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Name: Rory (Alex) T

Age: 18

Gender: Male (Trans)

Pronouns: He/Him ~ They/Them

Species: High-Content Wolfdog

Sexuality: Asexual

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

Relationship Status: Single

Clothing Style (Anthro Only): Loose graphic shirts - sometimes fandom, sometimes historical jokes, and sometimes nothing in particular - and jeans or shorts with emphasis on ‘decent fucking pockets’. He always has a binder under his clothing, and has far too many necklaces around his neck. He wears black Sketchers ankle trainers and many bracelets around his wrists. Rory’s wardrobe is mostly dark with small amounts of lighter clothing, most always topped with a hoody of some kind unless it’s far too hot.

About: Ask Rory how he is, and you'll always get a reply of either 'tired' or 'dead'. He stresses about a lot of things, and being told to calm down or stop thinking about the thing will only make it much worse. Anxiety is something that comes in waves, and knocks his confidence into silence or defensive rage. Sometimes, he will have moments of inexplicable depression, washing over him with numbness that will either make him irritable or incredibly self depreciating; leading to vent art, crying, and at its worst self harm (though this is rare).
Rory's self-depreciation, however, isn't just limited to his depressive episodes. He's often making dark-ish jokes at his own expense, and sometimes it's hard to tell if he's being totally serious or not.
He's very good at taking control, although that's mostly limited to online chats. His patience is frequently very easy to dash, unless you're one of a special few that he seems to never lose it with. He is quite easy to provoke into snapping, and does not like being heavily monitored or having a choice be taken away from him. Treating him like a child will also warrant a snappy response, and he usually won't apologise if he's been taunted into snapping; it's your own fault. You don't poke a pissed off dog with a stick and then expect it not to try and bite you.

Once he's comfortable with someone, Rory tends to be very loud. He's always trying to make his friends laugh, but tends to focus more on one or two of his frequent group (a favourite, if you will). This 'favourite' is usually someone he connects to the most, and someone that he is most comfortable around. This, however, can mean that he will let his guard down a little, and you'll see the parts of him that he deems as 'weaker'.
His 'favourite' people will generally get a softer side; he'll be much more caring and gentle, and will try to encourage them in their endeavours. Rory is incredibly loyal, and although this can lead to an overprotective nature, which can be irritating for some.
Sometimes he will not say anything to a friend for weeks, for fear of being annoying or just simply having nothing to say. This is not him drifting away, it's just him being too nervous to speak.

Art is mine, character is mine. Please do not copy, trace, heavily reference or repost.

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