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A 19-year-old artist and writer from the UK, still improving and trying new ways to draw his characters as well as dabbling in some fandoms.

Fandoms? Well, here are some in no particular order;


> Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Ginga Densetsu Weed (Anime only; I'm attempting to find the mangas)

> Warrior Cats (First Arc and the general things you'll find in AMVs and videos by Tennelle Flowers)

> Creepypasta (I know... some things)

> Furry (I am trying)

I have a few OCs, but most of my characters branch out from fandoms with their own backstories (some far more developed than others). I'm in the process of writing a comic and I have a story on Quotev that's been on hold for a good while - I might come back to it at some point.


I work at a theme park, and I'm a college graduate with diplomas in both animal management and animation. I'll be moving to London to study Illustration at university soon. Because of this, there may be low activity at some points as the hours at work are insane. Apologies for that in advance!


I am a self-taught artist with a good few years' experience, constantly improving and trying to get to a point where my work can support me.

I hope you enjoy my work!

- Rory


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Heyo! This is a quick reminder for those who don’t know – I am an animation student! I have various artwork accounts and I do have commission slots open~ I’m setting up a PayPal of my own soon since I’ve been 18 for a bit now, so that means that I’ll stop needing to use my friend’s account for m...
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