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In the process of setting myself up on Furiffic, I'm uploading my older works here; for the sake of ease of headaches and to provide context and descriptions, I'm including what I originally wrote for this piece below.  After starting to get serious about drawing in November of 2015, I'm quite proud of how much progress I've made--and I think if you find yourself curious to peek, you'll see those strides through these pieces too!

Original description:

After going so long without drawing and feeling anguished at my lack of momentum, I wanted to finally get back into the game after a very frustrating absence. I thought, then: what should I be drawing, anyways? Clearly diks! Or, more specifically, a dapper dik-dik!

This handsome fellow is Ansley Madoqua, an Assistant Director for Owlstate Insurance Group. He's also very smol, all of 2'10" tall! Be sure to be very polite and congenial with him, as a dapper little gentleman like him deserves respect!

Ansley is an OC of a good friend of mine--and when I spied a dik-dik photo with a simply FABULOUS little fluffy 'hairdo' inspiration struck and I was off to the tablet at long last.

I cannot begin to express how relieved and satisfied I am to have this to upload; these past few months have been so busy to the point that I had gotten so little momentum with drawing that it was torturous and downright upsetting! Big big hugs to those who have kept with me and supported me, I am ecstatic to finally have several burdens off my shoulders such that I can FINALLY hit the ground running drawing again. Big smooches to you all!

I have a time-lapse gif for this that sort of jumps abruptly at the end--because once I got to sit down and get cracking tonight, I just had to -go- and didn't stop. http://i.imgur.com/hsXeY4U.gifv

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