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Hey,Guys.I'm new here.If you happen to stumble along on your perilous journey known as life,don't worry.I won't surprise you more than with a couple drawings and some musical scores.


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DalethFox posted to o0matias0o

30/11/2015 13:00

Thanks for subscribing ^^

(also, nice icon X3)

o0matias0o · 03/12/2015 00:55

The icon is a pic of Jasonafex's fursona. Until I can get my fursona figured out.And anytime.

Kachayin posted to o0matias0o

27/09/2015 10:58

 Hey, thank you for your subscription. :3

o0matias0o · 28/09/2015 02:05

Anytime Kachayin.Every bit helps someone.So why not? I've known people to quit thinking about suicide because of small things like this.

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