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he/him/it ♥ acepan ♥ non-binary
self-taught artist ♥ full-time student

Rory/Xander // 20 y/o // Single
Cancer-Leo cusp // INTP-T // Chaotic Good

I'm a 20 year old artist and uni student from the UK.
You'll find mostly furry stuff on this page, with fanart peppered throughout.
I don't currently have a job, but I'm a full-time university student in my first year of studying towards a Bachelor's in Illustration. I already have a diploma in Animal Management and Animation respectively.
I'm mostly self-taught, and I post speedpaints and other videos on my YouTube whenever I can find the motivation.
I currently have two fursuits! Both made by me. Rex is my first ever suit, and Rory is my second; you might find some photos of them here~!
Happy scrolling :3c

Why yes, that is me on the site banner!

I used to be acxthxtic


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RedBubble Store Addition!

Goretober day 13 is now up on my RedBubble! Follow this link if you're interested: {}
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Heyo! This is a quick reminder for those who don’t know – I am an animation student! I have various artwork accounts and I do have commission slots open~ I’m setting up a PayPal of my own soon since I’ve been 18 for a bit now, so that means that I’ll stop needing to use my friend’s account for m...
01/08/2017 13:47


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Nonbinary · Dog · Asexual · Cancer
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Male · Dog · Homosexual · Taurus
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