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Name: Rex

Age: 18

Gender: Nonbinary-Masc

Pronouns: He/Him ~ They/Them

Species: Painted Dog x Striped Hyena (Painted Yeen)

Sexuality: Asexual

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Relationship Status: Single

Clothing Style (Anthro Only): Oversized hoodies, hoody-t-shirts and pastel colours. He ventures into dark colours sometimes but not nearly as much as Rory. He enjoys wearing shorts, and will try to wear them for as long as he possibly can, often being asked if he's cold because of this. Cargo shorts are his favourite, but he also likes shorts made from the same material as sweatpants.

About: Rex tends to at least try to be cheery, with a near constant semi-nervous smile. He tries to make his friends happy, and feels accomplished when he manages to make people laugh.
Praise when doing a task will often give him a short burst of energy, and he very much appreciates being told that he's doing a good job.
Rex isn't very good with technology, and tends to get frustrated and upset if things don't seem to be working (especially if he can't see a reason for it).

He adores music, and can often be seen with headphones on, however they are often just sitting against one ear just in case someone wishes to talk to him. This changes when it comes to drawing, and he tends to shut off the world and lose himself in music that features heavy bass and a good beat. He gets mildly irritated if he is taken out of his own little world in this case.
He seems to always be at least slightly anxious, and feels ill often because of this.

Rex loves affection when it is given by someone he already knows very well, but gets very uncomfortable around new people. He dislikes meeting a lot of strangers in one day, and seems to freeze up in conversation sometimes even if he's with friends.

Art is mine, Rex is mine // Please don't repost

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