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Hello there! I'm magpie, a strange little bird who draws and pecks out words and stories! I'm on an odyssey of self-improvement, particularly insofar as getting a lot more serious about my own art and drawing abilities and have been striving hard and making great strides to improve. Join me in the wonderful adventures and discoveries the world has to offer--together, we can go anywhere and accomplish anything!

I do a bunch of writing and dabble at a variety of characters and their stories among friends and good company. I also enjoy lots of art and love working with artists to help render characters and fun scenes and things.

I'm around here and there making the occasional ruckus and perusing the weird wilds of the internet.

My icon is thanks to the immeasurably adorable Buyo thank you buyo ♥33


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Hi hi hi! So very much has developed since November of 2015 and this little art odyssey has proven to be a wonderful adventure full of fun, education and some very satisfying strides of progress! I am now at a point where I am feeling much more comfortable and confident about the consistency and...
26/07/2016 19:10


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JermaineJDragon32 posted to Magpie

19/05/2017 19:53

Hey Thanks for the watch and I love your work.~ ♥

Magpie · 19/05/2017 19:57

Thank you so much!

Inqu posted to Magpie

14/05/2017 23:07

Much obliged for the sub~

Magpie · 19/05/2017 19:56

Definitely!  ^<^

Lyeox posted to Magpie

31/07/2016 20:11

Thank you for the sub!

Magpie · 19/05/2017 19:56

For sure! ^<^

I lost. posted to Magpie

26/07/2016 12:35



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Hraefn posted to Magpie

26/07/2016 03:42

Thanks SO much for the watch fellow lovely birby birb!~ ^v^

Magpie posted

25/07/2016 19:08

Much to upload from prior, please bear with me!