fascinates her and will do everything to make their queen beautiful. 32 years old.

Leila :
Leïla is a young slim woman who wants to put on weight a lot to honor their goddess. Unfortunately, all these efforts make her fat only on the legs and buttocks, which makes her half her body slim and the other half as big as the biggest women and men of the tribe. Despite this distribution of fat in her abnormal body, she proudly assumes that her buttocks are as magnificent and large. With a great sweetness, but also a timidity, Leïla is very appreciated by the members of her tribe. Its function is to take care of crops and picking to supply the tribe. She has a knowledge of botany, which means that she can help to have an excellent harvest. Sometimes these buttocks are used as a cushion for Henrietta, who needs comfort, but also warmth from another body. Because of these big buttocks, she arrives transported more harvest than anyone in the tribe. 28 years old.

Esma and Asma:
They are the twin of the tribe and the most loyal women of the tribe. Despite their color difference, it looks very similar. They can speak at the same time or finish the sentence of one or the other, but could speak normally a few rare times. They are often together, but can sometimes separate, but this does not happen often. They are very strong and muscular and can stand up to anyone by their syncronism in combat. They are Henrietta's personal bodyguards and will protect her from anything that can be dangerous. Although Henrietta manages to defend this by herself, they want to assume their role thoroughly. They will also help and render service to their queen in various tasks that Henrietta can entrust to them, such as lifting their queen's belly to help her walk. Probability that they are in love with each other, so much so that their twin sister bond is strong. Although they act like very little expressive soldiers, they are capable of showing joy and other emotions. 26 years old each.

She is the queen of the tribe and the biggest woman in the whole tribe. She is glorified and loved by all members of her tribe. She wants to become the biggest woman, thus showing all her love and supporting her tribe. Receptacle of their goddess, she has supernatural physical strength and breath technique, which allows her to hold her breath to channel all her fat, to be thin again, until she breaks her breath and resumes her normal weight. Despite being thin, it remains at the same heaviness as its normal weight. She can also become a kind of avatar, when the goddess manifests in her. 27 years old.

Shaman of the tribe, she is the one who best knows the traditions of the tribe, communicates with the astral world and care. She is the only one who lives elsewhere than the tribe, but while remaining with these occupations of shaman. She lives in town and has a link to her hute to another teleportation point. Very naughty, she can have sex with anyone, but her love will always be that of her late husband. 38 years old.

He is one of the best warriors in the tribe, for handling weapons and keeping his cool. Despite his overweight, he is very strong physically. He is the one who does physical training to all future warriors, while showing them the handling of different weapons. His weight is a sign of devotion to his queen and he wants to get even bigger to show all his support for the cause. He is calm, calculating, combative and wise. He often goes hunting with Wanda. They have a special relationship, between appreciating and hating themselves, because of the difference in personality. He often meditates far from the village to meditate alone. The waterfall is he favorite place. 34 years old.

She is the one with the largest breasts in the whole tribe and continues to grow breasts, by the amount of milk she will produce. Her milk is special, because in addition to being rich in fat, it has the ability to heal all ailments and wounds by consuming it. She is the one who takes care of the production of milk in the tribe produced by these breasts, but also, that of the other women of the tribe. They drink directly from these breasts, if requested. She is mature, sensual, helpful and dedicated type. Possibly she eats a lot to make milk and fatten those breasts to make even more milk. She have sex with anyone whenever she wants. 28 years old.

Konan is the most muscular man in the whole tribe. He is very strong physically and easily competes with several members of the tribe, but not that of Henrietta and Wanda. Despite his large musculature, he has a nice temper. He is gentle like a lamb and does not like to hurt others. He is the all-rounder of the tribe, the one who volunteers to help others. His biggest hobby is building or sculpting things with wood or bones. He likes to play with the children of the tribe, his gentle spirit. He is also the one who builds the huts and other elements. He is a genius in architectural engineering. 30 years old.

Naïa is the younger sister of Fatna and also, the member of the tribe having the smallest size of all. Despite her small size, she is very obese. She is often in competition with her sister who has the biggest meal or who eats the most, but her big sister beats her every time. Despite this, she never gives up the fight. Unpredictable in nature, it is difficult to know what she is going to do and seems to do as she pleases. She was caught several times stealing food from the tribe to eat it or going to lie on Henrietta's belly to use it as a bed or transportation, when Henrietta moved. She doesn't follow any rules and seems to do what she wants. Only Henrietta seems to be able to control this little demon, and her sister. She has no real function in the village, except to be a kitchen assistant for her sister, as long as she does not take advantage of it to eat the ingredients. Despite her small size, she hides a surprising strength, which her big sister seems not to have inherited. She also has a great curiosity and will do everything to see closer, touch or ask questions. Sometimes, some members of the village send her into the jungle pretending that there is something special, but this is an excuse to make her away from the village, while we are preparing. But others, more malicious, want to get rid of it, but unfortunately for them, it foils their whole trap. Later, she will have a mission, launch by henrietta, to find out where Hissa lives, to find her daughter, because members of the tribe, the traditionalists, will have discovered signs that Hissa will have a daughter and will force her to live here. So there will be funny moments that show Naïa discovering modern society and do not know the codes, to the point of causing unfortunate situations. Also, she does not like that we talk too often about her small size, to the point of insulting, knowing that she would have liked to be tall like her big sister. 26 years old.

Fatna is Naïa's older sister and also the second largest woman in the tribe after Henrietta. Without being the oldest, she likes to tease her young sister by boasting about her enormous weight and makes fun of the small size of her sister. Despite its enormous weight, it still manages to move. She eats a lot of food, but keeps much of the food collected for the tribe, but for their queen. Its function is to take care of the food supply and to make the big meals, which it cooks. She does everything so that meals are their queen and fatten a lot. Just its weight shows that it works. She is resourceful, teasing, greedy and gourmet. Possibly she also has the function of being a surrogate mother. 32 years old.

Each member of the tribe is very open to engaging in sexual activity with anyone in the tribe, if the other is consenting. For them, the sexual act has only one means of making this pleasure, a kind of leisure. Romance develops through emotions and not through the Sexual Act. It is sacred and each member of the tribe respects the relationship of each couple. Despite this, couples can have sex with anyone, as long as they agree. Therefore, the sexual act is like a leisure activity for adults that is shared and that there is no shame in hiding it.

Art : Userpage of Steveszarka13 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Original pic : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35654933/

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